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Shark Bite Game Review (Games from Goliath and Pressman)

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

My family is a huge fan of Goliath Games. Our kids have a few of them (and now a few more). As a parent I really like them because all their games are fun for all ages and a lot of them can actually be helpful for hand-eye coordination, motor skills and can be educational. They are different from your traditional board games. Don’t get me wrong, my family loves board games to but a lot of these games are kind of interactive and hands-on. Anyway, Shark Bite is another game that we recently received from Goliath Games for review. You may have seen my previous game review – Barbecue Party. Shark Bite is my second review of this five game review series. I have a few more fun games to tell you about!

The game includes a shark, 2 fishing poles, 12 fish/sea creatures in yellow, red, and green, a die and a sticker sheet. And of course there are instructions as well. There isn’t many stickers to place. There are eye stickers for the shark and then there are stickers that need to be placed on each side of the die. That’s it. The Shark has a hard plastic head but it’s body is soft and is designed that way because it’s a bit of a spring action shark. I will get to that part in a bit.

The set up is pretty easy. You open the shark’s mouth and push down until the top part of the shark clicks into place. So you basically squish the poor shark. Inside you see these little holes arranged in a circle. You then place all the sea creatures in these holes. There’s no wrong way to do it. Molded onto the sea creature pieces is a post that is inserted into the holes until you hear a slight click sound.

Now you are ready to play!

How to Play

Figure out who is going to go first. According to the game rules, youngest player goes first. Player rolls the die to see how many fish he/she gets to catch. All sides of the die has one sea creature but there is one side that has two.

Using the fishing poles, you take turns catching fish. It sound easy but sometimes it’s a little tricky. The “fishing” string on the poles are hard plastic too but these pieces dangle on the rod. It is hooked at the end so you can loop it through the top of the sea creatures and pull them from the safety of the shark’s belly.

But sometimes these sea creatures are a little difficult to get out. Sometimes you have to tug at them a few times. It’s nothing that would make it frustrating or anything though. But there is a reason why some may be difficult than others. Once you have the shark set up to play, the shark can jump and close his mouth at any moment! This happens completely at random so you have to be as quick as you can to catch your sea creature.

The player with the most sea creatures after the shark jumps wins. If all the creatures are caught before this happens, place all of the creatures back in and continue the game until the shark jumps.

Final Thoughts…

The age recommendations are for ages 4 years and older. I do think that this game can have a long play life. My boys are 12 and 8 and they both love playing this game. Our 16 year old daughter enjoyed playing it too with the rest of us so it does make a great family game. This game is for 2-4 players. There are only two fishing poles so if you play with more than two players, you will have to share the poles which isn’t a big deal.

The rules are simple but my kids add new rules when they play sometimes. Such as the colors of the creatures have different point values. Another great thing that all parents would love about it is that it does not require batteries. Woohoo! You don’t have to worry about the shark closing his mouth either, it doesn’t clamp down or hurt if fingers happen to be in the way.

This game was a lot of fun to play and the fact that the shark can jump at any moment brings lots of laughs. So much fun for a family game night with the kiddos!

Buy It: Shark Bite is a game by Pressman and Goliath Games. You can buy Shark Bite at stores like Target, Walmart and Meijer and you can also buy online at Amazon too. The Amazon price is $16.98. Make sure to check out Goliath Games Website for some of their other really fun games! Be sure to check out Pressman Toy as well!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Goliath Games in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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