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Affordable Minecraft Party and Snack Ideas (and where to get free printables) #minecraft #partyideas

Party supplies can get expensive. Am I right? I really don’t like spending that much money on party supplies but since I am me, I like to get party supplies that fit the theme of the party. So even though I hate spending that much on supplies, I still searched for Minecraft party stuff but couldn’t find any in any store I went to. I looked them up online but the prices were too much for my liking. I found 8 counts of everything for like $4 each. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because instead of going that route, I went another way.

Party Supplies

I decided to go with Creeper colors. If you are aware of Minecraft, you probably know what a Creeper is. If not, it’s some kind of creature in the game. The colors we went with were green and black – Creeper colors. Since I went with solid colors things got a lot cheaper. I went to Walmart and got green and black plates that contained like 24 plates per package for only 97 cents. Same with the green cups I picked up, green and black napkins, and green and black utensils. And I also picked up a couple table covers and black and green balloons and the total cost was only about $14.

Make Your Own Creeper Cups

I actually found this idea on Pinterest. Since I got solid green cups, I decided to turn them into Creeper Cups. All you need is some black electrical tape. I could have drawn the Creeper face on them with a black sharpie but I didn’t want to take the chance of them smearing or looking streaky when I filled in the shapes of the Creeper face. 

The shapes of the pieces you will need to make the Creeper’s digitized face are in the image above. I just cut the pieces from the tape. Two squares for the eyes, one rectangular piece and two thinner rectangular pieces. When you put the pieces all together, you get something like the filled in image in the above picture. Easy peasy. The kids got a kick out of them!

Snack Ideas

Since my son was having 7 of his friends over, plus our other two kids and a few cousins, I figured we would need some snacks. We of course fed them real food too since we had his party around lunchtime. This was the fun part. I found some Minecraft food table tent cards printables for free online. I will include a link to where I found them at the bottom of this post.

The free printables I had didn’t include two of the items but there was a blank label. So I searched for the correct image and created my own labels for the Water and Grass Blocks. For the plated snacks, I used the labels as table tent labels. I found these really cute clear buckets at Walmart for less than a dollar and for the snacks stored in them, I attached the labels to straws and stuck them in the buckets as you see above.

Our snacks were inspired by items in Minecraft.

  • Minecraft Sticks – thin/small pretzel sticks
  • Minecraft Diamonds – Hershey’s Kisses
  • Minecraft TNT – Twizzlers
  • Minecraft Water Block – blue Jello Jiggler squares
  • Minecraft Grass Blocks – Rice Krispies squares

Our Grass Blocks ended up being Sand Blocks since I totally forgot to add green icing to the top of the squares. If you are making grass squares, don’t make this mistake. If you do, there will be plenty of children to point this out to you. Trust me.

Other ideas can be baby carrots for Minecraft Carrots, Swedish Fish for Minecraft Fish, green grapes for Minecraft Slimeballs. Those are just a few. There’s so many different foods and snacks that can represent some item in the Minecraft game.

Minecraft Figurines

This may or may not be affordable. Those Minecraft figurines aren’t cheap but thankfully both our boys already had some. They have received them over the years as gifts or what-not. So since they already had some, I put them to good use. I used some for our son’s Minecraft cake that I made and the rest of them I sat around the cake and snack table. They didn’t cost extra since they already had them and they worked as extra decor.

Minecraft Themed Cake

I love making cakes for our kids rather than buying store bought cakes. As expensive as the cake I made looks, it was a lot cheaper to make myself than buying something at the store bakery. It was just time consuming. I recently wrote a how to blog post on my Minecraft cake and if you would like to check it out, follow the link here – Minecraft Birthday Cake.

Minecraft Themed Games

The only game we did was “Pin the eyes on the Creeper”. I just had a green poster board and already had the Creeper face on it. Then I had cut squares for the eyes and the kids had to try to stick the eyes on the face while blindfolded. I could have had them try the whole face though. That might have had some funny outcomes! There are a lot of game ideas out there if you want to google them. 

Free Minecraft Printables

If you are looking for some free Minecraft Printables <– follow this link. You can print invitations, signs, banners, food labels and other things as well if you like. I just printed the food labels. You can download them and just print what you want. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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