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Making Snack/Treat Tent Cards for a Gone Fishing/Camping Theme Party

We had our youngest son’s 9th birthday party this past weekend. A couple weeks ago he told us he wanted a Gone Gishing/Camping themed birthday party. I don’t like to spend tons of money on party supplies but I looked anyway like I always do. A lot of the time it’s so I can get some ideas on how to make some of my own supplies. Most of the kinds of party decor that I use is for the snack/food table. I like to get creative with food so I like to use tent cards because I like the different treats to represent something. I will have another post shortly with all snack/treat ideas I came up with.

What I used

I used some heavy duty card stock that I already had. It was perfect because it was pre-cut squares and the color was good for what I wanted to make. I also used a green chiseled sharpie and wrote my labels in black sharpie. I also used extra card stock to cut out trees. Of course this also meant I needed a glue stick. I had plenty of those hanging around the house too. With three kids that are always crafting and making things themselves, I find them all over the house.

Making the Gone Fishing/Camping Tent Cards

First I folded the card stock squares in half. Then I colored in a green border around the edges of the front on all of them. Using more card stock, I drew on trees to cut out. I colored them in with the same marker I used for the border before cutting them out. I kept them simple pine trees. After I cut them all out, I glued them on the front of the tent cards. In the empty space on the cards I filled in my label names.

And that’s it. I just set them next to the treats on the table. The Lake Water one was a little different because I placed that one on a punch bowl with apple juice in it. Look for my snack/treat ideas post coming up soon! Can you guess what any of them are by looking at my tent cards? I already gave away the Lake Water one!

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