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Ryan’s World Mini Plush Cutie Beans from Bulls i Toy Review

Ryan's World Mini Plush

Ryan’s World Mini Plush Cutie Beans – My youngest loves these! Cutie Beans are little surprise eggs that open up with a mini bean bag plush inside. These are similar to the Hello Kitty Cutie Beans and the Gudetama Cutie Beans. Cutie Beans are from Bulls i Toy. If you have never heard of Bulls i Toy, you should check them out. They have a lot of different surprise toys and collectible toys from a lot of different brands!

Ryan's World Mini Plush Cutie Beans

The Cutie Beans

Each Cutie Bean has an outer wrapping over the egg-like clip-on container. Inside houses on of these adorable mini plush characters. On the front of the Cutie Bean, you will see or feel a soft area. This is where the opening or “window” on the case. The easiest way to open these it to press your thumb in that area until the wrapping breaks. I suggest doing it that way instead of using scissors. You don’t want to accidentally snip your mini plushie.

Inside the Cutie Beans

Once you have the outer wrapper off, you can swing open the case. There is a latch on one of the sides. Anyway, inside the case, your mini plush will be in a surprise bag. This is the really fun part because you have no idea which one you are going to get! Each Cutie Bean also comes with a checklist if you want to try to collect them all.

Ryan's World Mini Plush

The first one my son opened up was Alpha Lexa. This character also has an adorable tail as well. I think this one is my favorite. It’s so cute! The embroidery work on these plushies is really amazing too.

Ryan's World Mini Plush

Meet the Characters

This is series 1 of the Ryan’s World Cutie Beans. There are 9 different ones that you can collect. In this series, there are 3 different versions of Ryan. There’s Ryan, Pirate Ryan and Red Titan. My son has a Red Titan Ryan. He also has a Combo Panda (he actually has two of those), and as mentioned earlier an Alpha Lexa.

Ryan's World Mini Plush

Other characters that you can collect are Gus, Shelldon, Peck, and Moe. Hopefully we can find a Peck because that one looks really cute! Well, they all are really cute if I am being honest. We also love that these are soft and plushy on the outside but they have a bean bag-like filling!

Ryan's World Mini Plush

Take them with you!

One of the other things that my youngest loves about them is that he can clip them and take them with him. Each egg shaped case will only hold one plushie. You can even see their faces through the “window”. The clips are easy to use and can be clipped to backpacks, other bags, belt loops and more. The clips are a little tough to use at first but get easier the more you use them. I am pretty happy that they are durable as well.

Final Thoughts…

Can I say cuteness overload?! If you have kids that love Ryan’s World, you should check these out. First of all, they are surprise toys. I have yet to find a kid that doesn’t love surprise toys. Secondly, the mini plushies are adorable. So soft! We love that they have a bean bag filling because it allows them to sit alone pretty well. My son loves these little things. Like my daughter who has a bunch of Hello Kitty and Friends Cutie Beans, he has a collection of Ryan’s World and Gudetama! And finally, the plushies are made really well and did I forget to mention they are fun to collect?

Buy It: If you want to find the Ryan’s World Mini Plush Cutie Beans or other character Cutie Beans, look for them at Target stores. They have a retail price of $5.99 each.

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Ryan's World Mini Plush
Ryan's World Mini Plush
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