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Floof Zoo Babies Bucket from Play Visions Review

*I received product mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.*

The Floof Zoo Babies Bucket is from Play Visions. What is Floof exactly? Well, it’s this magical stuff that is fun to play with. Technically it isn’t magical but it can be molded, squished and rolled. It’s like a really fluffy dough-like substance that is really great for sensory play. It’s for ages three years and older.

Included in the bucket

Inside the bucket you will find a good amount of Floof, three 3D zoo animal molds, a paw print roller and a roller handle. The roller snaps on the roller handle pretty easily. Even though it is easy to attach, it doesn’t come off the easiest either. Which is a good thing. I would rather not have to keep putting it back together while my son is playing with it. The animal molds come in two pieces and are also easy to use.

What does the Floof look like?

When we took it out of the bucket, it was in it’s own packaging. After we took it out and started breaking it apart and playing with it, my said, “It’s like a giant marshmallow!”. I have to agree with his assessment. As we were playing with it, we noticed a sweet scent coming from it too and he decided it even kind of smelled like a marshmallow. I don’t know if it really smelled like a marshmallow but it does have a sweet-like scent to it.

The texture is soft and smooth. When you pull it apart, it’s really fluffy!

The 3D Zoo Animals

As mentioned previously, the molds come in two pieces. The Floof is really easy to mold. Press Floof inside one of the animal halves. Then press Floof inside the other half. Fit the two pieces together afterward. You can then press in more Floof from the bottom opening after you put the molds together. Then you simply pull the mold pieces apart and you got your Floof animal! The Floof never sticks to the molds either. It’s actually the easiest substance we have ever molded.

Paw Print Roller

The Floof is non-sticky. Since it is non-sticky, the Floof may slide across the table top when using the roller on it. My son would have to kind of hold it in place on the table when running the roller over it. It wasn’t a big deal really. I actually don’t mind that at all anyway because I would rather it not stick to the table top, roller or molds. And it doesn’t stick at all. Hands may be a different story but I will get to that shortly.

Anyway, the paw print roller makes some really great paw prints in the Floof!

Final Thoughts….

Firstly, Floof is non-sticky. That is huge for me. I don’t like things that stick to my table top. I like things that are easily cleaned up. Floof can be messy depending on the age of your kiddo and how they play with it. But it is very easy to clean up. I don’t know about cleaning it up off of carpets though because my son has been pretty good about not dropping any on the floor. On the table top or play area, all you have to do is use a chunk of the Floof and dab up the smaller pieces with it.

It doesn’t really stick to fingers or hands as long as your hands are clean and dry. Humidity and lotions can cause it to leave a bit of residue on hands and fingers. If that happens, all you have to do is wash hands and make sure they are completely dry. My son didn’t have any issues but I did at first. Of course I use daily lotion so after I washed my hands and dried them, I didn’t notice much residue at all.

Secondly, Floof is really easy to mold. It doesn’t matter if you use the animal molds or just mold something free handed. Thirdly, I love things like Floof because it’s great for sensory play. It’s also great for creative play as well. Lastly, the bucket can be used to store the Floof, molds and roller. Easy storage. It can be used over and over again too. The lid on the bucket stays on pretty tight and so far the Floof seems to be pretty long lasting!

We love Floof. Have your kids ever played with it before?

Buy It:

You can buy Floof on Amazon and at specialty stores. Stores like hobby and craft stores. If you can’t find it at the store, check on Amazon. You can also check Play Visions website for more information. Floof Zoo Babies retail price is $14.99.

Play Visions



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  1. Great activity for kids. My niece will definitely love this. Thanks for sharing

  2. I stock pile fun toys and projects for my kids to keep them entertained during school breaks. With summer on the horizon, this is going to be a great addition. I know it’ll keep my wild animals happily creating!

  3. This looks so fun! Great review and I’m convinced my children would have loved Floof Zoo Babies when they were younger!

  4. This looks so cool to play with. I like that it comes with the “tools” to make 3D animals and to create paw prints on it.

  5. Awe, this looks and sounds like he really enjoyed the activity. This is great for kids everywhere

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  7. Wow, Floof looks really fun, and my niece would love this. It is a good thing that Floof is non-sticky, because just like you, I like things that can be cleaned up easily. Thanks for sharing this! ~ Ola @ WanderWithOla

  8. This looks really interesting and something my boy would have fun playing with that is if he doesn’t put it in his mouth. I will wait for when that phase is over.

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