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Googly Eyes! Game (A game by Goliath Games) Review

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Have you heard of the Googly Eyes Game? The Googly Eyes Game is a game from Goliath Games. A few weeks ago I received 5 games for my family’s use and review. You may have seen my previous game reviews. This is my 4th one. We have always been a fan of Goliath games and have quite a few of them already. Such as Pop the Pig. One of the reasons why we love Goliath/Pressman games is because they usually aren’t your typical board games. Most of them are hands-on and some interactive. I love that about board games! Googly Eyes! is really fun for a family game night because with this one you play with teams. And it’s just fun.

What is included with the game

Included with the game is a game board, googly eye glasses, three different pair of lenses, game cards, a timer, 4 game pieces, a note pad and pencil and a die. The lenses can be changed on the glasses quite easily. Each pair of lens has a different difficulty which will play into the difficulty of drawing the challenges on the cards. One pair of lenses are super blurry, another makes you see in many multiples, and the other is a mix of the two but at a much easier level.

Game Cards 

There are three different types of game cards which are themes. You will find places, entertainment, and objects. There are 162 challenges in total because there are three per card. The challenges on each card contains a different level of difficulty. Those difficulties are not limited to what you have to draw. Each challenge indicates which lens must be used and the time limit you have to draw your challenge!

Drawing with the glasses was an experience. It was so much fun to try and there were quite a few laughs!

Trying to beat the timer made it that much more fun! 

How to play

First you need to form at least two teams of 2 to 4 players. You could bend the rules to play this game as individuals but in my opinion, it’s not quite that easy. Googly Eyes was designed for teams. Each team gets a game piece or game pawn. Open the game board and set the pawns on in the start area and begin!

Moving around the board

In order for a team to roll the die, they have to draw first right from the beginning. The start area is green which means each team would automatically use the easy green lenses. One team member draws a card and will have to draw the challenge that indicates easy (green) and set the time indicated for that challenge. Player can’t show his or her teammate the card. However, they can tell them what the theme is for a clue. Player’s teammate must guess what the drawing is before his or her team can roll the die and move around the board.

The game board

Moving around the game board can be a challenge in itself. Teams alternate who draws for their team and if the team can’t guess what the drawing is, they can’t move. The different colored areas on the game board indicate which lens to use; green, yellow or blue. Each one is a different difficulty. They will then have to draw the matching challenge. There are other things on the board too such as lose a turn. A team might even get lucky and land on the choice area which means they can choose which lens to use and which challenge to draw. The first team to make it to the finish wins!

Final thoughts…

When we first got the game out to play, I was worried about how the googly eye glasses would fit. I was surprised to find out that they fit everyone’s face just fine. My whole family wears corrective glasses and there’s no reason you need to take them off. The googly eye glasses fit over them just fine. We didn’t have any issues with them falling off or anything. They are pretty funny looking for sure!

Some of the challenges were a bit difficult for our youngest who is only 8 years. But that was mainly because there are some challenges that are characters like Rapunzel and he had no idea how to draw that one. For the most part, they were all pretty easy. With the glasses – that’s another story! The age recommendations are for ages 7 years and older which I definitely agree with. Even though the majority of the challenges are child friendly, younger kids may have trouble with certain ones. If that happened, we just let him pick another card.

We really loved this game. It was a lot of fun and was so funny! Lots of laughs. Team games are a lot of fun to play with the family and makes for a great family game. Pretty great as a party game too! Our boys had a couple friends over the other day and they spent a good hour playing this game. They all really had fun with it!

Buy It

Head over to Goliath games website for more information about the game. While you are there, check out their other awesome games too! The Googly Eyes! game can be purchased at stores like Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, and online at Amazon. Also be sure to check out Pressman Toy!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Goliath Games in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own. 

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