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Capture the Flag Redux by Starlux Games Review (Glow in the Dark Games!)

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

If you haven’t heard of Capture the Flag Redux by Starlux Games you are missing out. I remember playing Capture the Flag, Tag and other outdoor games all the time as a kid. We like to go out an play with our own kids too. I was recently introduced to Capture the Flag Redux. This kit makes Capture the Flag a lot more fun. Why? Because everything in the kit lights up. Which means it all glows and you can play in the dark! We have had so much fun with this kit!

Included in the kit

Included in the kit are two orbs (that are used for flags), 6 red territory markers, 4 blue “jail” makers, 4 green “jail” markers, 12 blue bracelets, and 12 green bracelets. Also included are a bunch of game cards. You can play games other than Capture the Flag with this kit and these game cards gives you other games and how to play them. The kit is designed for 4 – 24 players!

The Orbs

There is one green one and one blue one. These are used as the flags while playing Capture the Flag. Each team takes their orb and places it somewhere in their territory and try to defend it from the other team taking it. There is an on/off switch at the bottom. The colors are very vivid too. The images above were taken in a pretty well lit room!

The Bracelets

There are two colors which makes sense because Capture the Flag only requires two teams. Each team picks a color and then puts their bracelets on. This makes it easy for everyone to be seen. They are easy to put on. One side is attached to the little light/power box. All you have to do is insert the other end of the bracelet into the slot on the other side of the power box. They aren’t adjustable though. But my 9 year old didn’t have a problem with his coming off or anything.

Pressing the button on them turns the light on in the bracelet. The whole bracelet ends up glowing when they are turned on. You can set the bracelet to have a slow blinking light, a faster blinking light, or keep the light steady. Different games included in this kit have rules that require the bracelets to blink on and off.

The bracelets are comfortable to wear and we have never had a problem with them slipping off even though they aren’t adjustable and they have never come undone while we were playing either.

The Territory Lights

There are six of these and they are used to set up a territory line. They are like domed disks and they light up red. All you have to do is twist them to light them up. To turn them off, all you have to do is twist them in the opposite direction.

The “Jail” Lights

There are a set of four green ones and a set of 4 blue ones. Each team uses these to set up a “jail”. If a player gets tagged by the other team, they have to go to jail until one of their teammates comes to their rescue to tag them back into the game. These lights work the same way as the territory lights do. They twist on and off. Again, the lights are amazing!

Different ways to play

Sometimes we like to play something other than Capture the Flag. Unless our kids have friends over, sometimes some of the other games are more fun to play with just the five of us. There are 12 other game cards and each one tells you how many players and the estimated time it takes to play them. A few of our favorites are Fireflies, Ghosts in the Graveyard, and Werewolves vs. Hunters.

(Getting ready to play Capture the Flag)

Playing Fireflies

One (or two players) is the “catcher” and they carry an orb. The other players were bracelets and become “fireflies”. The fireflies hide and then the catcher has to go find them. The fireflies have to flash their bracelets once every ten seconds. They can turn them off when they see the catcher is close to them. They can’t run but they can walk and sneak away. Once the catcher finds a firefly, then the firefly has to follow the catcher around until the rest are captured and “bottled”. My kids love this one because it’s pretty much like playing Hide and Seek in the dark!

Playing Ghosts in the Graveyard

This one is really fun too. You set up a safe house using the green and blue “jail” markers. You choose a couple players to be ghosts. All the “living” wear bracelets. The “living” in the safe house count by 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock – until they reach midnight. During this time, the ghosts hide. Once they reach midnight, the living leave the safe house. Once they see a ghost, they yell GHOST and everyone runs back to the safe house. If a ghost tags a living before making it back, that living player also becomes a ghost for the next round.

(While playing Capture the Flag)

Playing Werewolves vs. Hunters

This is another favorite. Set up a boundary using the territory lights. Pick one person to be a werewolf. All other players wear bracelets. The werewolf hides one of the orbs. Once the werewolf is ready, he/she howls. The other players (the hunters) have to find and touch the orb. The werewolf must protect the orb and turn the hunters into werewolves. If the werewolf tags a hunter, they have to turn off their bracelet and they have to howl when they are turned. This also lets the hunters know there is another werewolf on the field.

It was funny because over the weekend our three kids had a couple of their friends over and my husband and I were inside watching TV. Every once in a while we heard another howl outside. We had quite a few werewolves in our yard the other night!

Final Thoughts…

Oh my gosh you guys. I can’t tell you how much fun this Capture the Flag Redux kit is! It’s really fun for the whole family. Our kids even have a blast with it when they have their friends over. I can’t wait until our next big family get together. This will be so much fun after getting everyone in my family to play. Our whole extended family is a pretty competitive bunch that love to have fun playing games like this.

There are so many different games you can play with this kit. I love being able to play in the dark. It somehow makes things even more fun that way. All the lights on all the pieces are amazing. Very vivid colors that are seen very well in the dark. Everything comes with batteries too. All the lights are LED which makes them last a lot longer including the battery life. I can see us having a lot of fun with this for a long time! I highly recommend it!

Buy It: Check out the Starlux Games website. You can find other really great games that glow too. You can buy the Capture the Flag Redux Kit online for $59.90 with free shipping. Follow the previous link for more information. There is also a video you can check out too! 

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