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Baby Shark Mini Tins from Bulls i Toy Review

Baby Shark Mini Tins

Baby Shark Mini Tins – Do, do, do, do, do… Sorry, now I probably got that song stuck in your head. It’s already stuck in mine and I can’t get it out! Anyway, regardless of the song, these tins are super cute. They are from Bulls i Toy and they are similar to their other mini tins such as the Pikmi Pops Mini Tins and the LOL Surprise Mini Tins. They are super fun because everything inside is a surprise. I don’t know about your kids but my kids love surprise toys!

Baby Shark Mini Tins

What’s Inside?

Inside of these adorable tins, you will find two magnet cards, two sheet of Baby Shark stickers, a clip-on charm, and a mini poster. Everything is really cute and kind of matches the theme and tin that they came in.

Baby Shark Mini Tins

Baby Shark Mini Tins

We recently had two of them to open up. My youngest loves these little tins! He likes using the tins to put other little things inside. The lids are easily removable and can easily be put back on. This is great for younger kids. The design on the lid is also raised for added texture and of course makes them all the cuter.

Magnet Cards

As previously mentioned, there are two magnet card in each tin. The magnets just pop out of the cards. One card has a bigger magnet while the second card has two smaller ones. They are pretty durable but the magnets aren’t the strongest. They can hold a single piece of small paper to the refrigerator but that’s about it. My son likes to keep them on his tins though where they stick really well. We do have a couple on the fridge that he will play with though.

Charm Clip-Ons

The charm clip-ons feature a Baby Shark character. I really love how they are made. They are made from a rubber-like material and are pretty durable as well. The large clips work really great and are easy to use even for smaller hands. My son likes to put these on his backpack. They are almost the size of the palm of my hand so they do have a good size to them.

The Stickers

The stickers are not paper stickers. They are flat but they are more of a plastic-like sticker. I can definitely appreciate this because that means that the stickers won’t tear if you have younger kids taking the stickers off the sheet. They can be a little difficult to remove though because they stick really well. For the most part, my youngest didn’t have a problem removing them.

Mini Posters

The mini posters are really cute. What I love about them is that they feature some fun scenery. Which makes great use for the stickers inside the tin. My son placed his stickers on his posters. So it turned out to be a fun activity. 

Final Thoughts…

If you can get over the fear of getting that song stuck in your head, the Baby Shark Mini Tins are really fun. My son really loves the magnets and clip-ons. Of course the stickers and mini posters also gave him something to do too. At least the stickers went on the posters and not somewhere else. Like my wall. If you have any little Baby Shark fans in your house, check these out. Super cute tins and fun stuff inside!

Buy It: You can buy these Baby Shark Mini Tins at Target stores. The retail price is $4.99 each. Really fun to collect!

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Baby Shark Mini Tins
Baby Shark Mini Tins
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