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Foam Alive from Play Visions Review – Fun for Sensory Play!

Foam Alive from Play Visions

Foam Alive from Play Visions is really cool! In addition to this awesome product, Play Visions also has Floof and Sands Alive. Foam Alive is one of their new compounds that are just as great for sensory play as the other compounds I just mentioned. It’s really fun to play with. I actually play with it myself. It’s so relaxing to mess around with too. I am telling you, It’s really cool!

The Packaging

The packaging is pretty neat. It’s shaped like an hourglass and it’s see through. When you turn the package upside down, you can see the foam move. It’s actually really fun to watch because it’s like it really is alive. Hence the name, Foam Alive.

Foam Alive from Play Visions

After we opened it up, we kept it in a small container for storage. You could always put it back in the hourglass shaped packaging since it does kind of snap closed but we thought it was easier to put it in a container for our son to play with at any time.

Foam Alive from Play Visions

Foam Alive

Foam Alive comes in three different colors. We obviously have the Lava Lime. In addition to Lava Lime, you can get Blue Blitz and Purple Pulse. The names sound very vivid which goes perfectly with the actual colors. The colors are very vivid and bright. Almost like a neon. This green is really fun! My son wants to get the other two colors and I told him I would happily oblige the next time we go to the store. Like I said, I like playing with it too so…

Foam Alive from Play Visions

What does it feel like?

Long story short, it really does feel like a foam. Other than that, it’s kind of hard to explain. It does move kind of like sand but it doesn’t feel like sand either. It’s not grainy at all. In a way it kind of reminds me of something like a kinetic sand but at the same time, it’s nothing like it because it’s not the same texture at all. I can happily say that it is not sticky at all. It doesn’t have any moisture to it and it’s not dry either.

Playing with Foam Alive

Some people have asked me what or how you actually play with this Foam Alive. Usually we just hold it in our hands and let it run out like it’s melting. Or we pick it up and let it flow through our hands. My son added some of his polished colored rocks to his. It’s a fun way to sift through to find them. However, there are a few others ways you can play with it.

You can mold it!

Yes, Foam Alive can be molded. However, the molded object won’t stay together long. It will start breaking apart and moving pretty quickly. We think that’s the fun of it though. My son likes to build a wall to quickly watch it fall apart on it’s own. It’s actually pretty mesmerizing to watch! I would take note though to make sure you keep it over your play surface.

I say that because my son had formed it into a ball and when he held it in is hands, it started to come apart. He quickly ran back to the table so he didn’t drop any on the floor.

Foam Alive from Play Visions

Mess Free!

Foam Alive is mess free. It’s not sticky at all and pieces of it does not stick to hands or clothing. Obviously little pieces of it can be left behind on the play surface or dropped onto the floor. On the play surface (tabletop) it’s very easy to pick up. Since it sticks to itself, you can also dab it up with more of the foam for easy clean up. If it falls on the floor, it’s easy to pick up too. Even on carpet and even after it was accidentally stepped on! It’s some of the easiest stuff to clean up!

Final Thoughts…

Lots of fun!

Play Visions


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Foam Alive from Play Visions
Foam Alive from Play Visions
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