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Petz Surprise Value Box – The Secret Life of Pets Review

Have you seen the Petz Surprise Value Box yet? These boxes are a lot of fun. Firstly, my kids love The Secret Life of Pets. Secondly, they love surprise toys. This box is filled with 8 random Secret Life of Pets items. You don’t know which items you will get or which characters you will get for each type of item. The whole box is a surprise. That’s what made this box so much fun to open up. Inside each box, you will get one of the two featured items; a plush clip-on and a figurine clip-on. The random 8 items may include dog tags, puzzle erasers, and keychains!

The Random Items

At first I thought it was a total of 8 random items. But in my son’s box, there was the plush and figurine clip-ons and in addition, there were 8 random items. So we actually ended up with 10 total items. The plush doesn’t come in any packaging but it’s a total surprise to which one you will get because you won’t see it until you open the box. The figure clip-on comes in surprise packaging though. All the other items come in individual surprise packaging as well which is what makes this box so much fun! My son loved it. He was excited to open it all up.

Plush Clip-On

I am not sure how many different Plush Clip-Ons there are to collect but my son got Chloe. The plush is really soft and cuddly. Made really well too. There is a clip that is easy to use so you can clip it onto just about anything.

He doesn’t typically clip it on his glasses, he was just being silly. He has his Chloe currently on one of his back packs. But at least you have a better idea of the size of the plush by the above photos.

The Figurine Clip-On

On the surprise packaging, it shows that there are 7 different ones you can collect. We ended up getting Duke. Some of the others include Max, Gidget and Snowball. Just like the plush, it also has a clip that can be clipped to just about anything. Currently my son has his on his keyring although Duke seems a little big to use as a keychain. But my son doesn’t seem to mind! Again, I think it’s made really well too. It’s like a really hard rubber-like material. Which also means that if his hooked tail gets caught on something, it’s flexible enough that it will let go.

The Dog Tags

In my son’s box, he ended up getting 5 of these Dog Tags. These are fun to collect and there are a lot of them that you can collect. In each package, you get a dog tag and sticker. There are 24 base tags and 24 stickers, and there are also 24 foil tags and 24 foil stickers. They come in different shapes such as circles, diamond, hearts, and dog bones. In addition, they are also double sided. One side features a character and the other side has a saying, character name or some kind of symbol like a paw print for example.

My son likes these a lot. The chain is long enough that it can just slip over his head without having to worry about the clasp. Although the tags come on those tangle free bubble chains and the clasps are easy to use. I like them because the tags are metal-like and the metal ring on them are pretty durable. Therefore, they don’t come off the chain very easily.

Puzzle Erasers

The puzzle erasers are really fun! In each package, you get two erasers and not just one. These are my son’s favorite because he has a thing for collecting erasers anyway. He loves puzzle erasers too so he was really excited to open these up to see which ones he got. There are 6 different erasers you can collect. He got them all except for Gidget. For some reason, Gidget seems to be the hardest one for him to collect. He has collected similar Secret Life of Pets toys too.

Anyway, there really aren’t many pieces to these puzzle erasers. I wish there were more parts but my son doesn’t seem to mind. Take Duke for example; the only part that comes off of him is is little gold tag. You can take it off and put it back on. It’s the same way with Chloe. You can take her tail off and put it back on. Max only has one part too. Snowball and Buddy have two to three parts though. My personal favorite is Buddy. My son loves Snowball.

The parts of the erasers can be removed easily and also put back together fairly easily too. Chloe’s tail seems to fall off on it’s own sometimes but for the most part, the pieces stay together pretty well. I can’t say how good they erase though because my son doesn’t want them to be used that way.

Final Thoughts…

My son loved this box! I thought it was really fun to unbox and my son was really excited about this Petz Surprise Value Box. It’s filled with a lot of Secret Life of Pets items that are fun to collect. He really loves the plush and the erasers! If you are wondering about the age recommendations, the box says it’s not suitable for ages under 3. Some of the items inside the box say 3 or 4 years and older while the erasers and dog tags say 6 years and older.

Overall I think it’s a fun box and my son really loved it. If you have a kiddo that loves Secret Life of Pets and really loves surprise toys, you might want to check this one out!

Buy It: The Petz Surprise Value Box is available to purchase at Target stores for $9.99 (retail value) and has a value of over $25!



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