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Why buy all School Supplies on the list? Because I saw a teacher buying School Supplies today.

Oh the joys of back to school and buying all those school supplies. You get the list or lists if you have more than one kiddo and you look at it open mouthed. So much stuff! You might wonder what your kid needs with 20 glue sticks. You might wonder why you need to buy those Expo dry erase markers. And yes, they have to be Expo. Why do I need to buy Sharpies or Post-It Notes? Some of these items might be kind of strange. Surely my kid doesn’t necessarily have a need for these things right? And come on, how many different things does one kid need to color with? Markers, crayons, and colored pencils? And why does the glue have to be Elmer’s? I found another brand that was cheaper. Darn it.

I saw a teacher buying school supplies today

I really hope anyone reading this picks up on the sarcasm. Trust me. I know why teachers want Elmer’s or Crayola. There are some brands that just work better and last longer. I know that because I buy the same kind of supplies for at home for arts and crafts projects. I really don’t have a problem with buying specific brands. Teachers know what works best over years of using these supplies. They might ask for a certain type of pencil. I get it. Some pencils just don’t sharpen well. Some pencils break easily. None of my kids’ teachers want mechanical pencils because they have seen issues with them many times. No problem.

I saw a teacher buying school supplies today

Now look, I will be the first to admit that I do on occasion complain about buying school supplies or make jokes about it. I don’t complain because a teacher wants a yellow three prong pocket folder. I complain because I can’t find the yellow three prong pocket folder anywhere in the store. It’s not because the teacher wants it. It’s because whoever or multiple whoever’s came through before me and scattered folders all over the place. And there are different types of folders mixed in. There I am sifting through them all.

I don’t have a problem with specific colors either. I imagine it has to do with keeping organization in the classroom. For example, my youngest’s teacher wanted specific colors to be labeled for specific subjects. I will do everything I can to make sure I get the right colors. I like to be organized too, it makes things run smoother. The difference is, I don’t have a classroom of 25 or more kids trying to keep order with their notebooks and folders.

I saw a teacher buying school supplies today

The first few items I listed above like the dry erase markers are used by the classroom. Our schools don’t have chalkboards anymore. Do you remember volunteering to clap all the chalk dust out of chalkboard erasers? Now they have dry erase boards and smart boards. Those smart boards are pretty darn cool too. I am pretty sure the Post-It Notes are used by the teacher as well and most likely the sharpies are as well.

There are other supplies that are usually optional. At least in our case they are. Like tissues, paper towels, sandwich ziplock baggies and gallon sized ones as well. Hand sanitizer and disenfecting wipes are usually on the list too. I always make sure I get the optional items too. You know why? 

Because I saw a teacher buying school supplies today

I don’t mind buying these extra classroom supplies. If the teacher doesn’t get enough of those supplies that they use throughout the year like tissues and what-not, they buy it throughout the year out of their own pocket. Every year we always run into one or two of our kids’ previous teachers. They are some pretty great teachers too. I don’t know how teachers can remember that many kids over the years. But they do.

This year we ran into one of my son’s 2nd grade teacher he had last year when we were buying school supplies. There she was. Buying at least two sets of her list in case one of her students didn’t have something. Or just to have extra in the classroom for when someone needs a replacement. Teachers buy these things with money out of their own pocket.

That is why we should buy everything on that list no matter how strange it may sound.

Some parents may be struggling. I promise if you are a struggling parent, I get it. We have been there before. If that is the case, I would urge you to talk to your child’s teacher. There may be certain things that might be really expensive. Like one of those fancy scientific calculators that should be able to open canned food or something. Talk to the teacher and explain your situation. Luckily we never had to worry about any calculators like that. When my daughter got older in the 7th or 8th grade they had calculators but they were school issued because calculator use was only for certain times during the year. 

As you are getting ready for back to school just please keep in mind….

I saw a teacher buying school supplies today

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