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Dreambaby Safety Products Review – Toddler Proofing Must Haves!

*I received product(s) mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my review and feedback. All opinions are 100% my own.*

Dreambaby Safety Products include so many items to toddler proof your house. The Adhesive Mag Locks are awesome for your cabinets. The Pouch Pal is really great at helping to prevent food pouch messes. Other items even include stroller storage and non-slip step stools. I absolutely love Dreambaby’s Retractable Safety Gate. If I am being honest, it is seriously the best baby safety gate we have ever had. Keep reading for my full review of these amazing products!

Adhesive Mag Locks

The Adhesive Mag Locks are super wonderful! Our old cabinet locks were kind of a pain to use. But these are really easy to use and they keep my cabinets more secure than our old locks did. These locks literally lock your cupboards and can only be opened with the key that comes with them. They are completely hidden and they are not obtrusive. Each lock has two parts. The first part is the part that the lock will latch to. The second part is the lock itself. These are also self locking locks as long as you have them set to lock.

That’s another great thing about them. You can turn off the lock so that your cabinets and cupboards don’t automatically lock anymore. Because of this feature, these are great for grandparents or other caregivers that don’t have kids or their grandchildren at their house all the time. The locks have a lock/unlock indicator on them that you can see when you set them to lock or stay unlocked.

Installing the Mag Locks

Installing the Mag Locks is super easy. There aren’t any screws or extra hardware that goes along with them. Both parts of the locks are adhesive. And let me tell you, the adhesive is strong. I honestly don’t think I have to worry about them just coming off even if my cabinet door is locked and it’s being pulled on. All you have to do is place the latch part where you want it. Then you can place an adhesive template backing on the latch. These templates come with the set. When you close your door, the template will be in the position it needs to be on the inside of your door.

Then you simply pull the backing off your lock and place it inside the template. That way everything lines up! Afterward, you can pull the template backing off. I absolutely love the way these work!

Stroll Away Over The Door Stroller Storage

Stroll Away Stroller Storage – Do you know how many times I have tripped over a stroller or had to move it to get it out of my way? They take up so much space in the house. It simply goes over the top of your door and you can hang just about any fold-able stroller on it. It doesn’t require any tools to set it up either – yay! If you have narrower doors, it does come with an adhesive foam spacer so it can fit properly over your door. The great thing is, it’s easily transportable so if you go on vacation or what-not, you can take it with you so you can always tuck your stroller out of the way.

In addition, it can hold different types of strollers. The arms on the hanger can be moved and adjusted to fit your stroller. I used to have on of those big strollers that even allowed me to attached an infant carrier seat but I no longer have that one although I do have a couple umbrella strollers just in case the need for stroller use arises. I can hang them both up on the door inside my closet. The stroll away can hold up to 50 pounds. I love being able to store away a stroller when you don’t have a lot of space to work with!

Pouch Pal

Oh man, the mess from those food pouches can get annoying. Am I right? The Pouch Pal can help with that. You can place a food pouch inside it so that when your little has a food pouch, it helps to prevent them from squeezing them too hard making a mess everywhere. It’s easy to clean and it’s also top shelf dishwasher safe. I even have something similar for juice boxes. The Pouch Pal is also BPA free.

Retractable Safety Gate

Retractable Safety Gate – As I stated at the beginning of my post, this is seriously the best safety gate we have ever had. Firstly, this gate can be installed inside doorways and outside of doorways. This is especially helpful because it gives you more options. Sometimes installing a safety gate inside a doorway doesn’t always work out. Having the option to install the safety gate on the outside is great if you have narrow doorways and can avoid bumping into the fittings if you have it installed on the inside.

However, if you have baseboards or skirting in the way, you can purchase spacer brackets so that you can install the gate over the baseboards. The spacers allow you to be able to install the gate over baseboards while keeping the fittings on the top and bottom even against the wall.

When installing, you also must make sure the gate is installed completely straight and not at an angle.

Secondly, it’s also really easy to install. It comes with templates that make lining up the brackets and fittings really easy. There are templates for both inside and outside of a doorway.  When installing the fittings I recommend marking your wall with a pencil. For us it was pretty easy. We installed the bottom fitting first. Then we sat the gate in the bottom fitting with the top fitting attached to the gate. After placing it against the wall, I marked it. That way my husband knew where to place the top fitting on the wall.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Yes! A safety gate that can be used outdoors as well as indoors! If you have a deck with stairs, you can even install this gate outside. Another really awesome thing about it is that it comes with two sets of brackets and fittings. I absolutely love this because you can install fittings in two areas. Since the gate simply snaps onto the fittings, you can move the gate to another location in your house.

Another note I want to add is that this gate can be installed near the stairs and not just doorways. I only keep mentioning about doorways because we can’t install our gate on the stairs because of the way our stairway banister was built. Therefore I use the gate to block of the room or areas in doorways that lead to the back room where our stairs are located.


Using the Gate

Using the gate is a dream. There is a locking mechanism to it. In order to open the gate, you must push down and turn the orange locking button opposite the handle. Once you do that, you can move the gate at the handle out of the fittings it is sitting it. The gate will retract making it easy to walk through. You won’t have to push the button again to sit the gate back inside the fittings to close it. But once it’s sitting back in place, you will have to push the lock button the again the next time you go through. It’s like it knows when to lock itself.

I really love the way the lock button works. First of all, the gate is high enough that littles can’t reach it. Secondly, if they can get to it it’s not so easy for them to push and turn it themselves. I absolutely love it. It’s easy to use and can be used indoors and outdoors. I really like that it comes with two sets of fittings so it can be used in multiple areas. The locking feature is really great and most importantly, it’s made really well with durable materials.

I almost forgot, it can fit 55 inches on the inside of doorways and up to 51 inches on outside of doorways. So it covers a good amount of space if you have big open doorways!

Bathroom and Multi-Purpose Step Stool

The Bathroom Step Stool has an extra step on it. It makes it easy for toddlers to be able to reach the bathroom sink. This makes it easy for them to be able to brush their teeth and give them confidence that they can do things on their own. The Multi-Purpose Step Stool doesn’t have an extra step. But I found this to be very helpful when my youngest wants to help with the dishes or cooking. It’s great for the bathroom too for older toddlers that don’t need the extra step.

This one is also the perfect height for potty training too. It’s actually contoured to fit around the bottom of the toilet. Unlike those rectangular ones. When my youngest was potty training, he was always afraid to to use the step stool we had because it didn’t exactly fit around the toilet. This step stool also has raised non-slip dots on top of it. It also has non-slip rubber on the bottom. Just to see how non-slip it was, I tried pushing it across the floor. It didn’t move much. I even had my older son try to push it from behind with both hands and it moved ever so slowly like at a snails pace. So it’s definitely got some grip!

Final Thoughts…

I absolutely love these products. I can’t say enough great things about them especially the Mag Locks and the Retractable Safety Gate. The Pouch Pal is an awesome help from messes, the Step Stool has been really helpful in our house and the Stroll Away is a great space saver when it comes to storing that stroller that always gets in the way! Dreambaby offers a lot of other really great and helpful products too with safety in mind!

Buy It: You can purchase all these products and find info on all of them my checking out the Dreambaby website. Step Stools from $8.99 to $14.99, Pouch Pal $6.99, Adhesive Mag Locks $24.99, Stroll Away $24.99, Retractable Safety Gate $84.99.



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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product(s) mentioned in this post from a representative of Dreambaby in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own. Dreambaby will also be sponsoring and upcoming giveaway so stay tuned!

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