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Twinkle PlayBrites Review – Magical Light Show!

Twinkle PlayBrites

These Twinkle PlayBrites are so much fun! My son already had a Shark PlayBrites. It was one of the first ones. It displays multicolored lights and shapes and also works as a light show projector. The Twinkle PlayBrites work the same way but they are just a little different! 

The PlayBrites

There used to be only 6 PlayBrites. See the link above for my full review of the original PlayBrites for more information. However, since they now have the Twinkle PlayBrites, there are a total of 10! The 4 new ones are the Twinkle PlayBrites. Of those 4, you can get a Dragon, Parakeet, Velociraptor (Dino), and a Unicorn!

We have a Dragon and a Parakeet. They are super cute!

Twinkle PlayBrites

The Dragon

The Dragon comes with a few more pieces than the Parakeet does. The base is his feet. He also has a pair of eyes, pair of claws, pair of wings, a pair of horns, and a snout! The top of it’s egg shape body comes off and inside you can see the light dome. All PlayBrites also come with a handle.

Twinkle PlayBrites

The Parakeet

With the Parakeet, we have even more cuteness. It comes with a feet base, pair of eyes, pair of wings, and a cute little beak. In addition, it also comes with a handle just like the Dragon. Also like the dragon, the body comes apart. The great thing about it is that you can also store all the pieces inside when you are traveling.

My youngest loves them! I did notice that the Twinkle PlayBrites are just slightly bigger than the original PlayBrites. He got his Shark out when we started checking out the Twinkle PlayBrites. Regardless, you can still mix and match all the pieces.

Before Play

After you remove all the pieces from the inside, you will need to put the top back on. On the back of the PlayBrites character body, you will see a few notches. If you line these up, then you have the top and bottom lined up correctly. 

Once it is put together, you can add the handle. If you don’t have the top and bottom lined up correctly, then the holes for the handle won’t line up. The handle is optional. We prefer the handle on because even though the top and bottom stay on pretty well without it, it still gives it more security that the top won’t pop off. Besides, my son like to carry it around by the handle. To open it back up again, you will have to remove the handle.

The Batteries

Twinkle PlayBrites requires 3 AA batteries that are not included. You can find the battery housing on the bottom base. What I think is cool is that the feet will cover this housing too. I noticed that the batteries last quite a bit of time too as long as you use some good ones. My son played with his original PlayBrites all the time and I didn’t have to get new batteries until about 6 months later.

Now you are ready to play!

There are three ways you can play with Twinkle PlayBrites. But first I want to tell you a little more about them. Firstly, they light up in three different colors of red, blue and green. What I think it cool is that there are different color shades/variants depending on the actual color of the playbrites. So really, it’s just not red, blue and green.

Twinkle PlayBrites

Give Your PlayBrites a Face!

Put the face and animal pieces on your PlayBrites. There are holes in the egg shape body. If you have more than one, then you can even mix and match all the pieces. My son loves this because with the Parakeet, Dragon and the Shark he already has, he can make some pretty funny looking characters. You can also mix and match the tops and bottom of the character’s body if you want.

Twinkle PlayBrites

Light Up Fun!

The Twinkle PlayBrites are a little different than the originals. First of all, they don’t have shapes like the originals do. Instead, the dome light inside gives off a twinkling effect. With the originals, you can press until you get a solid color you want to keep it on. Or choose the cycle mode. With the Twinkle PlayBrites, the light just cycles through the different colors. There isn’t an option to keep it a solid color. Secondly, unlike the originals, the Twinkle ones will work through music!

I didn’t realize this at first. Every now and then the lights would just stop cycling. I thought maybe the batteries I put in them wasn’t working very well. But nope. That wasn’t it. They actually change color to the beat of music! So get your music going and watch them twinkle and light up different colors!

Twinkle PlayBrites

Have a Light Show!

The third way to play is to have a light show. In order for the light to escape the body of the character, you will need to remove the handle and take the top off. After you do that, the lights are displayed on the walls and ceiling! And they will light up the whole room. However, the further away from the wall or ceiling, the bigger the twinkles are. With some music going, it’s almost like a disco dance party. Pretty cool huh?!

Twinkle PlayBrites

Final Thoughts…

We think Twinkle PlayBrites are pretty cool! My son loves playing with them. Mixing and matching their faces and playing with the lights. He also likes to use it as a night light. Not a constant night light though. They have an automatic shutoff anyway. But he does like to use it for if he needs to come downstairs in the middle of the night for whatever reason. It gets dark in our house since we live out in the country.

Since there isn’t any outside light coming in the house, it gets pretty dark in the area where our stairs are. The PlayBrites give off enough light to see to walk down the stairs without disturbing anyone else at night. They are easy to play with. All you have to do is press down on them to turn them on.

Automatic Shutoff

They do have an automatic shutoff which I think is really nice. If there isn’t any music playing for three minutes, they will shutoff on their own. They will still light up without music and they will also still cycle through colors but without the music, the lights may stop cycling. My son will just tap the floor and they will start going again. If there was anything I wish these had, I would like for them to have a music and no-music mode. But overall, we love them!

Buy It: Currently you can purchase PlayBrites and Twinkle PlayBrites on their website for $19.99. However, they will be hitting retailer shelves this Fall! As soon as I have more retail information, I will update with the info!




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Twinkle PlayBrites
Twinkle PlayBrites
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