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Cutie Fruities Plush Fruit Collectible Toys Review & Giveaway – In stores June 1st!

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Cutie Fruities Plush Fruit Toys are adorable! A couple weeks ago I was contacted by a marketing representative for Cutie Fruities and was asked if DustinNikki Mommy of Three would like to collaborate with a review. I was sent a few Cutie Fruities products – two of the Cutie Fruities Minis Cups and one Cutie Fruities Basket for our use and review. So what are Cutie Fruities you ask? Well, they are little plush fruits that even smell a little sweet. There are minis that are really fun to collect and there are also fruit families that come inside the basket. These toys will be available in Walmart stores on June 1st!

Cutie Fruities Minis Cup

The Cutie Fruities Minis Cup is perfect for collectors. Filled with three mystery plush and over 40 to collect – common, rare and limited edition – these cups are the must-have travel sized snack for all collectors!

I am going to start with the Minis Cups. These cups are super cute and inside each cup, there are three surprise minis along with a collector’s guide/checklist. Inside both our cups, there was one Fruitie that was in a little bag that you had to open. The other two weren’t in a little bag. My kids like to call little toys in bags “blind bags” so I guess that is what I will call it.

I’m not sure why only one was in a bag but I have an idea that it’s because they are either scented or could possibly be a rare or limited edition one. Not that it will be guaranteed that you will get one of those ones though. One of the ones we got in a bag was a common one while in the other cup, we actually got one of the limited edition chocolate covered ones!

The Minis

These little guys are so cute. One of my favorites was Blueberry Bear. Some of them are only fruits while some others are a fruit/animal mix. They each have a name and their names are embroidered on the back of each one. This little blueberry looks like a blueberry and a little bear in one! How adorable is that?! The limited edition chocolate covered Fruitie we found is super adorable too.

It’s name is Chocopear. It’s a little pear piece that looks like it has some chocoloate covering the top. This one smells really sweet too. I love their little faces. Each one has their own face making them all look like they have their own personality. Some of their faces are embroidered while others are not.

Out of both cups the six total that we got were two Lucky Orange, Blueberry Bear, Chocopear, Baby Banana, and Mama Apple. They all smell really sweet too. I can’t pick anything out in particular though and I think that’s because they are all inside a cup together and the scents mixed together. But it’s a light and pleasant fruity scent.

My daughter loves these little guys so I am going to have to make sure to buy some more when they become available at the store! I think the company does a decent job at trying to keep you from getting a bunch of the same ones and mixing them up pretty well. We only had two cups to begin with though but we still only ended up with doubles once – and they were not in the same cup.

Cutie Fruities Basket

Open the Cutie Fruities Basket for an entire fruit family – Mommy, Daddy, Baby and More! The Fruit Basket comes with four scented plush fruit slices wrapped in a fruit peel, a fruit fortune and sticker sheet. Turn your basket into a fruit themed play set for hours of fruit fun!

Next up is the Cutie Fruities Basket. Inside the basket is a larger plush fruit that can actually be peeled! The parts that can be peeled and opened are closed with velcro. As many times as our Pear that we got in our basket has been peeled, the velcro hasn’t lost any “stickiness”. The part that can be peeled is super soft and the face on this big piece of fruit is super adorable. I know, I say the word adorable a lot when it comes to these toys but I can’t help it. The fun of this one is that once the fruit is peeled, inside is a whole fruit family consisting of fruit pieces and slices!

The Fruit Family

The each fruit family piece has their names on the back of each one. Our pear fruit family included, Pear Pup which happens to be a little green pear. There are three pear slices and one is Papa Pear, another is Mama Pear and the other is Big Sis Pear. The last but not least is a smaller little pear that is pink and that one is Baby Pear. There faces are super adorable! There’s that word again. I love Pear Pup. His little puppy ears are cute. All the pieces have a really sweet pear scent to them and I love the scent!

Meet the Pear Family!

My daughter loves the basket just as much as the minis. The fruit family is pretty easy to put back into the big fruit and close it again too. I can see younger kids may needing a little help with it though maybe because the pieces do fit pretty snug. The basket can also be used as a play set. There is an image on the bottom of the basket and if the basket is on it’s side, you can use it like a little house with the scenery on the bottom of the basket.

Final thoughts…

We love them! They are fun for the collector for sure. The minis are super fun to collect and can be checked off with the checklist. There’s something really fun about surprise toys. At least my kids think so. My daughter is hoping to find some rare glitter ones when we buy some more.

The fruit family basket is super cute. My daughter loves it too. She thinks it’s a coolest thing ever. But I think the minis are more appealing to her since she’s older. She’s more of a collector. Of course her fruit family is also part of her collection as a whole.

I think the fruit family basket is great for imaginative play. Of course even the minis can be great for imaginative play too. The age recommendations are for ages 3 years and older. I think it’s a good recommendation since the minis are pretty small. Again, we love them. They are cute, fun to collect, fun to play with, fun to be surprised, and they smell pretty sweet!

Buy It: Cutie Fruities will be available at Walmart stores June 1st! I will update with average sale prices once I have an idea of what those are. Make sure to check out CutieFruites on Twitter, CutieFruities on Instagram and CutieFruities on Facebook!


One of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win Two Cutie Fruitie Minis Cups and a Cutie Fruities Basket!

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from a representative of CutieFruites in exchange for my honest review. Brand is also sponsoring this giveaway. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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