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BiPro Protein Water Review (biPro Water and biPro + Caffeine Water)

biPro protein water

*I received product(s) mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Have you ever tried biPro Protein Water before? Recently I received an opportunity for a biPro products Smiley360 mission. If you don’t know what Smiley360 is, read the bottom of my post. I will leave some information down there. Anyway, I was sent a biPro kit that included this awesome protein water, biPro shake mixes, and a shaker cup. In addition with the kit was some information about the products and some recipe cards. Yes, there are recipes you can make with the shake mixes!

BiPro products not limited to the biPro Protein Water, also includes amino acids which can potentially strengthen your immune system. With biPro, you can also burn more calories and take take in fewer calories. I personally like to try to add more protein in my diet because not only does protein help burn calories, it helps promote the health of your skin, hair and nails. biPro products are also all natural, lactose and gluten free. No added sugar or fillers!

bipro protein water berry burst

Berry Burst Protein Water

There are two different varieties of biPro Protein Water. One doesn’t contain caffeine while there is another variety that does. This Berry Burst flavor does not contain caffeine. I love that there are two varieties because sometimes I don’t want or need the caffeine. But there are other times I do want it. Anyway, the water contains 20 grams of protein with 0, yes zero sugar and carbs.

It’s naturally flavored. I personally think the flavor is really great. It’s not so much flavor that it makes me feel like I am drinking something other than water. I will say that I did notice a slight aftertaste but it’s not a bad aftertaste in my opinion. I think the water is really refreshing and thirst quenching too.

BiPro protein water + caffeine orange

Orange Protein Water + Caffeine

The orange flavor includes caffeine. Which makes sense to me because usually when I want caffeine, it’s in the morning. And when I think about morning, I think about orange juice or oranges. I like to drink a bottle of this when I take our dog, Oscar out for his first morning walk. I’m not sure if the walk is more for me or for him. I have usually taken a morning walk for as long as I remember and he likes going with me.

Like the Berry Burst, it also has 20 grams of proteins and 0 sugar and carbs. It is also naturally sweetened. The only difference really is that it contains caffeine. The flavor is pretty good. The orange flavor is not that strong. I actually prefer it that way because I don’t want to feel like I am drinking orange juice. It’s really great tasting flavored water. This one also has an aftertaste. I don’t know if it’s because of the flavor or what but it is a little stronger than the berry. It’s not that bad and I did get used to it pretty quick. Therefore after a while I didn’t even notice it really.

Final Thoughts…

I really like this water. I have a hard time finding drinks or other protein products that doesn’t have added sugar or carbs and I like to try to avoid those things. It’s also pretty refreshing to find a protein water instead of shakes and mixes. I do want to note that you probably want to make sure you drink this water cold. It’s much, much better cold. Sometimes I drink mine straight from the bottle after it’s been in the fridge but I personally think it’s better poured into a glass of ice.

If you are interested in biPro Water or other products, you can use this promo code SMILEY20BOLD for 20% off of your first purchase on Be sure to check out BiPro on Instagram and Facebook!


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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Smiley360 and BiPro for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway or collaboration with DustinNikki Mommy of Three, please email Nicole Anderson at danderson35 (at) columbus (dot) rr (dot) com.

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