Campfire/Bonfire Cake for a Gone Fishing/Camping Theme Birthday Party

This Bonfire/Campfire Cake was probably one of the easiest cakes I made for any of my kids’ birthday parties. Our youngest wanted a Gone Fishing/Camping themed party. So I decided to try my hand at making a birthday cake to look like a campfire!

I made a layered round cake. I wanted it to be a little taller than it was wide so I made four 9 inch round cakes. After they were all cooled, I leveled the cakes and stacked them on top of each other with chocolate frosting between each layer. It was supposed to be a four layer cake but I broke the top layer so it ended up only being three layers. It still worked out fine though.

What you will need

This is based on a three layer 9 inch round cake. You will need chocolate frosting, pretzel rods, and red pull apart Twizzlers. You will end up breaking the pretzel rods in half and pulling apart the Twizzlers. After pulling the Twizzlers apart, all you need to do is tear pieces off the single Twizzler ropes.

After I completely frosted the cake; the top and all around the sides, I was able to “build” my campfire on top. When I broke the pretzel rods in half, I also made different sizes as well. Just like in the photo above, all you have to do is place the rods in a circle around the middle of the cake. I had some of the rods sticking up a little or overlap the ones next to it. I wanted it to look as close as it could to a campfire. 

The fire (Twizzlers)

This part is really easy. All you have to do is stick the pieces you tore off of one of those ropes in the middle. Make them stand up every which way. I only needed to use about one and a half of a single Twizzler rope for this. You can add as little or as much as you want. After that, you are done!



If you need to slice off the very top of each cake to level them out, you may have crumbs when you frost the cake. The middle of the layers aren’t a big deal but if you notice having crumbs mixing in the frosting on the top or on the sides, add a thin layer of frosting (I call it the crumb layer) and let the icing harden a little. You can even place it in the refrigerator. Then you can frost the cake over top the crumb layer and those crumbs will be stuck in place. That way you won’t have a crumby cake.

Adding the candles

I usually just get a number candle for birthday cakes just because I don’t like lighting that many candles. Especially when these kids get older and older. The more candles that need to be lit, the more difficult it can be sometimes. For some reason, I could not find a number 9 candle. I have no idea why. So I ended up just getting some regular cake candles and I am actually glad I did. Using all those little individual candles make the cake look pretty cool after they were all lit! My son LOVED it! Everyone thought it looked pretty cool because it looked like there really was a campfire on top of the cake!

And there you have it. A Bonfire/Campfire cake! Keep a look out because I have another post coming up with some snack/treat/food ideas for a Gone Fishing/Campfire themed birthday party.

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