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Summer Adventures: Hocking Hills, Cedar Falls

Hocking Hills, Cedar Falls

“This remote, primitive chasm is laden with hemlock and bound by steep rock walls and their accompanying grottos and waterfalls. It is a wild and lonely but spectacularly beautiful place. Cedar Falls itself is the greatest waterfall in terms of volume in the Hocking region. Queer Creek tumbles over the face of the Blackhand sandstone displaying the awesome force of water power. In the mid 1800’s, a grist mill was built above the falls to utilize this water power for grinding grain. Cedar Falls was misnamed by early white settlers who mistook the stately hemlocks for Cedars. A well kept picnic area and restrooms are located in the parking area above the falls.”


Hocking Hills, Cedar Falls is located in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio. It’s just one of the many hiking trail parks that connects to Old Man’s Cave. Hocking Hills is gorgeous in all seasons. We typically go in the summer months but in the fall in winter, it’s a different kind of beauty. In the fall, you have all the fall colors. In the winter you see the falls covered in ice and let me tell you, it is gorgeous!


If you are at Old Man’s Cave, you will eventually see a hiking trail offshoot that leads you to Cedar Falls. You can explore your way to Cedar Falls or you can choose to finish exploring Old Man’s Cave and then jump in your car to drive over to Cedar Falls hiking trail. Which is what we opt to do. That way we didn’t have to hoof it to Cedar Falls and then back to Old Man’s Cave. Besides, by the time we were finished exploring Old Man’s Cave, it was time for lunch. Driving over to Cedar Falls and using the picnic area was perfect.

The picnic area has quite a few picnic tables you can use. In addition, they also have restrooms and they do a pretty good job at keeping them clean.

From the Cedar Falls picnic area, you will find the Cedar Falls Trail. The trail is only about a half mile. Hiking the trail is easy although if you have a stroller, you might run into a few complications. When our youngest was small enough for a stroller, we used our carrier. It won’t take you too long to get to the falls. However, there are a lot of areas along the way where you might want to stop and grab a photo or two. There are rock walls and grottos that are breathtaking along the way.

The Waterfall

Eventually you will cross the bridge that is shown above. This bridge is a great viewpoint of the end of the trail where Cedar Falls is located. It’s really beautiful. Depending on the time of year and depending on recent rainfall, water may or may not be running through the whole area and under the bridge where I took this picture. Therefore, the waterfall may or may not have a strong flow of water. The last time we went, the area was dry and the waterfall wasn’t very strong. It didn’t take away from the beauty though. We are thinking about heading down there again this year earlier instead of waiting until the middle of summer. If we do, I will definitely post some new photos.

So if you are looking for some hiking trails and places to explore this summer and are in the area or planning to visit Ohio, be sure to check out the Hocking Hills Region. There are so many different parks, state parks and nature reserves to explore. Each one has it’s own beauty and history as well. If you want any information about the area and parks, check out the Hocking Hills website!

Are you planning any trips this summer?

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