Our Pup Oscar is an Aggressive Chewer! (Toys to avoid and which ones to consider)

Our pup, Oscar is an aggressive chewer! As most of my readers know, about three months ago we decided it was time to adopt another dog and give a lucky pup his forever home. We met with a few dogs at our local shelter but when Oscar came into the visiting room, we fell in love with him instantly and he also fell in love with us instantly. He’s about 2 years old and is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Jack Russell cross mixed with Beagle. We found out pretty quickly we needed durable dog toys because most of his toys we got him, he shredded. So I asked for recommendations from people we know and I also went on the search online looking for reviews on dog toys.

He loves Tennis Balls

We knew he loved tennis balls from day one. So we bought him a bunch of them. The problem was, he would end up chewing them up until they were nothing. When playing fetch outside, he’s good with them but to just play with them on his own was another story. He devours them. And no, of course they don’t digest in his stomach if you know what I mean. So we went on the hunt for tougher toys for aggressive chewers.

Squeaker toys are definitely a no go.

He loves toys with squeakers but we had a big problem with them. The problem was, he has to tear those toys apart to get the squeaker out. There were so many time we had a mess to clean up. Stuffing everywhere. Not only was it a mess, we also didn’t want him choking on the stuffing or the little squeaker inside. So we stopped with those.

No more stuffed toys no matter how tough they say they are.

We finally found a couple toys that were supposed to be made for aggressive chewers even though they were stuffed. They were a level 5 tough toy and these toys were really tough. They felt tough, the looked tough, and we really didn’t think he would be able to tear into them right away. I mean, that’s how tough they looked. One of them was shaped like a disc which was really cool because he loves discs and frisbies. He will catch anything that is thrown at him. But they didn’t last long either.

We finally found some long lasting durable toys!

We finally found some Hartz Chew ‘n Clean toys at Walmart. They are bacon scented and are really tough. We weren’t sure if he would like these because he loves stuffed toys. But thankfully he really liked them. The first one we got was a small one. He had the small one chewed up after a couple weeks. At least it wasn’t a couple hours. So we got him the large one. He’s had the large one for a couple weeks now and it doesn’t looked chewed on that much. Although he is constantly chewing it.

Other Recommendations

While searching for dog toys for Oscar, I cam across PetXp with reviews that I found really helpful. Some of the other toys that I bought were a couple from Kong. He really likes the Kong Flyer and I also got him one of those weird shaped Kong chew toys that you can even put treats in if you like. He likes chewing on that regardless. And they both have held up pretty well. A couple of the other toys that I bought were from West Paw Zogoflex. I found a good price for them on amazon.

Dogs are Chewers

Chewing is an instinct. It also provides stimulation. Chewing is also good for their gums and teeth. Some are not aggressive chewers while others are. You should definitely have chew toys for your dog but you should also try to find ones that are a good fit for your dog. Oscar sure put us to work. Another thing to consider is how your dog likes to play. There are durable toys for fetching, there are ones that float if you have a dog that likes to play in the water, and there are toys that are great for dogs that just like to sit there and constantly chew. Which is my Oscar.

Oscar also likes to play fetch so we do have some durable discs and frisbies. But we don’t just let him have those toys either. Since he likes to chew on his toys often, we keep the flyers put away while he has other chewers for the random chew play.

Think About Safety

If your dog tears through stuffed toys like Oscar does, you should avoid them. No matter how tough they claim to be. That’s just my opinion. You don’t want any of the stuffing, squeaker, or other parts of the toy getting stuck in his throat or digestive track. Always look for non-toxic toys because no matter how tough or durable a toy is, small bits can still be chewed off and find their way in your dog’s intestinal track. Always take a toy and throw it out if it becomes to chewed up or too small after being chewed so much, it’s best to throw them out.

Is your dog an aggressive chewer?

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24 thoughts on “Our Pup Oscar is an Aggressive Chewer! (Toys to avoid and which ones to consider)

  1. When I was growing up we had a dog that did this as well! He was able to destroy almost every toy we had ever given him. These are some great recommendations. I’ll have to keep these in mind if I ever cave and get my son a puppy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I don’t have pets but I can imagine that my dog would love to chew so good to know about proper toys for them

  3. Awww your dog is too cute. My pup also used to chew anything and everything. He used to chew wood a lot that was like very hard.

  4. Definitely, things to think about when your dog is a big chewer. My dog likes to chew a little bit but he’s not like super aggressive with it. I think he’s more interested in play and releasing energy.

  5. I don’t have a puppy but I do have a young cat who is also a very aggressive chewer! He destroys all his toys! But we also live in a flat so he needs something to chew on. Thanks for all the tips though

    1. You are welcome! We have a cat that liked to tear all his toys up too! He’s older now though and doesn’t play with toys much anymore. He became pretty lazy LOL

  6. This is very informative post. My friends have 3 dogs and I am sure this post going to help him alot. Thanks for the post

    1. Yes, finally! We used to have shredded toys everywhere! He still eventually finds a way to chew through anything but at least we found some that can’t be demolished very easily!

  7. Yeah, I remember reading about Oscar. And he is a kid that’s why he is an aggressive chewer may b. However, this is a very lovely post.

    1. Thank you! Yes, he’s only about 2 years old. I am hoping he will eventually calm down on the chewing when he gets a little older. At least he isn’t tearing up my furniture thank goodness!

  8. Our husky loved to chew when we got her. All of the kids books would have the binding and cardboard ripped to shreds. I told the kids that if the didn’t want their things chewed, they’d need to put them up. We started getting her raw hides, which she loved, but then we found out they were bad for her so we stopped getting those. The hard, meaty bones that you can buy at petsmart work really well and when the meat is gone, you can add peanut butter or other things your dogs likes. She’s a lot better now that she’s four.

    1. Husky’s are such pretty dogs! Yes, we had to tell our kids the same thing. So far he has left their books alone but certain toys he will get hold of and rip to shreds. Especially my youngest’s squishy toys. So they learned pretty quickly to keep their stuff picked up. We get those meaty bones too, he loves those!

  9. Hahaha – the pictures of Oscar de-stuffing the stuffy looks exactly like my two dogs. The house is always covered with fluff.

  10. aww such a great informative post, sometimes I forget that animals are just like kids! haha

  11. These look like great toys for dogs to chew. I only have cats, so I don’t know much about this. They are scratchers, so I make sure to buy lots of scratching post toys.

  12. This is awesome! We have a cat and we’re planning on buying a dog, it is going to be our first dog. Thanks a lot for the very informative article.

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