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Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls Review

Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls

Have you seen these Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls? My daughter loves Boxy Girls. If you have never heard of them, they are dolls that portray online shopping girls. When you purchase these dolls, most of the time you see which doll you are buying. The dolls come with surprise shipping boxes that you get to unbox. Each one contains accessories, clothes, etc. The Unbox Me Boxy Girl Dolls are a little different. With these, you have no idea which doll you are going to get!

Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls

Unbox Me Dolls Surprise Packaging

As previously mentioned, these dolls are surprise dolls. They come in completely blind packaging so that you have no idea which one you are going to get. The box is easy to unbox. There is a perforated top that you rip off. I was pretty happy that when we pulled our dolls out, there really wasn’t a lot of excess packaging on the inside. And there was only four little things holding the doll in place.

If you have dolls in your house, you probably know how much of a pain they can get out of their packaging a lot of the time. These were simple and didn’t leave me pulling my own hair out. My daughter recently had two of these to open up and unbox.

Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls

About the Dolls

There are 36 surprise dolls that you can collect. There is a checklist on the back of the box. Unfortunately, my daughter ended up getting two of the same doll. But that’s okay, she was happy to give one to her friend that was over. She got Emerson and she’s really cute! What I think is neat about this collection is that there are 6 mystery dolls as well. They don’t have a name and they aren’t pictured on the box like the others. You just see a shadowy shape of them and they say, “Give me a name!”. Because of that, I thought the collection was pretty cool.

Clothes and Accessories

I was hoping the Unbox Me Dolls would come with some shipping boxes but these do not. Instead, the surprise is the doll itself. Emerson’s outfit is really cute. She has a cute polka dot top and a pair a jeans with watermelons on them near the front pockets. She also has some pretty great shoes/sandals too! If you have extra clothes and shoes, she can be dressed in them as well because her outfit is removable for that reason.

The faces on these dolls are really cute too. My daughter loves the hair. I personally do too. It can get tangled easy like most dolls but for the most part, this doll’s hair doesn’t seem to have any issues. However, my daughter did decide to leave the rubber bands in her hair. Emerson always seems to have a good hair day. Now if I could have one good hair day at least once a week myself…

Fully Articulated

I am very appreciative that these Boxy Girls Unbox Me dolls are fully articulated. My daughter is pretty happy about that too. She loves that she can stand or sit her dolls. Her head makes her a little top heavy to stand up on her own though. The doll’s head seems to be a little too big for her body. Not too big that it doesn’t look right. It’s just the design of these dolls. I think it’s what makes them so adorable.

Final Thoughts…

My daughter is happy she can manipulate parts of her doll such as her head, waist, legs (at the knees and waist), arms, and wrists! These dolls are also made really well too. We think they are great and a lot of fun! Age recommendations are 6 years and older.

Buy It: You can buy the Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls exclusively at Target stores. Retail price for each doll is $9.99.

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Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls
Boxy Girls Unbox Me Dolls
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