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PikMi Pops Mini Bows – Surprise Bows from Bulls i Toy Review

PikMi Pops Mini Bows

PikMi Pops Mini Bows are surprise bows that comes in unique surprise packaging. What makes them unique? Well, they are designed to be a BFF product. You know, like those BFF jewelry you can buy? One for you to wear and one for your best friend to wear? These bows have the same concept, therefore each package comes with two surprise bows. I love this idea! Keep reading for more info. The PikMi Pops Surprise Mini Bows are from Bulls i Toy. They have a lot of fun little toys that are fun to collect!

One for you and one for your BFF!

The packaging is designed so you can tear the package in half. There is perforation down the middle. When you do this, each bow is still inside each half. That way you can open up your surprise bows together! For the most part, tearing along the perforation is pretty easy. However, there are some of them that didn’t tear without a little difficulty. This really isn’t a big deal though. My daughter didn’t have much of a problem though. Because overall, they are pretty easy to tear and open up.

PikMi Pops Mini Bows

PikMi Pops Mini Bows

Each package contains 2 bows. There are 24 different ones that you can collect too. What we love about them is that each package contains two bows that are somewhat similar. This makes the whole BFF concept even more fun. That way you each have a bow that kind of resembles each other. My daughter loves this. She and her friends share things like this with each other all the time.

Similarities include solid colors with opposites. Such as one package may contain a solid pink with blue middle and a solid blue bow with a pink middle. Another example would be the sparkly metallic bows. Each one may be a completely different color but both are metallic. You will never find a metallic bow and a regular bow in the same package. Cute idea right?!

PikMi Pops Mini Bows

Types of Bows

So I have already mentioned solid colors and metallic ones. The solid colors are really cute. The metallic ones seem to be a little sparkly. There are also bows that have a design on them. My daughter got a pink one with little candy pops or lollipops. She also got another purple one with outlines of PikMi Pops characters all over it!

They Clip In Hair

I love the clip on the back of them. My daughter really appreciates them as well because she says they stay in hair really well. She also says she doesn’t have to adjust them very often at all. I also love that they are easy to use and they don’t pull on her hair.

More about the PikMi Pops Mini Bows

For the most part, the bows had a great shape when we took them out of their packaging. However, there were a couple that we had to shape a little. Which of course is understandable being in this kind of packaging. But no worries, they are easy to get into shape with their cloth-like ribbon material. I really like the metal-like PikMi Pops logo on them. It’s a cute finishing touch!

Other Uses

Another way my daughter likes to use these bows other than her hair, it clip them on her shoes. Since they are mini bows, they look really cute on her shoes. She does it all the time. She has also clipped them on her backpack before too. My daughter has other surprise mini bows such as L.O.L. Surprise and JoJo Siwa. All from Bulls i Toy. So if you are looking for these surprise mini bows, look for the others too! They are all really cute. Check out my L.O.L Surprise Mini Bows and JoJo Siwa Mini Bows reviews!

PikMi Pops Mini Bows

Final Thoughts…

My daughter is obsessed with these mini bows. I think they are fun since they are a surprise every time you get one. We love the colors and the different varieties too. I was surprised by the quality. They don’t fray, the clip is pretty durable and I love the material. And of course they are fun to collect and are really cute!

Buy Them: You can buy these PikMi Pops Mini Bows at Target stores. They have a retail price of $4.99 each.

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