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Cry Babies Magic Tears Mini Surprise Bottle Houses Review

Cry Babies Magic Tears

The Cry Babies Magic Tears dolls are really adorable! They are from IMC Toys and they have full size dolls that make tears, these mini dolls that make tears and they also have figurine toys too! Each one is dressed as a different animal. I can’t get over how cute they are. My daughter isn’t into the bigger dolls but she adores these little babies! Have you seen the Cry Babies Magic Tears Mini Bottle Houses yet?

Cry Babies Magic Tears Mini Bottle Houses

The Cry Babies Magic Tears Bottle Houses holds all sorts of surprises. Firstly, you get a surprise baby dressed as an adorable animal. Secondly, you will find 8 accessories. Two of the accessories are personalized for that particular baby. Plus they come with a personalized baby blanket. It has a design with the animal they are dressed as. Other accessories include a pacifier, bow, chair, and a sippy cup. There is also a chance to find a rare golden pacifier or bow!

Cry Babies Magic Tears

Meet The Cry Babies

My daughter has three of these houses and ended up getting three different babies. She has Lady (ladybug), Coney (white bunny), and lastly, Kanga (kangaroo). Aren’t they cute?! She also loves that their arms and legs move so that they can stand or sit. They do stand on their own pretty well. However, if they have water in them, they can sometimes be a little top heavy. They also sit really easily too whether they are sitting in their little chairs or just the table top.

We are pleased that the bows are easily clipped on and can also easily be removed. Although they will stay on without just falling off. Their pacifiers also stay in their mouths really well too. I really like this for younger kids that play with them. I remember those days when toys used to frustrate her when she was little. The houses also comes with stickers so that you can decorate the house.

Cry Babies Magic Tears

How to play

The sippy cup is a soft, squishy cup. You squeeze all the air out and dip the opening into a glass of water. Then slowly release your hold on the cup to suck the water into the cup. Then you place the spout of the sippy cup into the doll’s mouth. You will want to make sure it’s pushed in all the way. If not, you might end up with water squeezed everywhere else. My daughter filled her cup up twice to fill the doll. However, she may not have gotten the cup completely full the first time.

After the baby doll is filled with water, you can gently push on her belly and she will make tears! It’s so cute! It’s actually so cute that it almost made me sad to see the tears! Seriously though, really adorable. Just look at that little face.

Fun to play and collect!

Not only are they really adorable, but they are fun to play with. My daughter really enjoyed opening up the accessories. All the accessories are hidden in little doors of the house. I thought that was pretty cool myself. There are 12 Cry Babies to collect (and one rare one) and since they are mystery houses, it makes it fun to collect them! I really want to find the one dressed as a mouse. Her name is Lala. Yes, there is a complete checklist included.

Cry Babies Magic Tears

Final Thoughts…

Well, my daughter loves them and they are really cute. They sit and stand well on their own so I don’t foresee many (if any frustrations) with younger kids. The age recommendations are 3 years and older. However, I suggest keeping the smaller accessories put up and away if your child still puts things in their mouth. Some of the accessories are really small. They can hold some of their little accessories as well!

They easily “drink” their water. The first time you try to get the tears to work, you may have to press on the doll quite a few times before they start to come out. After they do, just one or two presses will work. Another thing that I love is that even though it is easy to be able to make the tears work, the dolls aren’t over sensitive. Meaning they won’t just tear up while moving them around. We love them!

Buy It:

Cry Babies Magic Tears Surprise Bottle Houses are available at Target stores with a retail price of $9.99. Be sure to check out Cry Babies website for more information. They even have webisodes on their YouTube channel. They are really cute, I checked some of them out myself!

Website ~ Instagram ~ YouTube


Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Cry Babies Magic Tears for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway or collaboration with DustinNikki Mommy of Three, please email Nicole Anderson at danderson35 (at) columbus (dot) rr (dot) com.

Cry Babies Magic Tears
Cry Babies Magic Tears
Cry Babies Magic Tears
Cry Babies Magic Tears
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