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Our Day at RiverScape Metro Park – Dayton, Ohio

When we went to Dayton a few weeks ago to go to the US Air Force Museum, we stopped at RiverScape Metro Park before we headed back home. There’s a few things to do there in the summer and even in the winter including ice skating. At the park there is a pavilion where events are sometimes held. Alongside the park runs the Great Miami River. There is metered street parking but it’s free on the weekends. Woohoo!

The Mural

The park is very garden-like. As you are walking through there are plenty of flower beds and hanging flower pots. The area that it more garden like is pretty shaded with trees too. There are stone benches where you can sit and relax. As you walk through there is an area with a great view of the mural on the other side of the river. It’s very picturesque. I love the mural. It depicts different things you can do and see in the area.

In the area where my three musketeers are sitting is a reflection pool with small fountains in the center of it. After walking all day at the museum we checked out earlier in the day, it was a really nice place to just chill for a bit.

Snack Bar and Splash Pad

After walking through the garden-like area, you will end up in a more open area with…yes, a splash pad! The area has tons of seating. Chairs, tables, and umbrellas. At both ends of this area are snack bars. Which is pretty cool. The whole environment is pretty friendly.

The kiddos had a blast playing and dancing in the splash pad and had a great time with all the other kids there. At least two of our kids did. Our other son didn’t want to get wet because he didn’t bring any extra clothes. There are rest rooms at both of the snack bars though so they were able to change their clothes afterward which was a good thing. We still had some exploring to do.

Bike Path and the Great Miami

The main part of the park is at street level. There are steps leading down to the bike path and the river. In the center of the steps is a staircase waterfall which was pretty mesmerizing to watch. The bike path is pretty long. I can’t remember how long it is but I remember reading it’s one of the largest in Ohio. I do know you can get just about anywhere from the bike path. You can walk to all the Five Rivers Metro Parks. Next time we go we will definitely take our bikes and explore more of Dayton that way.

Exploring by the river

We had fun walking down by the river. There’s a cement area where you can walk out. This area has a little bit of some light rapids going. A little ways up the river, you can see where the Mad River converges with the Great Miami. That is where the Five River Fountain of Lights is located. I recently wrote a post about that a few days ago. If you want to read more about it, be sure to check out my Five River Fountain (RiverScape Metro Park) post. There’s more information in there about the five regional rivers in Dayton too. I will say, the fountain is definitely breathtaking if you get a chance to see it.


There are places where you can rent bikes and also rent kayaks. We love canoeing and kayaking. We didn’t go that day but we plan to go eventually. The place where we usually go isn’t anywhere near a city. I think it would be fun to kayak the Great Miami through Dayton!


Wildlife consisted of these geese and ducks. There were tons of them. People are told not to feed them so if you ever go, don’t do it. They seem to be friendly though. I mean that in the way that we didn’t get chased down the bike path. The last time I had a run in with a bunch of geese, I was chased. There were a lot of butterflies that we saw around the flowers and garden areas too. The boys likes to walk to the edge of the river to watch the minnows swimming around.

The Five River Fountain of Lights

This is what we really wanted to see before our drive home. If you walk a ways up the bike path (which we did) there is a pedestrian catwalk where you can get a pretty great view of the fountain and Dayton’s skyline. It was gorgeous. The fountain operates for 8 minutes at the top of each hour from Memorial Day to Labor Day. There isn’t much more time before it stops running for the season.

It was amazing. Absolutely impressive. The kids even ran though the water spray on the bike path. It was a lot of fun. Like I previously mentioned, check out my Five River Fountain post for more on that!

It was definitely a fun day. If you are ever in Ohio or near Dayton, make sure you stop by. There are tons of other things to see and do in Dayton too. Lots of historical sites and museums. We will be back, Dayton!

For more information visit the RiverScape Metro Park website.

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