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Domino Junior Friends Deluxe from Goliath Games Review

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Domino Junior Friends Deluxe is so much fun to play with. Our kids have a couple domino rally sets and they love them. Our youngest has some difficulty with some of the other sets that we have. That is why I love this Junior set. Domino Junior Friends Deluxe is for ages 4 years and older. Our 9 year old has an easier time setting these dominoes up because of the size of the dominoes and the ease it is to stand them up. The design of them makes it easy to do so.

There are 100 dominoes and three stacking stunts in this set. The kiddo was really excited to get everything out and set up his domino set when it arrived. The stacking stunt pieces are dinosaurs and they are really cute too!

Included with the Domino Junior Friends Deluxe Set

As previously mentioned, there are 100 domino pieces. They are in the colors of blue, yellow, green and red. I love the design of the dominoes. They are slightly thicker at the bottom for easy standing. They are also really durable pieces too. The stunt pieces include a yellow and green dinosaur, and orange dinosaur and a palm tree. There is also a domino set up tool as well. One great thing about this set? There are no stickers that need to be applied. Why is this exciting? Because applying stickers annoy me sometimes.

Using the Set Up Tool

You obviously don’t have to use this tool but it might come in handy for younger kids. There are spaces that you set dominoes in. When you pull on the cardboard dinosaur, you pull the tool away from the dominoes leaving them standing appropriately spaced. My son rarely uses this though. The cardboard dinosaur piece just slides into place on the tool. It won’t come off the tool as long as you pull away from the dominoes slowly. Of course you want to pull away slowly anyway just in case you knock them over. You can line up 5 dominoes at a time with it. It is pretty helpful even if my son doesn’t use it very often.

The Green and Yellow Dinosaurs

To use these, you need to set them together tail to tail. This creates something like a bridge. You can use the yellow one separately but it’s kind of hard to use the green one separately. The yellow on has one end close to floor level while both ends of the green one does not have an end close to the floor. This means that the dominoes set up on the floor will not reach the ones on the green dino without the use of the yellow one. You can probably figure out different combinations of stunts using the green one separately though. There is also the orange dino and the palm tree.

Anyway, setting up these two dinos like a bridge allows you to set up dominoes on their backs. Their backs are designed in a way that reminds me of steps or stairs. Place one domino on each “step”. When the domino line on the floor level hits the first domino on the yellow dino, the rest of them fall down across both dinos. The last domino on the green one’s head will fall below to floor level continuing the fall of dominoes on the floor.

By creating this bridge, you can also wind the line of dominoes to go through the opening that is created by sitting them tail to tail.

The Orange Dinosaur and Palm Tree

These two parts go together as well. The orange dino is a little taller than the green and yellow one. It’s front feet sits on the mound the palm tree is attached to. The dino won’t slide off because there are knobs on the mound and it’s feet fit over them. That way the dino doesn’t move or slide. There is a little coconut that sits on a notch on the tree. When the top domino fall on top of the tree, it falls on a leaf releasing the coconut. When the coconut releases, it knocks over the next dominoes in front of it. Pretty fun right?!

The Set Up

You can set them up any way that you want. The way my son did the first time was to start with a line in front of the orange dinosaur. The dominoes fall going up the orange dino when they get to it. The one on it’s head fall knocking the coconut free. The coconut continues the line going under the green and yellow dino tails and wraps around to the yellow dino head. Then the reaction moves up the yellow one and over the green one. Then the domino on the green one’s head falls continuing the reaction on the floor.

Final Thoughts…

I think this Domino Junior Friends Deluxe set is really cute. The dinosaurs are super adorable. They are easy to set up too. Also very colorful. This set is definitely perfect for younger kids or kids like my son who has difficulty setting things like this up. He can play with this for hours without getting frustrated. He likes the stunts, especially the palm tree and coconut. It’s really fun to play with!

Just a few tips

It is recommended these should be set up on a flat surface. As you can see in some of my photos our carpet isn’t completely flat. While everything was fine if my son only set up a few, we had some issues setting them all up. It’s no fault of the domino set. He plays with it on the linoleum floor in the kitchen or on our dining room table. Another tip is to leave gaps near the stunts. Sometimes a domino will fall on a dino and you know what happens after that. Time to set them up again before you are finished. But we left gaps about 3 or 4 dominoes wide and set them aside to fill in after the rest were set up.

I also noticed that when it comes to the palm tree, you should set a domino almost right against the coconut. The string on the coconut isn’t very long. If you have too much of a space, the coconut might not reach the next domino to continue the reaction.

Do your kiddos like domino sets? If so, you should check this one out!

Buy It: Check out the Domino Junior Friends Deluxe on Goliath Games website. You can buy them on Amazon with a list price of $29.99. Right now you can get it for $26.12. They also have another Domino Junior Friends Dino set with different dinosaurs and stunts. I am going to get that one to go with the Deluxe version that we got!

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Goliath Games in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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