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Squish’Ums WWE Squishy Toys from Bulls i Toy Review

Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys from Bulls i Toy Review

These Squish’Ums WWE Squishy Toys are fun to collect and play with. Especially since both my boys love WWE. They are obsessed with John Cena. We don’t watch as much as we used to though but my boys are still into it. Squish’Ums are from Bulls i Toy. There are a lot of different Squish’Ums toys such as the Poo Pets, the Yummy series, Pet Boutique, and the Skull series. My kids have a few of each of them. My youngest is especially into squishy toys. I find them stress relieving and fun to play with myself.

Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys

Squish’Ums WWE Squishy Toys

Each WWE Squish’Ums comes in surprise packaging that reminds me of the WWE champion belt. That’s what makes these so much fun. You never know what you are going to get. That’s another reason why my kids love them. They love surprise toys. Each one also comes with a checklist.

Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys

The Superstars in the Series

Currently there are 8 different WWE superstars you can collect. It seems like they included some older or retired superstars along with some of the newer ones. Firstly, we have John Cena. My boys were hoping to get one of him but no luck so far. Secondly, there is Triple H, Randy Orton, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Stone Cold was one of my favorite wrestlers when he was still in the game. Thirdly, we have a Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Ronda Rousey. And last but not least, you can also find the Ultimate Warrior!

Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys

So What Are Squish’Ums?

Squish’Ums are slow rise foam toys. These toys can be squished completely flat and will slowly rise back to their original shape. I guess that’s one way to take down Triple H or Stone Cold huh? 

Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys

Play and Wear

If your kids play with and collect squishy toys in general, you may have come across some that have a coating that would peel off. I know we have had some that did that and I had to toss them. My kids have a lot of these Squish’Ums and we have never had that problem. They are pretty darn durable. Unless you have a dog like ours that likes to chew up squishy toys. We have to keep them away from him.

Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys

One thing we did notice was that after a while, they do get a faded look. That goes for all the Squish’Ums toys my kids have. However, that is also after constant play with them. It was something I was actually kind of expecting. I happen to have a Skull sitting on my desk that I am constantly picking up and fidgeting with myself. I have had it for months and months and it is just now starting to look a little faded.

Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys

Final Thoughts…

We think Squish’Ums are pretty awesome! My youngest of the three collects squishy toys more than the other two but my older son really likes collecting the WWE series. He’s still looking for John Cena! Again, they are really fun to play with. There is something oddly satisfying about slow rise foam. Out of all the squishy toys they have, I can honestly say Squish’Ums are the best ones we have, no matter which series they are.

I do want to mention that these WWE Squish’Ums do have a scent to them. I am not sure if they are supposed to or not. However, the other Squish’Ums we have also had a scent too. It had even said they were supposed to on the packaging. I couldn’t find anything that said these were. Either way, it’s a light pleasant scent that will dissipate over a few weeks.

Does your kiddos have a squishy collection? If you have never checked out Squish’Ums before, be sure to look for them!

Buy Them: You can find these at stores like Target. They have a retail of $5.99. They are so much fun to collect!

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Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys
Squish'Ums WWE Squishy Toys
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