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PikMi Pops Mini Tins From Bulls i Toy Review

PikMi Pops Mini Tins

These PikMi Pops Mini Tins are super cute! My daughter loves PikMi Pops. If you don’t know what they are, they are these little adorable plush toys that are fun to collect. Now there are these mini tins that are also fun to collect! The PikMi Pops Surprise Mini Tins are from Bulls i Toy and each one is filled with some surprise goodies! Because they are surprise tins, that makes them even more fun!

PikMi Pops Mini Tins

What’s Inside?

Inside each tin, you will find 2 magnet cards, 2 puffy stickers, a PikMi Pops charm clip, and a mini poster. The mini poster is even scented! I had no idea they were scented until my daughter started opening up her tins. The tins themselves are super cute. They can be used to store everything inside or used for other little things. I personally think the tins are really cute. I love the lids. Each lid features a PikMi Pops character and has some sort of saying on them. Such as like, “Current Mood” or “Don’t worry, be yappy!”

PikMi Pops Mini Tins

Mini Posters

As previously mentioned, the mini posters are scented. They are actually bigger than I expected them to be too although they aren’t a huge poster or anything like that. They are glossy and full color. Each tin contains a poster and items that feature the character on the top of the tin. In this “This is Bananas!” tin, my daughter got an adorable poster that even smelled like bananas! The scent is very noticeable but at the same time, not so strong that it becomes annoying.

She has a few of these posters on her wall in her room. The scent kind of dissipated a little after a week but you can still smell a faint scent on some of them.

Charm Clips

My daughter really likes the charm clips. Because they have a clip on them, they can easily be clipped onto backpacks, purses, and other bags. She likes decorating her backpack. Because they are flexible charms, there isn’t any worry about them breaking either. They are kind of rubber-like to me. I like that because it seems to make them more durable. No worries, it’s a strong material. It’s not easy to rip the clip off the charm.

These charms are so cute! I love the unicorn. She also has a really cute kitty too.

Puffy Stickers and Magnets

Each tin contains 2 puffy stickers. They are really soft too. You know how a lot of puffy stickers have a plastic-like coating that has a foam material inside? Well, these aren’t like that. Because of that, I think they are really great. We love puffy stickers but sometimes they split apart after a while. Even after being stuck to something. These stickers feel like they are made completely of a foam like material. There isn’t a coating on them.

Both stickers feature the character on the tin and is accompanied by another character that matches. For example, in the banana tin there was the banana PikMi Pop character along with a yellow puppy. The sayings on the stickers are pretty cute too.

Magnet Cards

The magnets come on magnet cards and you just pop them out. They are also easy to pop out. One card has a bigger magnet featuring the tin character and the other card contains 2 smaller magnets. The smaller magnets are either a small little animal or a small shape with a saying on them. Not all of them have little saying though. There was a small magnet in another tin that was just the shape of a lollipop. Very cute.

PikMi Pops Mini Tins

The Different Tins

The “Don’t Worry Be Yappy!” tin features a little blue puppy with a blueberry scent. The magnets include the blue puppy, lollipop, and a little blue peacock. Super adorable. These puffy stickers are cute too. The blue puppy with his lollipop and what looks like a little sloth that says, “Hang with me”. I have talked a lot already about the banana character although I don’t think I mentioned the little puffer fish magnet!

The multicolored kitty in the “Current Mood” tin is also really adorable. Although I really like the unicorn, my favorite is probably the kitty. I am not sure which is my daughter’s favorite. I think it’s an even tie among all four of them. The kitty comes with a scent that reminds me of jelly beans. And it seems to make sense since she looks like she may have a jelly bean-like design. I love the little bird magnet in this tin and the fox puffy sticker.

Last but not least is the “My Spirit Animal” tin. Of course this one features the ever adorable unicorn. The little lamb along with the unicorn magnet is also super adorable. I know, I know. I have said cute or adorable like a million times. But I can’t help it.

Final Thoughts…

I am going to say it again. These tins are really cute. My daughter likes to use her tins for other little trinkets after she used her stickers on something, hung her posters up and clipped her charms on like every backpack or bag she owns. The tins themselves are pretty durable too. She put a few of her magnets on my refrigerator while some of her other ones she stuck to her tins.

The magnets are also pretty durable although if you purposely fold them, they may break. But that should be expected so don’t do that. They aren’t has strong as most of the magnets I have on my fridge but they will hold at least a single piece of standard paper. They do stick really well to the tins. My daughter absolutely adores the PikMi Pops charms!

Buy Them!

You can find these PikMi Pops Mini Tins at Target stores. They have a retail price of $4.99 each. They are super adorable and fun to collect!

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PikMi Pops Mini Tins
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