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Daily Goodie Box (July) 2019 Review & Unboxing

Daily Goodie Box (July)

I received the Daily Goodie Box (July) and I am loving these products! It’s been a long while since I got one of these boxes. There were a few full size products among all the samples that were included in this box because It’s more than just Free Samples! If you don’t know what Daily Goodie Box is, it’s a free sampling program. It’s free to join and if you are selected to receive a box, they will send one to you at no cost. All you have to do is sign into your account to review the products you received. It’s really simple to do.

You aren’t guaranteed to get a box every month. But if you follow their social media pages, they give boxes out pretty much daily. If you want to sign up, head over to the website to do so. These boxes are pretty great! You can also check out my previous Daily Goodie Box reviews as well.

In my July (2019) Box

In this box I received three full size products. The other samples were pretty generous sizes. A couple snack items that were single servings and a couple other samples were either travel size or had two uses.

Daily Goodie Box (July) Tipson Matcha Tea

Tipson Matcha Mint Organic Green Tea

Tipson Organic Tea is amazing! I got a full size box of Matcha Mint (25 count box) in my Daily Goodie Box (July) and it is delicious! I was very interested in trying this tea because the green tea leaves are ground into like a powder. This makes it more concentrated than regular green tea. So it is pretty potent. Matcha is pretty soothing and this flavor includes natural peppermint which also happens to be a digestive aid. This tea is also packed with anti-oxidants which is another thing that I love about it. And lastly, Matcha tea is regarded as a detoxifying and metabolism-boosting tea.

The Taste

As previously mentioned, it tastes delicious! They also use unbleached tea bags. After heating up my water and pouring into my cup, I let the tea bag steep for about 20 minutes. Steep for however long you want. The longer you steep, the stronger it is. 20 Minutes was perfect for me. I kind of got a little worried about how the powder-like tea was going to be. This is because when I first put my tea bag in my cup, I saw some powdery tea on top of the water. It’s like it seeped out of the bag. But no worries, it all stirred into the water nicely and I didn’t have anything floating or sitting in the bottom of my cup.

It doesn’t have a strong peppermint flavor to it which I prefer. It was just enough to notice it. This tea is really great after dinner when I go to sit down and relax! There is a really great variety of this tea and you can get just about any variety/flavor for around $6.99!

Daily Goodie Box (July) que bella mask

Que Bella – Detoxifying Intense Black Peel Off Mask

So glad I got these in my Daily Goodie Box (July)! I am loving the Que Bella Detoxifying Black Peel Off Mask. The charcoal mask helps deep clean the skin and detoxify. It helps to unclog pores and oh my goodness does it do a great job at removing those pesky blackheads! It’s really easy to apply. You can apply to your whole face or just apply it in your problem areas. I received two of these masks and the first time I used it, I applied over my whole face. For the most part it was easy to peel off. I did have some areas where it was a little tougher to remove but it didn’t pull my skin or hurt to remove it.

The second time I used one, I just applied to the areas where I have the most trouble. I find it so satisfying to see the impurities removed from my skin after removing the mask. You can get these masks for $2.49 on their website! I love how my skin feels afterward!

Daily Goodie Box (July) napz all natural sleep aid

Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution

Napz All Natural Sleep Aid is a short-term sleep aid. I can definitely use some help in this department. I don’t sleep well at night. It takes me forever to fall asleep and most nights I am up way too late. A lot of times when I sleep, I also wake in the middle of the night. When that happens, I usually have a hard time getting back to sleep. I have tried some of those over the counter sleep aids before and I just can’t take them. I have had bad reactions to them and most of the time wake up feeling worse than if I only gotten 3 hours of sleep that night.

Because of that, I will only try natural aids. Napz contains a combination blend of herbs. There isn’t any melatonin in it. It’s drug free and non habit forming. Since I have received this product, I have tried them. They do help. They help to calm and relax you so that you can take a short nap, get you relaxed to induce sleep at night, and can help you get back to sleep at night if you wake.

The main reason that I think these work well for me is that they don’t just knock you out. Instead, they are calming and relaxing so that you can get to sleep. Hopefully with the aid of these, I might be able to break my bad sleep habits and get into a more healthier sleep habit without using a sleep aid at all. You can get these at many retailers ($14.99). See their website for more information.

