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Kindness Butterfly Affirmation Pillow with Affirmation Note Cards Review (Toys and Gifts from Wee Believers)

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

The Wee Believers Kindness Affirmation Pillow is super cute! I was so glad when Wee Believers contacted me and asked if they could collaborate with DustinNikki Mommy of Three on a few product reviews. I love their gifts and toys. They have inspirational and spiritual christian and Catholic gifts, toys and other products for kids and baby – for all ages. There are different collections too. You might have seen my previous reviews of the Woodland Creatures Respect and Protect collection items. You can read those here – Place and Lace Kit and the Coloring Kit.

Kindness Affirmation Pillow

The third item we received was the Kindness Affirmation Pillow. There are a few other designs as well and they different designs also match other products they have such as tote bags, pencil pouches and journals. These pillows are from their Let Your Light Shine collection. This pillow is adorable. I love the colors and the design of it. It’s a great quality too. There are different textures and it makes a really cute and pretty accent pillow on my daughter’s bed. It’s shaped like a butterfly so that is another bonus for my daughter. She loves butterflies.

The front of the design is really pretty and it features the word Kindness. On the back of the pillow, it’s designed with colorful words such as kindness, patience, goodness, joy, gentleness, self control, and faithfulness. These are all words of qualities that I wish for my daughter to have. Also on the back of the pillow is a little pocket that says, “Love is patient and kind” which is from 1 Corinthians. 

The Affirmation Cards

The purpose of the pocket on the back is so that you can write encouraging and inspirational notes and tuck them into the pocket for your daughter to read later. The purpose of these pillows are to encourage, inspire, and love the young girl in your life. Make them feel worthy, special and help them with their self esteem. The cards are beautiful. They are printed with matching colorful designs and they are gorgeous. They are also printed on a sturdy cardstock which is pretty awesome because my daughter is a lot like me when it comes to keeping and saving things. We are both pretty sentimental. I also personally think it’s awesome to be able to save them so she can go back and re-read them at any time.

There are 8 cards in the starter pack that comes with the pillow. You can purchase more affirmation card packs as well. There are 4 different designs (2 of each) in this starter pack. One of them says, “You light up a room when you walk into it by…” and then the rest of the card is blank with a really pretty leaves and flowers border around it. Some of them have printed lines too. 

Final Thoughts…

My daughter adores this pillow. She loves receiving notes as well. She was diagnosed with autism when she was 5. She’s never been able to feel confident, has never had very good self esteem and sometimes she doesn’t feel like she’s good enough for something. As she has grown older, she has started to learn about what feelings are and is starting to become aware of other people around her. She used to not even know what it meant to help someone or didn’t think there was ever really a reason to. Not all of this is from having autism. A lot of this is also just from being a teenage girl. All kids through their adolescence and teen years have struggles whether it be a lack of self esteem, confidence, or their peers.

This is why I love this pillow and these cards. I can leave my daughter notes about how helpful she is, thank her for offering to help me with this or that, or helping the lady pick up the things that were in her purse when she dropped it at the store. As she has gotten older, she has become a pretty helpful and generous person and I like to remind her of it. Leaving inspirational notes, telling her how special she is, telling her about her qualities, etc. goes a long way. 

Of course I could just tell her these things, and I do. So does her dad. But there is something different about hearing the words and reading them on paper. I can’t say how much I love this pillow and the idea of it. I think it has helped with self esteem and confidence and there’s nothing better than bringing a smile to your teen daughter’s face when she’s feeling kind of down that day. As a mom, I highly recommend these affirmation pillows for girls of all ages! 

Buy It:

Check out Wee Believers website and purchase your Kindness Affirmation Pillow for $21.99. Check out their other adorable Let Your Light Shine collection too and other products!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from WeeBelievers in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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