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LOL Surprise Collector Cards & Jurassic World Trading Cards (Bulls i Toy) Review

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Recently my kids checked out the LOL Surprise Collector Cards and the Jurassic World Trading Cards. Both of these cards are from Bulls i Toy. My kids love Jurassic World and the older Jurassic Park movies. My son is in love with these cards. Of course my daughter is also a huge fan of LOL Surprise and she loves collecting things so this was another win.

LOL Surprise Collector Cards

I will start with the LOL Surprise Collector Cards. There are 99 cards to collect. The collection features series 1, series 2 and Lil’ Sisters. It also wouldn’t be much fun if there weren’t special cards now would it? There are definitely some surprises and rare cards. The different types of cards include Base cards which are the common cards. There are quite a bit of those ones. There are foil cards, glitter cards, gold embossed cards and even pop up cards!

Inside the card packs

Each card pack includes 12 collector cards (the base cards) and two surprises. The two surprises will be two of the other kinds of cards. There aren’t near as many of those surprise cards as there are of base cards. When you open the card pack, you will find two pink envelopes inside. The thicker pack contains the collector cards while the thinner envelope contains the two surprise cards. And it’s completely random which kind of surprise cards you will get.

Base Cards

The base cards are all pretty similar. There are tons of different doll cards to collect. There are different backgrounds on them so they are not all exactly the same. All the cards have some kind cute saying. One the back it will display what category the card belongs to. There are clubs like Glee Club, Athletic Club, Glam Club, etc. There’s quite a few of them. And of course to make it easy to collect them, they are numbered as well. My daughter has a binder with card sheets she keeps hers in and she places them in order. All the cards are glossy. When I say glossy, they are high gloss. Which also makes them kind of slippery.

Glitter Cards and Gold Embossed Cards

My daughter didn’t get any foil cards but she did get a few glitter cards and a couple gold embossed cards. The glitter cards are really glittery. They also have a gloss finish too which is good because of how glittery they are. They sparkle pretty good too. Very cute. I love the gold embossed cards. They have a cute bubble texture on them and they are very shiny. You can almost see your reflection in them. Like the base cards, you can see which category or club they go into and you can also see which number of the specific kind of card it is.


Pop Up Cards

These pop up cards can be a nightmare for some collectors. My daughter was conflicted. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to just leave them be as cards to keep in her binder with the rest or if she wanted to fold them up. She eventually folded them up. With the pop up cards, the doll can be popped up and the card folded in a way so that it can stand up. You can see them in the photo above. I think they are really cute. My daughter loves them. She says if she ever gets any doubles, she will leave them be and put them in her binder. They are really easy to pop out and put together too. 

She loves them, they are really fun and really cute!

Jurassic World Trading Cards

There are a few different cards with these as well. There are film cards that show clips from the movie. Some cards are dino cards, glow in the dark cards, heat and reveal cards, 3D action cards and costume cards. The costume cards are neat because there is an authentic piece of costume worn by someone in the movie. More on that below. The only kind of cards my son didn’t get was the glow in the dark cards.

Film Cards and Dino Cards

These cards are glossy but not the high gloss like those LOL Surprise cards have. I love the look of the film and dino cards. It’s like they have a film filter on them. The dino cards are beautiful. The movie scene cards are pretty great too. There is a little description on the back of them. And of course it tells you what kind of card it is and what they card number is as well.

Heat and Reveal Cards

We only got one of these cards. At first I thought our card was broken because I couldn’t figure out where the card changes. Eventually my son figured it out. There were three different placed that had something to reveal. He thought it was pretty cool!

3D Action Cards

We got two of these cards. It shows the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom logo on it and when you move them back and forth, you see a dinosaur. One of them was a T-Rex and the other a Pterodactyl. The 3D action works great but sometimes my son has some problems with them depending on the lighting. But you will have that with most cards like these.

Costume Cards

I think these are really neat. These cards are a lot thicker than the rest because they feature a piece of costume worn by someone in the movie. And it’s authentic. The cards are thicker because of the piece of costume in them. You can feel them too. We got a Rafe Spall (“Eli Mills”) cards. On the card is a piece of one of his shirts he wore in the movie. There are only 7 different costume cards. My son is hoping he can eventually collect more of them.

He loves these cards!

Final thoughts…

The LOL Surprise Cards are super cute. I love all the different kinds of cards you can collect. My daughter is obsessed with them. The Jurassic World trading cards are really neat. Again, there are different kinds of cards to collect too. I think the costume cards are unique and fun to collect too. My son loves these because not only can he collect these cards, there is always something he can do with them too. Both cards have a good weight to them and the gloss coating is great for protecting them. They are both a lot of fun!

Buy It: The LOL Surprise Collector Cards ($2.99) and the Jurassic World Trading Cards ($1.99) can be found at Target. Be sure to check out my previous post about their new toys – Back to School Roundup from Bulls i Toy – Fun and Collectible Toys!

Other Information

Stop by and check out Bulls i Toy website for more information about these bows and other toys and brands they offer. They have some new LOL Surprise items too that my daughter is obsessed with!  You can also find Bulls i Toy on Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product(s) mentioned in this post from a representative of Bulls i Toy in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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