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Radz Smooshy Mushy Besties 4 in 1 Deluxe Candy + Surprise (Surprise Collectors Squishy Toys)

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

These Radz Smooshy Mushy Besties 4 in 1 Deluxe Candy + Surprise Bags are super cute! My daughter loves collecting Smooshy Mushy Besties. If you don’t know what Smooshy Mushy Besties are, they are little foodie toys. There are also squishy toys and charm bracelets too. Inside these surprise bags, you get 4 items. There is a little bag of candy, a mini poster, a bracelet with Bestie charm, and a mini Bestie squishy toy. And let me tell you, these little guys can’t get any more adorable!

Mini Posters

The mini posters are really cute. Some of them feature a single Bestie that include their names (yes, they have names) or a cute saying. Some of the other ones feature a group of them with a cute saying. My daughter has taken all hers she has collected and put them all together on a poster board to make one big collage poster.

Bracelets and Bestie Charms

These charms are really cute. They come already attached to the bracelet. The bracelets are solid colors and you can end up with yellow, blue, purple, red or a couple different shades of pink. The charms are attached by a little metal ring. They are pretty durable too. Not easy to bend which I think is a good thing. No need to go losing these adorable charms, am I right?! The charms are like a hard rubber material and the details are really great. I just love their little faces! The bracelets are rubber-like and stretchy. My daughter has worn them about a million times and they don’t stretch out and she’s never had one break on her.

Bestie Mini Squishies

Again, I can’t say enough how cute these are. They are pretty small. They are so soft and really squishy too. I am not sure which one I would personally choose as my favorite if I had to choose. My daughter really likes Rozy the Raspberry Donut and the little blue Macaroon. I can’t remember what that one’s name is. The little sugar cube is so sweet. I think her other favorite is the little S’mores guy.

Along in these surprise bags, there were these little chains that can be attached to the Bestie Squishy’s as well. That way you can add them to a keyring, backpack, purse or what-not. I thought that was pretty cool. My daughter loved it. She has even worn them on her shoes. She just attached them through her laces. The clasp is easy to work. Getting the little chain on them is fairly easy to. They all have little holes where the chain can be ran through. I did have to “open” up the hole on a couple of them though.

The Candy

The candy flavors are; Blueberry Macaron, Candy Apple, Cotton Candy, and Cherry Popsicle. The candy are little hard pieces of candy. They have a sweet candy coating and at the same time, they are just a little tangy too. I like the candy, I think it has a good flavor to it. My kids like it too. 

Final Thoughts…

I think they are super adorable. My daughter loves collecting them. There are 13 Bestie Squishies, and 13 Bestie Charms you can collect. I kind of wished that each bag came with matching squishies and charms. Some of them my daughter had opened did while others didn’t. Either way, they are still fun to collect.

The age recommendations are for ages 3 years and older. I do agree with this because both the charms and squishies are pretty small. Plus the candy pieces are really small hard candy too. If your kids like squishy toys or foodie toys and surprise toys, these are perfect!

Buy It: You can buy these Radz Smooshy Mushy Bestie 4 in 1 Surprise Bags at Target stores ($4.99) and at Walmart Stores ($4.97). Be sure to stop and check out Radz links below. They have a lot of really great little and fun toys. And they all include candy!

Radz World/Brands Links


Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product(s) mentioned in this post from a representative of Radz Brands in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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