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2017 Holiday Gift Guide – Our toys, games, books and teen daughter picks this year! #HolidayGiftGuide

It’s that time of year again! I have been working on putting this guide together for the past couple of weeks. With the help from my kids (unbeknownst to them) I finally finished it off. Some of these items are toys, games and books my kids have been into for a while, some of them are things they are asking for Christmas this year and some of them are items that I know my kids would love. I have broken my Holiday Gift Guide into sections.

There are toys and games, books, and gifts for her (and the teenage daughter). I will provide links to product website or a link to where to buy them which will most likely be amazon if not linked back to the product website. Some of these items I have reviewed on the blog and I will also provide a link to my review for those as well. I still have some upcoming reviews so I will be updating this guide with review links as I get them published.

**Amazon links provided in this post are not affiliate links.

So, here we go!

First I am going to start with the toys and games. These toys and games are based on my own kids ages 8 through 16 years old. My 16 year old doesn’t really do toys anymore but there are some that she likes to collect.

Minecraft Lego Sets – My boys love these sets. They go nuts over anything that has to do with Minecraft (although I really have no idea why) and of course they love Legos. They have a few sets but there are some that they don’t have that they would love to have.

Minecraft Plush and Minecraft Figurines 

Minecraft Mini Figures and Minecraft Hotwheels Sets (Track Blocks) – These are pretty cool. These sets are Hotwheels sets that come with tracks and little crates that you can sit the mini figures in. My boys already have a decent collection. There are storage cases you can buy for these little figures too.

Flip-a-Zoo – These are really cute stuffed animals that can be flipped into a completely different animal. I think they are pretty cute.

Shopkins – My daughter loves collecting Shopkins. She has so many of them. There are dolls too but she’s not really into the dolls. I also recommend the Shopkins World Vacation movie as well. If you have younger kids that love Shopkins, they will probably like the movie too. See full review HERE. – There is this game called my kids like to play. In the game, you have a worm or a snake that grows by eating pellets or whatnot and then the snake grows. They also have plush toys that they really like. They have bigger plush one and they also have blind bags or blind boxes where you get a surprise My boys love to collect them.

Whiffer Sniffers – These are something else that my daughter loves to collect. They have huggable ones and they have smaller ones that can be clipped to something like backpacks. They are little plush food items (and they are totally adorable) and they all have a scent to them. 

Hatchimals Colleggtibles – Last year we had the Hatchimals craze. Now there are little Hatchimals that come in these little eggs. These are something else my daughter likes to collect. Inside each egg is a little, tiny Hatchimal. I will say, they are pretty cute.

L.O.L. Surprise! – None of my kids are into these really but I have a couple nieces that go crazy over these. I also hear that these toys are pretty hot this year. There are Lil’ Sisters, Pets and a few other versions. What makes them interesting is that you don’t know what’s inside. There are dolls, pets, clothing and accessories inside these surprise balls that you open. There are some that are fizz balls too. There is a giveaway that I am helping another blog promote and you can enter to for a chance to win right here on DustinNikki Mommy of Three. To enter, go HERE. Giveaway ends 12/4/17.

Glee Gum Chewing Gum Kit (website link) – They also have a chocolate kit and a gummies candy kit too. These are make your own kits and they are really fun and educational too. I recently wrote a review on the Make Your Own Chewing Gum Kit HERE. Read my Make Your Own Gummies Kit HERE. Read my Make Your Own Chocolate Kit HERE.

Pop The Pig Game from Goliath (website link) – This game is really cute and fun. You have a pig that you have to feed. Eventually his belly will “pop”. This has remained a favorite of my kiddos. I actually wrote a review on this one a while back too which you can see HERE.

The Scrambled States of America game (website link) – This is a game from Gamewright and it’s a lot of fun to play. It’s educational too. You can learn about all the states and fun facts about them. Fun for the whole family. See my review HERE.

Imagine (A Visual Charades Game) (website link) – Another game from gamewright. This game is unbelievably fun. It’s a really good family game and also fun for parties. It allows you to be creative using transparent cards to form your clues instead of acting out or drawing. See my full review HERE.

Fingerlings – These toys are hot this year too and they are actually affordable! Can you believe it? A hot toy but yet not ridiculously expensive?! These are really cute. They are little interactive monkeys that can hang on your finger or little playsets that you can buy for them. I saw that there are trees and jungle gyms you can buy for them. They also have other little animal fingerlings as well. 

Now onto the books. There are books in this guide for ages 0 all the way through young adult. To make this part easier, I have written a Charlesbridge Publishing Book Guide previously because a lot of the selection are Charlesbridge books. For those particular books, I will list below with a link to my review (there are more coming) and also a link to my book guide because all information about all those books are in that guide. That way I won’t have to repeat everything in this guide.

