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Gudetama Mini Plush Cutie Beans from Bulls i Toy Review

Gudetama Mini Plush Cutie Beans

My youngest loves these Gudetama Mini Plush Cutie Beans. First of all, he loves surprise toys. All my kids do actually. I wasn’t sure what Gudetama was until a few months ago. He’s a “Lazy Egg”. The Lazy Egg. My son likes watching Gudetama videos on YouTube. Anyway, these Cutie Beans are from Bulls i Toy. They have a lot of different ones including Hello Kitty & Friends and Ryan’s World. My daughter loves the Hello Kitty ones – they are super adorable!

Gudetama Mini Plush Cutie Beans

Gudetama Cutie Beans

Each Cutie Bean comes with a surprise Gudetama mini plush and they are really cute. They do have a wrapping on them that can be a little difficult to remove. My son can easily remove them and open them up by pressing into the opening of the egg that is covered by the wrapping. Once you have opened your egg, you will find your Gudetama inside!

Gudetama Mini Plush Cutie Beans

Another thing that my son loves about them is that the casing that the plushies come in, can be clipped to bags, backpacks, etc. Secondly, the casings have a little window so you can see which plushie you are carrying inside. A couple of his friends have some of these too and they like to trade sometimes.

Gudetama Mini Plush Cutie Beans

Cutie Beans Clip-On Cases

The Cutie Beans can house one Gudetama plushie inside. The clips are pretty durable too which I appreciate. They open up and close really easily. However, they do stay closed and don’t open up on their own. Which is good because he doesn’t want to lose his Gudetama plushies if they happen to fall out.

The Gudetama Plushies

If you are curious, there are 9 different Gudetama plushies that you can collect. I hope they come out with a series 2 eventually. Out of the 9, there are 3 uncommon ones and 1 rare. The rest of them are common. My son is pretty happy because so far, he’s only missing two of them to complete his collection. One of which is the lonely rare one while the other is a common one.

Out of his most recent ones, he finally found the Gudetama dressed like a cat and unicorn. Those are two of the uncommon ones. He previously had already found the third uncommon one (Gudetama dressed as a fish). If you want to see more of the different ones in the collection, check out my previous Gudetma Cutie Beans review.

Final Thoughts…

It was no surprise to me that my son loves these little things. The plushies are also bean bag plushies which I like myself. That way when he’s playing with them as he sometimes does, they can sit on their own really easily. He’s more into collecting and trading these little guys more than he plays with them though. He is still pretty stoked about the cat and unicorn one though. The cat one even has a tail!

I love the embroidery on these little guys. The faces on the plushies are super cute! These are really fun to collect. And of course, my son the collector must have them all! Do your kids collect anything? What kinds of things do they like to collect?

Buy It: If you are looking for these Gudetama mini plush Cutie Beans or any of the other character ones, look for them at Target. The retail price is $5.99 each.

About Gudetama (The Lazy Egg) Cutie Beans

“Have you ever met Gudetama? He’s a grumpy egg, cracked a little too early on the wrong side of the shell! He might live by the motto of “I can’t” but you can collect all nine bean-filled, mini plush figures in their blind clip cases.”

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Gudetama Mini Plush Cutie Beans
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