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LOL Surprise Light Ups from Bulls i Toy Review

LOL Surprise Light Ups

My daughter thinks these LOL Surprise Light Ups are pretty cool. Well, honestly so do I. She is obsessed with LOL Surprise so of course she loves these as well. LOL Surprise Light Ups clips are from Bulls i Toy. They have a lot of really cool toys that are fun to collect. A lot of them are surprise toys too so that just makes them all the more fun. Make sure to check out my other Bulls i Toy reviews too!

LOL Surprise Light Ups

LOL Surprise Light Ups

Each LOL Surprise Light Ups package comes with one Light Ups clip-on and a matching glow in the dark sticker. There is also a check list as well. This happens to be Series 2 and there are 8 new characters you can collect!

LOL Surprise Light Ups

Meet the Characters

My daughter has D.J., Splash Queen, Kitty Queen, and Sugar Queen. The other four that you can collect are Miss Punk, Bon Bon, Posh, and Troublemaker. Of the four that she has, her favorite is Kitty Queen. She loves cats so that makes sense. I think they are all cute. Really cute.

Even though my daughter may have her favorites, she loves them all regardless. She wants to be able to complete her collection. She has a few of the Series 1 Light Ups too. Afterall, they are pretty fun to collect!

The Light Ups

Each LOL Surprise Light Ups are about 2 inches. They are also pretty thick as well and made of a hard rubber-like material. We found them to be pretty durable. Each one lights up in a different color too which we though was really cool. Secondly, the clips are also really durable too. I have been really confident that they won’t just break off. Unless of course you really try to. 

LOL Surprise Light Ups

The lights are pretty great too.

All you have to do is press/squeeze them about in the middle and they light up.

The light is actually pretty bright and the colors are really vivid.

My daughter likes to clip these on her backpacks, belt loops, and key-ring. I think she has even clipped them to her shoes before too. Because of the light, these are really helpful if you need some light to unlock your front door in the dark!

Glow in the Dark Stickers

The glow in the dark stickers are also really cute. My daughter really loves these because they each have a hidden message on them. The hidden messages are hard to see unless you hold them in the light in just the right way. But to actually reveal the message, you have to make them glow.

To reveal the messages on the sticker, just shine your light ups on them. The stickers glow really well and really fast. Immediately after my daughter shined her light on one of them, it started glowing. The glowing message stays glowing for a few minutes after removing the light.

LOL Surprise Light Ups

Final Thoughts…

Again, these LOL Surprise Light Ups are really cute. They are fun to collect and my daughter definitely likes collecting them! They can be clipped to just about anything. The lights are bright and colorful and I am happy to say that they are pretty long lasting. She has been collecting these for a few months and all of them still work. Some of the much older ones are a little dimmer but those ones are like 3 or 4 months old.

These give off enough light to see in a dark bag or help you see to unlock your front door. Super adorable and fun to collect. If you have an LOL Surprise fan, you might want to check these out!

Buy Them: You can find these at stores like Target. They have a retail of $4.99. They are so much fun!

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LOL Surprise Light Ups
LOL Surprise Light Ups
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