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DustinNikki Mommy of Three’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018 – Toys and Games & Other Family Gifts

Finally here is DustinNikki Mommy of Three’s Holiday Gift Guide 2018. I have reviewed some of these items on the blog. I will leave links for all those ones so you can read my complete thoughts on them. A big part of my gift guide is toys and games that my kids love. Some of the other toys are things that my kids are asking for Christmas this year. Those ones will not have actual reviews since I have them put up and hidden in my house yet to be played with. At the bottom I have a few gift ideas for the household or other family members.

I will also leave the link to my Stocking Stuffers Guide at the bottom which is filled with some really fun stuff the kids would love. My kids are ages 9, 12, and 17 but the majority of these toys and games are for ages 4-6 years and older. However, some of them may be 7-8 years and older. 

Let’s get started shall we?!

Domino Junior Friends Deluxe

Domino Junior Friends Deluxe is recommended for ages 4 years and older. It comes with 100 dominos and three different dino stunts. The dinosaurs are really cute. The dominos can be set up on top of them. One of them even releases a coconut from a palm tree. My 9 year old loves this set. Since he loves it at his age, I can say it has a decent play life. At least in his case he hasn’t gotten bored with it. The dominos are also easy to set up for the younger kids. You can find out more by visitin Goliath Games website. You can also find it on Amazon anywhere from $25 to $30. See my full review here for more information – Domino Junior Friends Deluxe

i-Tops Next Gen Tops

i-Tops Next Gen Tops are recommended for ages 7 years and older. All three of my kids love these things. They come in three different colors. These aren’t just spinning tops. They actually have LED lights that keep track of current, past, and high score spins. You can unlock all kinds of different animations by hitting a certain number of spins. This also means that sometimes you have to stop them at just the right time. You can even unlock a compass mode too. All three of my kids play with these all the time and trying new throwing techniques. You can find out more information by visiting Goliath Games website. These can be purchased on Amazon for roughly $15. See my full review for more information here – i-Tops Next Gen Tops

Hydro Strike by Pressman Toy

This is a fun game to play with two players. It’s like a two person hockey game/pinball hybrid but yet not like either of those. I’m sure that doesn’t make much sense. But you shoot the ball back and forth while protecting your goal. You can put water in it too. You have to win or get wet! I will have a full review on this one very soon so keep an eye out for it. In the meantime, check out the Pressman Toy website for more information. See my full review here – Hydro Strike by Pressman

Hyper Cluster Build and Customize YoYo

These are really cool. The age recommendations are for ages 8 years and older. Hyper Cluster is something new that my boys are into. They love playing with yo-yos and with these kits you can build your own. There are starter sets which comes with a core and skin. They also have skin packs and core packs too. With these you can customize the look of your yo-yos. I think they are pretty neat myself. I have a full review coming up in the next coming days with more information so keep a look out for it. See my full review here – Hyper Cluster Yo-Yos

Capture the Flag Redux by Starlux Games

My kids and family have so much fun with this game kit! My extended family too. Have you ever played Capture the Flag in the dark? This kit makes it easy to do and it’s so much fun playing. There are light up orbs that are used as flags and there are 24 light up bracelets which makes this kit great for up to 24 players. There are light to set up boundaries and “jails”. Everything you need! If you don’t want to play Capture the Flag, there are tons of game cards for more different game ideas that can be played with this kit! I highly recommend it! You can purchase this Capture the Flag Redux kit for $59.90 on their website. For more information be sure to check out my full review here – Capture the Flag Redux Kit by Starlux Games

Trix Trux Track Set

My youngest loves this set. It comes with different sizes/colors of track. The track is tubular and the truck that comes with it stays on the track by a groove underneath itself. There are three different stunts that can be set up alone or together. The truck flips, climbs and even zip lines. There is also a zip line included. Sometimes the truck will come off the track but for the most part it stays on. Even after flipping over a stunt. The age recommendations are ages 3 years and older. You can find these at stores like Walmart for around $20. See my full review here – Trix Trux Track Set

Neon Street Rollers

My older son loves these. They are skates (well, kind of) and they just strap to your shoes. There are only two wheels toward the back of the foot so they are a little different and takes a little getting used to because they aren’t like traditional skates. These fit most shoes because they are adjustable. They come in three different colors and are recommended for ages 6 years and older. They roll really well and my son likes to throw them in his gym bag when going to the park or whatever so he can use them while he’s there. You can get a pair of these for $19.99. For more information see my full review here – Neon Street Rollers

