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Sbode Sports Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Recently I was asked if I would like to try out Sbose Headphones and was sent a free pair in exchange for my honest review. I was really excited to try these out because I have been looking for a good pair of bluetooth headphones for when I was out walking or running so that I wasn’t tethered to my phone. I had yet to find a pair that I really liked so I was very happy to give these a try.

I love the box they are packaged in. I know, I know. It’s just packaging but I love the box anyway. The inside box slides out of the outer box. It’s a pretty durable box too so if you want to store them when not in use, you can just put them back in the box they came in.

These headphones also come with a case as well which I love. It’s a round zip cup case that reminds me of a clamshell. The case is a hard case on the outside but soft on the inside. The headphones fit in side really easily and there is even a mesh holder on one side of them so you can store your charging cable and extra eartips. 

The headphones come with the case as already mentioned, 3 sets of eartips (there are different sizes too), a charging cable, and there is also a wire tie too in case you need one. There isn’t much wire connecting both earpieces of the headphones though so I didn’t find the wire tie necessary while in use but it could come in handy when storing the headphones away in the case.

The charging port is located on the right earpiece. All the functions are done on the right earpiece as well. But at the bottom you can see where the port is. The port is covered by an attached rubber cover so that the port can be covered when not charging. These headphones are really easy to charge. You can plug in the USB charging cable into anything that has a USB port to charge them. Sometimes I charge them at my computer or I just use my phone USB charger adapter.

When the headphones are charging, you should see a solid red LED light. It should not be flashing or anything. After the headphones are fully charged, you will see a solid blue LED light. I found that it doesn’t take that long to fully charge them. Only about an hour and a half. They do hold a decent charge too. I have used them for about a half hour to an hour each day for about a week before I charged them again. So I would say I got about 7 to 8 hours use on one charge. I probably could have gotten more but I also noticed that when they get closer to needing a charge, the sound quality isn’t as good so I can always tell when they need charged again. The LED indicator will also flash red when they need charged again too.

As I mentioned previously, all the controls are done on the right earpiece. On the front of them is the on/off switch/multifunction button. On the top are the control buttons that are easy to get to and easy to use. These buttons control the sound volume and perform other functions as well such as answering calls. 

With only two buttons, it took me a bit of time to get used to using them for multiple functions but I was able to figure it all out fairly quickly with the simple and easy instructions in the little user guide that came with them. These headphones also use the Siri function if you are using them with an iPhone which can come in handy. I don’t have an iPhone anymore though so I can’t really comment on how well that function works.

These headphones can be used with any bluetooth device. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and these headphones work great with it. Pairing them is really easy too. With the headphones off, you press and hold the multifunction button for 5 or 6 seconds and you will then hear a “pairing state” prompt in the earphone. The LED indicators will flash red and blue alternatively in this state. Then you select Sbode 08 on your phone in your bluetooth options to pair them.

I love the design of these headphones. The eartips are angled a little so that they fit correctly in the ear. The part that wraps around the tops of the ear are really comfortable too. They are actually pretty flexible too so you can move and adjust them to fit your ear comfortably. My ears are weird and I always found earbuds to fit really strangely in my ears. These fit great for me. I love the part that wraps around the top of my ears. I wear glasses as well and they don’t seem to interfere either. I feel comfortable and stay in my ears so it definitely makes me a pretty happy camper.

Answering call is pretty easy with them too. I can be listing to music and if I get a call, the music quiets and I can hear that I have a call. To take the call, all I have to do is press the multifunction button once to answer. Once I am finished talking, I just press it again to hang up and my music automatically picks up where it left off. I can easily ignore a call too by pressing the multifunction button and holding it for a couple seconds.

These claim to be noise cancelling  and I can say they do a pretty good job at that. The sound quality is pretty good too. I really like the sound of them actually and have a pretty good bass to them. I don’t feel like I am listing to a clock radio either. The sound quality when taking calls isn’t as good as listening to music but I have never had a problem hearing anything the other person said. And I haven’t heard any complaints of who I was talking to that they couldn’t hear me.

Overall, I am very happy with these headphones. I think they are pretty great!

Other information about them: They can be connected to two devices simultaneously and they have an IPX-7 Waterproof Rating.

Buy It: These are very affordable at only $21.99 and they are pretty good quality too in my opinion. You can buy them on Amazon here – Sbode Sports Wireless Headphones

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from a representative of Sbode Tech in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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