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DC Comics Radz Candy Dispensers Review

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

These Radz DC Comics Candy Dispensers are pretty cool! You may have seen my previous DC Radz Twist and DC Radz Foamz reviews but these are the Radz regular candy dispensers. The Twists have twist off tops that can be mixed and matched. The Foamz are kind of squishy and you can squeeze them. These ones are a little different. Each one comes with candy and a mini poster as well.

The Characters

First I will start with the characters. We have a Wonder Woman, Batman, Batman (Blue) and a Superman. The other three characters that you can get is Cyborg, The Flash, and Harley Quinn. There’s no mystery with these ones. The previous types of dispensers come on blind bags but these do not. But there is a total of 7 of these dispensers you can collect.

Filling the candy

First you have to twist off the top and fill them with candy. All you have to do is twist the top and then lift the top off. It only twists about halfway. Once you remove the top, you will see a little hole where the candy can be filled. We couldn’t get all the candy that came with it inside the dispenser at one time. This means there was a little extra leftover to be able to refill one more time.

To put the top back on, you have to line up the slot on the inside of the top with the dispenser mechanism on the top of the bottom half. Then twist back into place. It’s pretty easy to do but it was a little difficult for my 9 year old to do himself at first. He figured it out after a few tries though.

How they work…and the candy, of course!

After you have the candy filled and the top back in place, you can use them as a dispenser. Slide back the top of the character and then watch their mouth open up to stick out their tongue with a piece on candy on it! Sliding the tops back is pretty easy. Although one of them was a little sticky and hard to slide back at first. I am pretty sure it was Superman. The first time I tried to use that one, candy went flying at me. I guess Superman didn’t know his own strength. My youngest got a kick out of that one. After sliding it back and forth a few times though it was fine.  

The candy comes in four flavors. There is yellow, green, orange and red. The flavors include Heroic Berry Smash, Buzzing Apple Crush, Citrus Blast, and Strawberry Super Hero. I thought the yellow would be like a lemon flavor but that one is actually the berry. My kids love the candy. I personally think it’s pretty good myself. It’s not sour but it is a little tangy but sweet at the same time.

The Mini Posters

The mini posters are pretty small but they are mini. Each character comes with a poster featuring that character. My older son loves collecting these just as much as he  likes collecting the dispensers. He put the posters on a big poster board and hung it on his wall. He likes them. The posters feature a glossy photo of each hero. On the back of each poster, you will also find a checklist.

Mix and Match and Attach!

For more fun, you can mix and match the tops with the other characters. My youngest thinks this is pretty cool. But you don’t have to just mix and match with other DC characters. Radz has a lot of other character series and you can mix and match with any of them. For example, they also have Jurassic World and Trolls just to name a couple others. Can you imagine Batman with Troll hair?

Another thing that my youngest LOVES about these is that they have a clip attached. He likes to add things to his backpack so he was thrilled he can clip them on his zipper pulls. The simple things I guess.

Final Thoughts…

We think they are pretty fun, the candy is good, and the dispensers and posters are fun to collect. My kids love them!

Buy It: You can find these DC Comics Radz Candy Dispensers at stores like Walmart and Target. The suggested retail price is $3.99 – $4.99 each. Look for their other character series as well!

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product(s) mentioned in this post from a representative of Radz Brands in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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