Rocket Fishing Rod

This Rocket Fishing Rod is pretty cool. I understand if you buy one of these for the holidays, your kids probably aren’t going to use it for a few months. But both my boys love this rod and they spent a lot of time down at the creek last summer with it. I love it for the safety. The hook and bait is place inside a bobber that fits inside the barrel of the rod. It has a trigger so that you can shoot it out over the water instead of casting it. The bobber opens up after hit hits the water. The trigger also has a safety too. You can buy it at Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods. You can also buy it on Amazon too. Prices can be anywhere from $30 – $40 depending on where you buy it. See my full review here – Rocket Fishing Rod 

Catch the Fox Game

This is a really cute game from Goliath. The fox wears pants and each player takes turns filling the fox’s pants with chickens. At any time the fox will lose his pants and spills the chickens out in the process. His pants disappear pretty quickly too. It’s so fast it kind of makes you jump. It makes for some good laughs that’s for sure. After all the chickens are spilled, all players gather as many as they can to fill their chicken coop. First player to fill theirs wins. Age recommendations are for ages 4 years and older. You can buy this game at stores like Walmart and Target and online on Amazon. See my full review here – Catch the Fox Game

Shark Bite Game

This is a game full of laughs from Pressman Toy and Goliath. The shark opens up and you fill his mouth with the sea creature game pieces. Each player removes sea creatures with a little fishing pole. The shark will jump and close his mouth at any time. The player with the most creatures wins. I play this all the time with my youngest. It’s really fun and I am telling you, that shark gets me every time he jumps! Age recommendations are 4 years and older. You can buy it stores like Walmart, Target and Meijer. You can also find it on amazon. Most prices are around $16. See my full review here – Shark Bite Game

Googly Eyes Game

This is a really fun game for the whole family. You create teams with this one. It’s a draw and guess game. There are three different difficulties which also means there are three different lenses for the googly glasses. The lenses alter your vision a bit in three different ways. You draw while wearing the glasses and your teammate has to guess what it is before the time runs out. Lots of fun! Age recommendations are ages 7 years and older. You can get this game at stores like Target and Walmart and you can also find it on Amazon. See my full review here – Googly Eyes Game

Barbecue Party Game

As if you can’t tell by ow, my family loves games. Barbecue Party is a game by Goliath. It’s also super cute. It comes with a grill and food game pieces. Which by the way are super adorable. There are game cards and each player takes turns drawing a card. If the food the get isn’t on the grill, they have to put it on. If it is on the grill, they take the food and the card. The first player to get three foods win. The grill can pop at any moment though so watch out! Age recommendations are ages 4 years and older. You can buy it stores like Walmart and online on Amazon. See my full review here – Barbecue Party Game

Cutie Fruities Plush Fruit Collectible Toys

These are really cute! My daughter loves collecting them. They were new to Walmart stores back in June of this year. The fruit cups come with three surprise mini fruit plushies. They all have names and they are scented too. The fruit family basket comes with a large plush fruit that can be “pealed” revealing a fruit family inside of it. My daughter has a pear and there is a whole family of fruit slices. They all have names too. Age recommendations are 3 years and older. See my full review here – Cutie Fruities

Affirmation Pillows from Wee Believers

These affirmation pillows are really cute and beautiful. My daughter has a butterfly kindness pillow. It makes a fun decorative pillow. On the back there is a pocket that I can leave noted in for her. There are affirmation cards that come with it and you can buy additional ones to go with it too. My daughter loves it and she loves finding notes in the pillow. I think it’s great for any age really. You can get it on the Wee Believers website for $21.99. For more information see my full review here – Affirmation Pillows from Wee Believers

Woodland Creatures Respect and Protect Coloring Kit

This coloring kit is from Wee Believers. The Respect and Protect Collection is all about respecting all God’s creatures and their habitats. It comes with tons of coloring sheets and a pack of colored pencils. The coloring sheets are really cute. Some of them have beautiful inspirational sayings on them too. It comes in a really durable gift box as well. The box is also adorable. You can buy this kit on the Wee Believers website for $9.99. For more information, see my full review here – Woodland Creatures Respect and Protect Coloring Kit

