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Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2 Collector/Trading Cards Review

Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2

My oldest son was excited to get some of the Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2 Jumbo Packs recently. He has a lot of the Series 1 cards and couldn’t wait to see what he got inside these jumbo packs. The jumbo packs contain 34 collector/trading cards. Although it is noted on the package that if there happens to be a special insert inside, you may find a couple less. It is also possible that you can find relic cards or autograph cards as well. My son didn’t get any of those but he did get a few different types of cards and inserts that he thought were pretty cool. However, he didn’t get any less cards in any of his packs with the special inserts that he did get.

Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2

Series 2 Cards

Included with the Series 2 cards, there are a total of 350 cards. However, the numbers on the cards start with 351 and work their way up to 700. There are base cards but there are also 9 different insert sets that have made their way into Series 2. The 150 years of baseball celebration also continues with Series 2.

There are different parallels too.

My son doesn’t go into too much depth with collecting his baseball cards with the different parallels, etc.

He just simply likes to collect them.

Contest Cards

I am not sure if the contest cards are limited to the jumbo packs or not. My son got one in one of his card packs. This card features Andrew Benintendi and is a “Home Run Challenge” card. On the back it explains how to enter for a chance to win a trip to the 2020 Home Run Derby. There is a code you gently scratch away and instructions on how to play and enter to win. 

Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2

Some of the different parallels

Some of the parallels include cards featuring the gold 150 years of baseball logo. Others may feature a silver or gold embossed 1984-2019 35th anniversary logo. Some of which may or may not include different card designs that look different than other base player cards. Player cards have stats on the back of them but another parallel could be a card with advanced stats for another example.

I never really knew baseball cards could be so confusing. When we collected them when we were kids (or rather my brothers did), it all seemed so much simpler. Which is probably why my son just likes generally collecting them. I imagine when he gets older, he will get more into it since he has collected so many over the last couple years.

Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2

Types of cards

Ball Parks

There are ball park cards in Series 2. My son thought these were pretty cool. He has Petco Park (Padres), Citi Field (Mets), Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers), and Oriole Park at Camden Yards (Baltimore Orioles). He likes these cards because he also likes knowing the ends and outs of other ball parks. The cards detail the year each park was established, which division the team is in, the starting lineup and starting rotation, and team leaders of the previous years. In addition it also lists the seating capacity. He has always found that kind of stuff really interesting.

Multi-Player Cards

Some cards feature more than one player or groups. For example, one of the cards my son got was the “Steel City Slammers” after Dickerson hits a walk off and features a team celebration. Another one is the “Milwaukee Menaces” where Arcia and Yelich celebrates.

Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2


Think of Inserts as something like a mini series inside one big series. As mentioned previously, there are 9 different Inserts. I am not sure of all the different ones there are so I will mention the ones that my son hit when he opened up his jumbo card packs. There is some focus on rookies and up coming stars. He got a few “Future Stars” cards. These are obvious because they say Future Stars in rainbow colors across the top. I am not sure if these are actually Insert cards or base cards though.

Franchise Feats

My son likes these inserts because they list historical feats for the specific team/franchise featured on the card. On the back it also has a little more history about the team. The year the started, if and when the team name changed, championships, etc. Again, my son has always been interested in ball parks and team histories so he loves these.

Significant Statistics

These feature a single player and highlights a specific statistic for that player. He got a J.T. Realmuto for his Pop Time Average of 1.90 seconds. On the back of the card it explains what Pop Time is.

Greatest Moments, Greatest Players, Greatest Seasons

I am not sure if these are technically three different Insert series or not. However, It seems like all three of these are included in the 150 years of baseball line.  My son did hit one of the Greatest Moments Insert cards for Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals. The back of the card details Scherzer’s 20 strikeout game against Detroit in 2016.

Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2

Final Thoughts…

We have always loved Topps baseball cards. The card design/s in the Baseball 2019 Series 2 are great. Obviously my son loves them. He had opened up three jumbo packs and oddly enough he didn’t get a single double. Because of that, I think the cards are distributed pretty well among each pack. I do think that the base cards would be pretty easy to complete. However, I do wish the Inserts were easier to collect. Hobby boxes seem to be better for hitting on those though.

Even though there is a small chance of getting an autograph or relic card in the individual packs, I read in a few places that you will get at least one autograph or relic card in a hobby box. In a jumbo hobby box, you will get at least one autograph and two relics. I guess that’s the fun of collecting baseball cards!

Do you or your kids collect baseball cards?

Buy It: You can buy the Topps Baseball 2019 Series 2 at stores like Walmart, Target, Meijer, and hobby stores. The jumbo packs retail for $3.99-$4.99. We don’t always have a chance to stop at the hobby store because we don’t have that many near us. The best place for us to find these cards or other collector cards is Target. Meijer usually has a decent selection too but in our experience, Target always seems to be the best place. Walmart has them but at our location they don’t have a very good selection.



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