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Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks & Booster Packs Review

Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks

The Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks are a great way to get started on the Unbroken Bonds series. This is also a really great way to obtain a starter deck which is perfect for beginners. If you are not sure about how to build a 60 card Pokemon deck, these theme decks will take care of that for you. Each theme deck features a specific Pokemon and Pokemon types. If you already have other cards, you can easily swap out some cards to strengthen your deck. Each Theme Deck includes a 60 card deck that is ready to play.

Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks

My son loves these because not only are they a complete deck, each featured deck comes complete with a rare basic card. That is the card you see inside the packaging. He loves playing the card game but he’s more of a beginner so having a deck that is already built is great for him. Until a few months ago, he was more of a collector than a card player. The two Theme Decks he has is the Battle Mind deck and the Lightning Loop deck.

Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks Lightning Loop

Lightning Loop Deck

The Lightning Loop Deck features Zeraora. This rare basic card does a base attack of 50 for it’s Discharge attack. It will do 50 more damage per energy that is attached to it. There’s one catch though. Using that attack makes you discharge all the energy that is attached to it after using that attack. But this deck also includes Magnezone with the complete Pokemon evolve build. If you play your cards right, you can attack with Zeraora first and after all it’s energy is discarded, you can use the Fisherman supporter card to gather up discarded energy. Once you have your evolved Magnezone, you can use it’s ability to attach as much energy as you want each turn.

You also get Raticate and Dodrio with both their evolution as well. These are colorless Pokemon so they can be useful since they use any energy. Their attacks aren’t the greatest but they attack quick. They make a great simple stand in while evolving your Pokemon on the bench.

Just a note on the photo above. Mewtwo is not in the Lightning Loop Deck. It’s actually in the Battle Mind Deck. It just happened to be sitting there when I took the shot. Oops.

Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks Battle Minds

Battle Mind Deck

The Battle Mind Deck features Mewtwo. This rare basic card does 70 damage with it’s Psyshock attack. The attack is also not affected by any effect’s of it’s opponent. Mewtwo also has ab ability that allows you to put the Welder supporter on top of your deck so it can be used next turn. The Welder allows you to add two energy in one turn and allows you to draw two cards. There are two Welders in this deck that can be very useful.

The Battle Mind Deck also includes fire types. Incineroar, Salazzle, and Darmanitan all have some great attacks and abilities to keep the fight alive. There are a lot of abilities in this deck that allows you to recover and retrieve more energy. Meowth and Litten help you out early with their Caturday attacks allowing you to draw some extra cards. Which is helpful when you want to try to set up your bench as early as possible.

Damage and Condition Markers

Each deck comes with damage and condition markers. My son has some dice that he used for damage markers but sometimes the number markers are easier for him to use. He has a couple of these decks so he now has plenty of condition and damage markers. He also has some from his Elite Trainer Box.

Card Play Area Mat and Pokemon Coins

Each deck also comes with a card play area mat. This is also great for beginners because it has the whole layout of how to set up the cards to play. Of course after you know how to play you won’t need it anymore. My son loves the full illustrations of Mewtwo and Zeraora though. Each deck also comes with a Pokemon coin. Flipping a coin happens a lot during the card game. My kiddo likes collecting these coins as much as he does collecting the cards.

Booster Card Packs

My kiddo loves getting a Booster Pack or two every now and then. He has a good start to his Unbroken Bonds collection. These are fun to open up because it’s really exciting when you find a GX card. He has a couple of them. He got a Tag Team GX in one of the Booster Packs that came with his Trainer Box.

There are 10 cards in each Booster Pack. There is an assortment of energy cards, trainer cards that include supporters, items, and stadiums and of course Pokemon cards. You can find basic, stage 1, stage 2 and even GX cards. There are 214 cards included in the Unbroken Bonds series. The series includes 7 new Pokemon Tag Team GX cards and 6 new Pokemon GX cards!

Just like the Honchkrow GX card that he got in one of his card packs.

Yeah, he was pretty excited about it!

Final Thoughts…

The Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks are pretty awesome. I love that they are completely built decks that are ready to play. Since my son is a beginner player, this makes things so much easier. Since he learned how to play, he’s been teaching me with the help from his sister who used to play all the time. It sounds complicated and a bit overwhelming but it’s actually pretty easy to play.

Another thing that I love about the Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks is that you can choose to buy which Pokemon type you want. On the back of each package, it also lists all the cards and how many are in the deck. That way you can decide if that’s the one you really want or not. The only drawback is that there aren’t any special cards such as the GX cards that you may be able to find in booster packs. But I don;t mind because it’s still 60 cards regardless. Some of the cards in both decks, my son didn’t even have.

I personally am glad he started to get into playing the card game. I think it’s a great game for kids to play. First of all there is math involved. Secondly there is also thinking and critical thinking involved. Thirdly they learn a bit of strategy. And lastly, they can also get creative with their cards. There are different card combos you can learn and figure out. 

Are you or your kids Pokemon collectors? If so, have you started on the Sun & Moon Unbroken Bonds yet?

Buy It:

You can usually find Pokemon cards just about anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. Stores like Walmart, Target, Meijer, Gamestop, hobby and specialty stores and more. Even though Walmart carries them, we usually find a better selection of them to include the Theme Decks at Meijer and Target more often. If you are looking to purchase the Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks, they usually retail for around $11-$12. The Booster Packs vary in retail price starting at around $3.99.



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Pokemon Unbroken Bonds Booster Packs
Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks
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