Gamestop Fill a Bag Deal and 20% off Toys Offer

My husband and I went into Gamestop yesterday while we were Easter shopping for the kiddos. Gamestop has their toys which includes Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Pokemon, Roblox, and Hatchimals at 20% off. The 20% off deal runs through March 27th (today) so if this is of any interest to you, head in there today. Read more about the 20% off offer <— here.

When we went into our store, we saw that they had a fill a bag deal going on too. This offer is only available in store. I’m not sure when the fill a bag deal ends or if it is going on in all stores so I would call ahead just in case. I couldn’t find anything posted on their website about it.

Anyway, with the bag offer, if you buy one of their reusable bags for $4.99, you can fill it with what you want to buy and get a 20% off everything you put in the bag. The bag deal also stacks with any of their regular 20% off deals or other deals they had going on in the store. 

They also had a sale on their Pop Figures. They are regularly $11.99 each or you could buy 3 for $30 making them only $10 each. So we got one for each of our three kids. With that deal, we were only paying $10 each and got another 20% off because of the bag.

Below is the list of what we bought with the regular sales combined with the bag offer:

  • Bag – $4.99
  • Plush Minecraft Doll – Reg $12.99 (paid $7.19)
  • Plush Five Night’s at Freddy’s Doll – Reg $9.99 (paid $5.99)
  • Pop Vinyl #1 – Reg $11.99 (paid $7.19)
  • Pop Vinyl #2 – Reg $11.99 (paid $7.19)
  • Pop Vinyl #3 – Reg $11.99 (paid $7.19)

We ended up saving $23.90 because we bought a $4.99 bag!

I thought that was pretty cool. Our kids love these kind of toys because they like to collect them. Both our boys are obsessed with Minecraft and for some reason our older son likes Five Night’s at Freddy’s. So if you are looking for some deals and offers on these kind of toys, check out Gamestop!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. 

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