Woodland Creatures Lace and Place Kit

As mentioned above, the Respect and Protect Collection is all about respecting and protecting all God’s creatures and their habitats. These gifts are pretty inspirational and they have a lot of other spiritual and inspirational gifts for kids. This lacing kit is pretty cute. There are habitat cards and animal card pieces that match up together to be laced. It’s a great way to practice lacing and learn a little about these animals. There are little poems about each animal. It all come in a durable storage box too. You can buy this set on the Wee Believers website for $9.99. The age recommendations are for ages 4 years and older. For more information, check out my full review here –  Woodland Creatures Lace and Place Kit

The following few toys I have not written any reviews on.

These are toys that my kids have been asking for this year.


These are really soft and squishy plush animals. They come in multiple sizes and there are so many different ones. We saw them at Walgreens one day and all three of my kids wanted one. Some of them are so big that they can be used as pillows. You can check them out on their website. Like I said, there are tons of different ones. You can buy them on their website but you can also find them at Walgreens too. Prices range from $15 to $40 depending on the size. Their website – www.squishmallows(dot)com


Oh my gosh you guys, these little guys are so cute. They are kind of creepy too when you get one out to play with it. But they are fun. All three of my kids want one of these too. My older son’s friend has one and he brought it over to our house the other day. These things are little spiders. I haven’t decided if they are adorable or terrifying just yet. They are voice activated and the louder you yell, the faster they go. And they chase your voice too. We were cracking up the other day at one of these things. You can find them at Walmart for $12 – $14. You can also buy them on Amazon.

Zoom Tubes Car Trax

My youngest has been asking for this ever since he saw it on TV. These tracks are tube tracks and it comes with a little RC car that races inside these tubes. I don’t know much about it just yet but it does look pretty cool. I found the starter kit for around $30, additional track for around $20 and they also have more RC cars sold separately for around $14. The starter set does come with one though. He’s going to be excited about this one.

The main focus of my Holiday Gift Guide has been toys but I do have a few items below that would make great household gifts and gifts for other members of you family. I really like these items and wanted to include them in my guide this year.

Canvas Factory Canvas Prints

One of my favorite things are canvas prints. I have a few of them in my house. These would make great family gifts. I got one for my mom last year with all her grand kids. You can create them for any occasion. I also ordered a couple family canvas prints for my sister and brother in law and my brother and sister in law. Canvas Factory has really great prices and their prints are great sizes too. They are always done really beautifully too. See my full review here – Canvas Factory Canvas Prints

TeaBloom Flowering Tea

This is perfect for the tea lovers on your holiday list. TeaBloom has a lot of really cute and beautiful tea sets. Their teapots are glass tea pots that can be heated on the stove top. The tea are tea balls that open up and bloom right inside the tea pot. It’s actually really pretty and it’s really awesome when you are entertaining. The tea is really delicious. So many different ones to check out. For more information, see my full review here – TeaBloom Flowering Tea

Household Wonders Bamboo Serving Tray

I never realized how much I would use a serving tray. I use this one all the time. This serving tray from Household Wonders is made of bamboo and it is really gorgeous! It is a pretty good size and very durable. I love using it and use it for many different things. I use it for serving, I also use it if I have to carry a bunch of stuff from one room to another. It also makes a great decorative piece. We don’t have a coffee table. Instead we have a large ottoman so it’s nice to have it sitting there for when we need a place to sit a glass or what-not. For more information, see my full review here – Household Wonders Bamboo Serving Tray

Wooden Watch from Personalized Cart

I love this watch. It’s unique and really beautiful. On the back I had it engraved for my husband from our kids. They did a really great job with it. It also came with a wooden gift box as well. My husband loves his watch. This isn’t just about the watch either. I added this to my guide because I fell in love with Personalized Cart. They have all kinds of gifts for her, him, kids, baby, and occasions such as wedding, graduation and the holidays. All of them can be personalized too and their prices are pretty great on most of their gifts. See my full review here – Wooden Watch from Personalized Cart along with more information about them.

I also have a Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide as well. Use this link to check it out.

There are lots of fun stuff for the kids!

Happy Holidays!!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, for some of the items listed in the post, I received free in exchange for my honest reviews which I have written previously. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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