Falcon Wild** – Review coming soon

Blood and Ink** – Review coming soon

Last Laughs Prehistoric Epitaphs** – Read full review HERE.

Running Full Tilt** – Review coming soon

Select** – Review coming soon

Nina: Jazz Legend and Civil Rights Activist Nina Simone** – Read full review HERE.

Melvin the Mouth** – Read full review HERE.

Voyager’s Greatest Hits** – Review coming soon

Saturdays with Hitchcock** – Review coming soon

The Dragon of the Month Club (website link) – In this book, two friends find a magic book. How to summon dragons. There are all kinds of different dragons they can summon with spells. They get a new on each month. One day a spell goes wrong and they find themselves transported into a magical world. They refer to it as the book world because they realize they are inside the books that are scattered around Tyler’s room. They must find their way back home while getting help from their dragons. My son loved this book. It’s meant for middle school age kids but even as an adult, I enjoyed it myself. My son and I both can’t wait for the next book! Read my full review HERE. Find it on amazon HERE.

ISeeMe! Personalized Children’s Books (website link) – I have written quite a few ISeeMe book reviews. I love these books and my kids love them too. There are so many rationalizations it’s crazy. It makes my kids really feel like the story is about them. It’s not just adding your child’s name here or there. You can have your child’s whole family put in the book including pets. These stories and books are really charming and they make great keepsakes. Below is a list of all the books I have reviewed here on the blog. Follow the links for the reviews if you want to check them out. 

Night Before Christmas review, My Royal Birthday Adventure review, My Very Happy Birthday review, and My Very Merry Christmas review.

**For my Charlesbridge Book Guide – Charlesbridge Publishing Book Guide (Fall 2017 Children’s Book Titles)

And last but not least I have a section for Gifts for Her…And Teenage Daughters. It’s so tough being a mom of a teenage girl. My daughter is going on 17. Makes you wonder where the time goes. She loves doing her nails, wearing and collecting makeup and she loves her accessories for sure!

imPRESS Nails (website link) – These are press on nails and I absolutely love them. They stay on for me for a few days so they have decent adhesive hold. There are so many designs it’s crazy. I have a review I have written a while back and you can see it HERE. I also have another upcoming review with a lot more designs to check out so be on the look out for it!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Crayola Nail Polish (website link) – These came out back in July of this year and as soon as they came out, I bought every single color. I might be a bit crazy but I thought they were cute and I love Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish anyway. These colors are really great too. My daughter and I both use them. I think these would make a great gift and perfect stocking stuffers! I will have a review coming soon.

bhCosmetics Brush Set (website link) – This brush set comes in a snap closure container for easy storage and travel. There are ten brushes and I love them. They are great quality too. My daughter and I both have a set of them. They are affordable at $19.99 regularly but you can get them them for only $10.99 right now on their website.

bhCosmetics Galaxy Chic Baked Eye Shadow (website link) – This palette has 18 beautiful colors. The colors actually look like planets in a way. These shadows are really great quality and very pigmented. For as affordable as it is, I wasn’t expecting them to be as great as they are. I will be reviewing them on the blog soon. This palette is regularly $15.99 but you can get it on their website right now for only $13.59.

bhCosmetics Supernova baked Eye Shadow (website link) is regularly priced at $15.99 but you can get it now for only $8.95. bhCosmetics  Solar Flare Baked Eye Shadow (website link) is regularly priced $15.99 but you can get it right now for only $9.50. Both of these palettes have 18 colors. I loved the Galaxy Chic so much that I figured I would love these too so I went ahead and bought them. Technically I bought them for my daughter but that just means I can use them right? She uses mine so it’s only fair. I will probably review these palettes eventually but it won’t be until after the holidays since I bought them for my daughter for Christmas. 

Conair Ultimate Nail Care System – My daughter has been wanting one of these. It’s a 5 piece set to shape, smooth and polish nails and it also comes with a nail dryer.

My daughter takes after me and has an owl obsession like I do. The four items listed below are really cute accessories that I just bought today. They are all Prime so they qualify for free two day shipping. Man, I love Prime.

Vivian & Vincent Soft Light Weight Cartoon Owl Sheer Scarf $8.99

Linsh Cute Moon Owl Necklace Fashion Glow in The Dark Pendant Necklace $8.99

V28® Women’s Cute Socks with Owls $9.99 (they also have pandas, tigers and foxes)

Nawoshow Fashion Women Lady Satchel Many Owl Shoulder Bag Cross-Body Bag Messenger Bag $11.89


And there is my Holiday Gift Guide for this year!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. 

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