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How To: Minecraft Wolf Valentine’s Box

Do you want to know how to make a Minecraft Wolf Valentine’s Box? My youngest was supposed to make a Valentine’s Box for his Valentine’s Day party at school. I asked him what he wanted to do for his box and he wasn’t sure. So I named off some things he was into that would be fairly easy to make. I mentioned a Minecraft Wolf and he was pretty excited about that idea. It was a bit of work and part of me wished I never mentioned it. But in the long run, it was worth it. We spent a bit of time crafting and working on it together.

Things you will need

First you will need a shoe box. You will also need parts for legs, and parts for the wolf’s head. For the legs I used flaps from a card board box. I folded the flaps into cubed rectangles. They were about 8 inches in length. I was going to make them shorter but my son insisted if they were shorter they wouldn’t look right. I took his word for it. The width of the legs ended up being about and inch and a half to and inch. I made the wolf’s tail the same way only it was about three and a half to four inches in length. The width was a little smaller than the legs.

For the wolf’s head, I used a small Pop Tart box. I had a really small box about three inches by one inch to use on his face for where his nose would go. I created little cubes out of card board for his ears. They were about one and a half inches tall and about an inch in width.

Wrapping all the parts

I wrapped the box and all the parts I created in white paper. I just had some printer paper that I used. Being that it was regular paper and not a big sheet, I ended up with tape showing everywhere. So with the box, I cut white card stock pieces and glued them down over the top, bottom, and sides so the tape didn’t show. At this point we thought we were going to color the box and parts with a few different shades of gray marker. Then I thought better of it and decided we would use paint.

Putting the head together

I glued the ears on top of the box we used for it’s head. I waited until the glue was dry before gluing down the nose face part. You can see in the above photo what it’s head looks like. I also just used Elmer’s school glue. I was worried it wasn’t going to be strong enough for what we were doing but Elmer’s school glue was the only kind of glue we used for this project and it went really well. Note: I put the head together before we painted. And the glue was completely dry before we did.

It’s time to paint

I picked up some paint at the store so we could paint all the parts. We made sure it was simple craft paint that could be used on paper. Walmart had small bottles of paint for fifty cents. They only one one shade of gray so I grabbed that and a couple bottles of white paint and a bottle of black paint. We were going to need a small amount of white and black anyway for it’s eyes and nose so I figured we could make a couple other shades of gray with the white and black.

A Minecraft wolf (well, anything that has to do with Minecraft) is supposed to look pixel-like. So while most of the wolf was a darker gray, we painted lighter colored squares here and there throughout the box and parts. After everything was painted and dry, we started putting parts on the box.

Putting the wolf’s head on the box

One thing about this box is that it took us a few days since we used paint. Plus we had a lot of parts that had to wait for glue drying time. The first part we put on was the wolf’s head. The shoe box we used had a flip open lid. With the lid closed, we glued the head on in the center of one end. We positioned it so that it was below the lid. That way, he could still open and close his box. Even though we cut a slit on the top, he still needed to be able to get inside his box. This also meant that the head hung a little below the bottom of the box. Which was okay, it ended up looking pretty cool that way.

While the glue was drying, I had the box sitting up on it’s back end while the head was on top. You can see what I mean in the above photo. I also put a couple items that had a little weight to them so the head stayed pressed to the box while drying. I did use a very generous amount of glue. If any glue seeped around the edges, we did some touching up with the paint. If I thought about it, I would have got some more glue for my glue gun. It probably would have been easier.

Next came the legs

We flipped the box over and glued on the legs. Again, I used a generous amount of glue. We didn’t have the bottom painted so the glue seeping around the edges didn’t matter too much. My son did paint the bottom after the legs were dried and set though. While the legs were drying, I set a few items around the legs to make sure they stayed straight.


Don’t forget the tail!

We almost did forget the tail. After my son painted the bottom of his wolf and the paint was dry, I glued on the tail. I left the box upside down. I glued on the tail in the center of the rear of the box. Again, I placed it right below the box lid. This part was the most difficult part to put on. Again, I wished I thought about glue for my glue gun. Anyway, I had to put a couple books underneath the tail so it stayed in place until it was dry.

Hidden slot

In the photo above “Don’t forget the tail”, you may have noticed another part. After were were finished, my son said something about wishing the slot wasn’t visible. That part in that photo was a panel I created to put over the slot on top of the box. I took another piece of card board and folded a white sheet of paper over it and glued the sides down. The size of this depends on how big you made the slot. Anyway at one end of it, it’s just paper. The flimsy paper part was the only side I glued down. That way when it dried, he could lift open the card board side to reveal the slot.

We did have to do some paint touch ups afterward.

The final touch

Even though my son was happy we made a cool valentine’s Box without all the pinks and hearts, he still wanted his wolf to look ready for the part. So he cut out a heart from some pink polka dot card stock I had and put it through pink ribbon. He then tied it around his wolf’s head as a Valentine collar.

And there it is. This was probably the most time consuming Valentine Box we have ever made. I thought it looked pretty cool though. My son loves it! I am proud of him though because he did most of the work. I may have made and created the parts but he’s the one that did the majority of the painting. Very creative my boy!

His Valentine’s Box will not be going on the school bus with him on Friday. That’s when they are having their party. Nope, I took this bad boy to the school yesterday evening when we had parent teacher conferences. He was pretty thankful for that because he was terrified something would happen to it on the bus ride to school.

Did your kids make a Valentine Box this year? How did they make theirs?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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