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Peeps Easter Dirt Pudding Jars – Fun for Easter and Spring! Super Easy to Make!

Yesterday I made some Peeps Easter Dirt Pudding Jars. That’s what I call them anyway. Yesterday was a weird day. Second day of spring and we had snow covering everything. It all melted away by the end of the day but it’s still pretty cold outside. So to get into the Spring and Easter spirit since Easter isn’t far away at all, I decided to make a little treat for the kiddos before they got home from school yesterday.

What you need…

  • (6) 5oz-6oz Jars
  • Cadbury Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs (about 12 pieces)
  • Easter/Spring Colored Sixlets
  • Peeps Bunnies (6 pieces)
  • Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (about 20)
  • Jello Chocolate Pudding (5.7oz package)

Note about the jars: I love that Yoplait Oui French Yogurt. That yogurt also comes in glass jars. I have saved all those jars every time that I buy them and those are the jars that I used for these after removing the labels and adhesive that was on the jars and mouth of the jars. You could make these with baby food jars or maybe even small mason jars would work. Or you could just make this in a glass baking pan and just dish it out when you serve it.

Step One

First things first. Take apart your sandwich cookies and remove the cream. You don’t need the cream for this recipe so if you like the cookie middle, eat it yourself or just toss it. Once that is finished, place all the cookie halves in a ziplock bag. Then crush them to make them look like dirt. It’s okay if you don’t crush them all to dust. Once that is finished, set the cookie dirt (crumbs) to the side.

Step Two

Make your chocolate pudding. I just bought a box of instant pudding. It might be easier to fill the jars if you start using it before it fully sets. The longer you stir, the faster it sets too. I meant to stop and start using it right before it set too much but at the same time I was making a video. It will still fully set in the refrigerator. 

Step Three

Layer the pudding and the cookie crumbs in the jars. I started with pudding, then a little cookie, then pudding… You get the idea. Cookie crumbs should end up being your top layer.

Step Four

Now it’s time to add the candy. Place a Peep in the middle. You may have to gently push the little guys down a little so they stick in the pudding. I placed a Cadbury Egg behind them for support. Then I placed candy eggs and a few Sixlets candy pieces around the Peeps for decoration. And that’s it. Refrigerate until serving time.

Notes: With the bigger 5.7oz box of instant pudding, I was able to fill (6) 5oz jars. So one box that size and about 20 cookies will be all you need for that many jars that size. Of course you can use other candy or different candy than I used. You can be creative with them. I intended to get some of that edible Easter grass and place a few small pieces here and there to make it look like there were a few blades of grass coming through the dirt but I couldn’t find it at the store. Which means I will probably see it the next time I go to the store.

Like I mentioned earlier, you do not need to make this in individual jars. You can use a small baking pan. I just like the jars because I thought they were cute and you can just grab one and go.

I am planning to try out a couple more Easter/Spring treats so hopefully I can get them posted before Easter actually gets here! Make sure to pin this one for later! If you hit the Pin button at the bottom of this post, a vertical pin should be available.


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