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How Old is Too Old for Trick or Treating? Is There Really Such a Thing as Being Too Old?

How old is too old to go Trick or Treating? It seems this question gets debated a lot this time of year. Every year it seems. Our oldest is now 16 years old and my husband and I decided when she was around 11 years old, that we would make 13 years old the stopping point for our kids. But by the time she was 12 years old we thought, “Is there really such a thing as being too old though?” She went Trick or Treating when she was 13. We decided to not stop her. She did make the decision on her own when she was 14 to stay home that year and pass out candy while we took our younger boys.

I’m not even sure exactly why we even thought about making a stopping age in the first place. Seeing some older teenagers being jerks in the neighborhood where we used to take our kids might have had a little to do with it. But we decided just a few of them shouldn’t be any reason to make an age limit. I mean, who gets to decide what the age limit should be or who sets the standards for what ages are appropriate to dress up in costumes, meet up with friends, walk the neighborhood and get some candy and have fun?

Even the “age appropriate” kids can be jerks too. So what really is the big deal about older kids going Trick or Treating? Could it also be that some people think that by them going, they are taking candy from the younger kids? There are people who take their babies Trick or Treating too. Babies so young that they can’t even eat candy and not very many people seem to care much about that so what’s the difference?

We honestly don’t see that many disrespectful teenagers out there. It was only a couple times out of the many years we have taken our kids. Some areas and neighborhoods could be worse than others so I can see why some people have a problem with it. What we see the majority of the time are kids just having fun. We don’t see that many kids over the ages of 14 or 15 these days where we are at but when we do they are respectful kids. They aren’t getting in the way of the younger kids and there have been a few times the older kids that don’t even know my kids helped them up steps or up a funky walkway to a house while we waited for them on the sidewalk so that we ourselves wouldn’t get in the way of other kids coming or going.

Some of these older kids aren’t even Trick or Treating. Some are just dressed up walking around. Some are out with their younger siblings while their parents are passing out candy at home. And speaking of parents, there are even parents out there walking with their kids while they are dressed up too! I think it’s great. Last year I asked some guy who was Trick or Treating with his daughter if I could take his picture. Their costumes were adorable. He made a washing machine out of a box decked out with clothes even coming out of the door and a bottle of detergent on top. That was his costume. His little girl was a basket of dirty clothes!

Another thought that I always have now is that, “at least these older kids aren’t out there somewhere getting into trouble.” The other thing is, these kids grow up way too fast. I know all too well how that is… 

I’m kind of sad ya’ll. Our almost 12 year old decided on his own that he didn’t want to go this year. We tried to talk him into it but he said he would rather stay with his sister and pass out candy. Maybe he will decide to go again next year. Who knows. There does seem to be less and less older kids Trick or Treating year after year and I just wonder if it’s because of debates like these. That society tells these kids they shouldn’t be going anymore. I think that’s something that can be hard on the tweens and younger teens between the ages of 12 and 14. They may want to go but feel because society tells them they are too old, they shouldn’t.

I just feel like my kids are growing up way too fast. They are getting older and starting to make decisions for themselves. This year we only have our youngest going. He’s 8 and decided to go as a Ghostbuster. He says we can just call him Egon Spengler because he wears glasses like Egon wears.

Bottom line is this (and this is my own opinion), there’s nothing wrong with teens Trick or Treating. They aren’t taking anything away from my kids or any other kids. All these kids, no matter their age are just out there having fun. That’s it. If you are a parent that makes an age rule for your own kids, there’s nothing wrong with that either. You are their parents and only you know what’s best for your own kids.

So any tween or teen out there in our neighborhood will get candy from our house with no complaints from us!

Are your kids going Trick or Treating this year? What are they going to be for Halloween?

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