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Trix Trux Track Set Review (Monster Trucks that Flip, Climb and Zip-Line)

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

I was recently introduced to Trix Trux and was asked if my family would like to review a set. Trix Trux is a As Seen on TV toy. Both my boys love it! This track set is pretty unique. The track is tubular. The monster truck in this set can flip, climb and even zip-line! There are four different trucks you can collect. With our set was a red (Hot Rod) truck.

Included in the set

Included in the set is one truck, three different ramps, a zip-line, various types of track pieces, track connector pieces, and some stickers for the truck. There are red straight track pieces. These cannot bend. There are a couple orange curved track pieces and a few yellow track pieces. Unlike the orange and red ones, the yellow ones can bend. This is one of the reasons my boys love this track. They can make their own curves with the yellow track. 

The track can be set up any way you want to set it up. One of the things that I love about this set is that my boys can get creative with it. The truck requires three AAA batteries which are not included. It’s really easy to install them too. On the underside of the truck, there is a grooved area which allows the truck to stay on the tubular track pieces. It does a pretty good job of doing that too. Sometimes it does run off track though but for the most part we haven’t really had any issues with it.

The Tidal Wave Ramp

I think this ramp is my youngest’s favorite ramp in the set. I happen to think it’s pretty cool too. When the truck run up the ramp, it ends up flipping over once it goes over the first wave. Then it continues upside down without even stopping. When it gets to the end, it flips right side up again landing on the track and continues along.

The Monster Ramp and The Rumble Road/Cliffhanger

These two ramps can be set up separately or together. I’m sure you can somehow put the Tidal Wave together with something too for different kinds of tricks too but we haven’t tried anything with that one yet. I should check out Trix Trux videos they have posted on their site to see what more we can do with it. The orange ramp is a simple triangle ramp. The truck runs up and jumps off the end back onto the track. The purple ramp set up alone is used as a Rumble Road. The truck drive through it kind of making a slight rocking/rumble motion. It’s not much though.

If you bridge them together, the truck can drive up the ramp and run along the top of the Rumble Road like a bridge. It’s also called a Cliffhanger as well because depending on how you have set up the ramps, the truck can actually fall on the top of the ramp by only the front two wheels. When that happens, the truck “hangs” while still moving across it. It’s pretty cool!


The zip-lining is mostly done separate from the track. There is a piece you can connect track to so that way the truck can go back down to the ground track. My boys never bothered with doing that though. They just like to play with the track and zip-line separately. To use the zip-line, you have to fasten the clamp piece to a counter top. Then connect both zip-line cords. At the other end you connect the cords to the hand held piece.

My boys love that the one end is hand held. That way they can control if the want to raise or lower the zip-line. Or keep it straight. All you have to do is hold the line and place the truck on fitting it on the cords with the grooved tires. Then flip the “on” switch on the truck and let it go. The truck will also go upside down or even by hanging my only two tires as well.

Final Thoughts…

If I keep it short and sweet, I would say it’s pretty awesome! Both my boys think it’s pretty cool. My youngest (8 years) plays with it more than my older son does though. He has gotten it out to play with it two or three times a day ever since we got our set.

I am pretty happy with how easy it is to connect the track. My boys have had other track sets that come apart easily or are difficult to put together over the years. Honestly this is probably the easiest track they have ever had when it comes to connecting the pieces. All you have to do is insert connector pieces and plug them into the next one. There aren’t a lot of connector pieces but the ramps have connectors already attached to them so you don’t need to use as many.

We never had any problems with the track coming apart while use either. There is a bit of assembly when it comes to the ramps but they are easy to put together and take apart. My youngest doesn’t have any issues doing it by himself. The truck works great on carpet (we do have flat carpet though) and hardwood floors. Keep an eye on the tires though. Ours caught up some dog hair here and there but it was easy to get if off the tires. I just wanted to make sure it didn’t get tangled up making the tires not be able to turn properly. 

Age recommendations are for ages 3 years and older. I do agree with that because the connector pieces are pretty small. We love it. My boys love it. So many different tricks and stunts and a lot of fun to play with!

Buy It:

Check out TrixTrux Website for more information and to buy your own set!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from a representative of TrixTrux in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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