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HyperCluster Yo-Yos by Bandai Review (Build and Customize!)

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

These HyperCluster Yo-Yos are super cool. HyperCluster Yo-Yos by Bandai recently launched and my kids were really excited to try them out. These yo-yos can be built and customized to fit your style or your skill and trick level. They are great because you can build a yo-yo that is best for beginners or you can build one that is better suited for the more advanced yo-yoers. How do they do that? Well, you can purchase different skins and cores. Each skin or core has what they call performance data. Each package displays each individual performance component such as speed, control, etc. and also has a component class too. The classes indicate which performance component is highest with each part.

HyperCluster Starter Packs

There are different starter packs you can buy. Each starter pack comes with skins and a core so you can build a complete yo-yo. These are really nice because they make looking for specific classes a lot easier instead of looking though the separate core and skin packs. The starter pack that we have is for speed and control. You can also see the combined performance of the core and skin on the package. The starter pack with the speed and control is great for beginners. My youngest enjoys playing with this one.

HyperCluster Core Packs and Skin Packs

These packs are sold separately and this is where you can get more into customizing. You can pick and choose which classes and performance components you want in your yo-yo. All packs come with string too whether it’s a starter pack, skin pack or core pack. Putting them together is pretty much the same for all of them. The different cores may have an extra spinner piece depending on which kind it is but they are simple to put together.

Building your HyperCluster Yo-Yo

First you start with your core. You have to put that together first. All you have to do is slide your slider piece/pieces onto the bar in the center. Then take the other half of the core and screw them together by twisting them. You should twist them together until you can’t twist the two parts anymore. Then you add the skins. Fit them onto the core on both sides. Then you give them a twist in opposite directions. You should hear a cranking sound when you do this. 

Attaching the string

This is done after you get the yo-yo put together. Unroll the string and at the end of it (the opposite end of the finger loop) untwist the string. Create a big loop with it so that you can fit it over the yo-yo. That loop should be placed between the groove in the middle of the yo-yo. Then let go. The string will tighten and re-twist itself and tighten around the center spinner. Now your yo-yo is ready!

What did we think?

My youngest thinks they are the coolest thing. He likes to take things apart and see how they work. That’s one of the reasons why he really likes these. He’s only 9 and is just starting to learn how to yo-yo. He’s getting pretty good at just tossing the yo-yo down and tugging it back up. The yo-yo we built with the speed and control starter pack is really great for beginners. With those two components, it’s easy to control and learn with it. It’s pretty stable too.

More of our thoughts…

Our older son can do the sleeper and walk the dog. He can do those tricks with the yo-yo from the starter pack better than he can with the Loop core and Loop skins. Loop is for added response. Since I am not a yo-yo expert, I am not completely sure but I think that one would work better with loop tricks. But for just tossing it down and back up again it works pretty well. I can do the sleeper and walk the dog myself but that’s as far as I go with a yo-yo. I can do both of those with both the Loop/Loop yo-yo and the Speed/Control yo-yo although it’s a little easier for me to use the Speed/Control one.

Final words and tips

My boys love them. They like the different skins and being able to customize them. As for customizing performance-wise, they still aren’t quite there yet. But for looks, they totally are. I did find that as long as you have a good core for beginners (control) the yo-yo is still pretty easy to play with no matter which skin you have. But if you are mixing and matching without the main focus being control, a beginner might have some issues with it.

If there is one thing I am not crazy about is the string length. It isn’t very long. I mean, it’s great for my kids but I would prefer it to be a little longer for myself. Sometimes the string also comes untwisted down by the core and when that happens, the yo-yo loses a bit of its responsiveness. It’s not really a big deal though because all you have to do is let the string twist back up.

A few tips

When we first put together one of these yo-yos, we had a problem with it not coming back up. If we threw it down, the yo-yo would just spin. It wasn’t sleeping, it just wouldn’t tug back up. I took it apart and put it back together again a few times. I eventually twisted the yo-yo a few times while it was completely together. Instead of just twisting on the core, I was able to tighten it up a little more with the skins on. After that, it worked just fine.

Overall though, we love them. My kids have asked for more parts for Christmas. The skins are easy to remove from the core so they are easy to change. I personally think they are are pretty durable yo-yo. I love how they can be customized not only for style but also skill and trick level. It’s a really easy yo-yo to learn with as long as you have the right combo.

Buy It

You can buy HyperCluster Yo-Yos at Walmart and Target. You can also buy them on Amazon. Starter Pack suggested retail price is $14.99. Core Pack suggested retail price is $9.99 and Skin Pack suggested retail price is $6.99. Be sure to check out the website for more information!

HyperCluster Yo-Yos by Bandai America

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product(s) mentioned in this post from a representative of Bandai America in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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