Daily Goodie Box (July) organic brushing rinse

Essential Oxygen – Organic Brushing Rinse

I have used Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse before and I really like it. I used to brush my teeth first thing in the morning. But it doesn’t really make that much sense to brush your teeth before eating breakfast does it? Then again, I don’t like eating breakfast until my mouth feels a bit more clean after waking up in the morning. I don’t know, maybe I weirdly think too much when it comes to certain things. I use this rinse as a pre-rinse. That’s what it’s intended for. I wake up and use this rinse. Then I enjoy breakfast. After breakfast, I brush my teeth.

It really does make my whole mouth feel really fresh. I don’t like “morning breath”. Or the way my mouth feels in the morning. This stuff makes my mouth feel great! The peppermint is a really good flavor too. It’s not too strong and the best part? This rinse doesn’t burn at all. Check out their website for more information. There are various size bottles you can purchase from $4.89 up to $18.69.

Daily Goodie Box (July) ode to clean wipes

Ode To Clean – All-Purpose Wipes

Ode to Clean All Purpose Wipes are pretty great. I am going to have to purchase the full size product after using these from my Daily Goodie Box (July). They are plant based. How cool is that?! They are great for just about any hard surface in your home. The wipes were moistened really well. I wasn’t really sure how well these worked since I had never used them before. I put them through a tough test and decided to use one to clean my stove top. We have a glass stove top and I always have streaks every time I clean it off no matter what I use.

I was very impressed with how well these wipes cleaned and removed the grease and grime off my stove top. Very impressed. Afterward, I wiped my stove top off with a dry towel to remove any streaking that was left behind. There wasn’t much streaking either. These do a wonderful job at cleaning off a bookshelf of dust to removing and cleaning grease off a stove top! They are also skin friendly too! Check out their website for more information. Full size prices range from $3.99 up to $5.99.

 sweet potato puffs

Spudsy – Sweet Potato Puffs

Spudsy Sweet Potato Puffs is a really yummy snack! My youngest loves them too. We tried Crunchy Cinnamon. Mmmmm! Did you know that countless sweet potatoes go to waste every year for being “ugly” and “imperfect”? I didn’t know either. Spudsy has partnered with suppliers to be able to use these sweet potatoes to make their snacks so that they don’t go to waste. I think that’s pretty cool. So much food is wasted in this country. 

Anyway, we love these sweet potato puffs. The cinnamon ones were sweet. They had a bit of sweet potato flavor to them too. I love the texture. They were crunchy but at the same time it’s like they melted in my mouth. I can’t get enough of them! You can buy them in packs starting at $13.99.

curad quick stop

CURAD – Quick Stop Bandages

Curad Quick Stop Bandages are the bandages used most in our household. There are a few reasons why I love them. Most bandages are just made to absorb. That doesn’t really help much when you have a kid freaking out because a small scratch just won’t stop bleeding. My youngest drives me nuts when it comes to this stuff. Firstly, the Quick Stop Bandages contain a naturally-derived coagulant blood clotting agent. Because of that, it helps stop bleeding quickly and also helps reduce the risk of reopening the wound.

Secondly, they stick and stay in place really well. Even with that said, they also come off easily when you remove them. Lastly, they are also really flexible. You can find these at a lot of retailers. Check their website for more information.

Daily Goodie Box (July) bakery on main granola

Bakery On Main – Cranberry Almond Maple Granola

I really like the Bakery On Main Cranberry Almond Maple Granola. It’s a little different than other granola I have eaten before. Usually when I eat granola, it’s not easy to just eat it out of the bag. I usually eat granola in a bowl with milk or mix it in yogurt. This granola is more like a snack mix. The whole almonds and dried cranberries are really good. It’s made with a combination of multigrain & bean crisps made with corn, brown rice, ancient grains, and navy beans, with sweetened dried cranberries, seeds & nuts, and finished with the delicious taste of maple.

The maple flavor is more of a slight flavor. It didn’t really stand out that much to me. Which is fine because I am not much of a maple lover. But there are so many different flavors that it all works together and makes for a really tasty snack. I have to warn you, it is really crunchy! Full size prices vary from a snack bag at $1.29 up to bulk packaging at around $14.99.

Daily Goodie Box (July)

And that is my most recent Daily Goodie Box (July)! I loved trying all these products. Most of them I have never tried before so it was fun to try them before buying. And there are a few of them I will definitely be purchasing! Don’t forget to sign up if you are interested! I am planning on writing more detailed reviews for some of these products even though I left a short review for each one in this post. Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

Daily Goodie Box

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