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Carol’s Quest for Courage by JoAnn Sky Children’s Book Review

Carol's Quest for Courage

Carol’s Quest for Courage is an adorable children’s book about a dog named Carol in search for some courage. Along the way, she just may find it by helping a little girl who needs a little courage herself. Carol’s Quest for Courage is the second book in the Santa’s Dog series written by JoAnn Sky. There is a stand alone book titled, Second Chance Sam, Written by JoAnn Sky as well. Carol’s Quest is an actual sequel to Santa’s Dog. This book will be available in hardcover at the end of the month (October 2019) just in time for Christmas!

About the Author

“JoAnn Sky is an award winning author and two time Golden Heart finalist who writes children’s stories as well as young adult and adult contemporary romance. She’s combined her love of books and dogs in her children’s books. She hopes you enjoy reading them as mush as she has enjoyed creating them. Originally from the Midwest, JoAnn currently lives in northern Nevada with her family and three crazy rescue dogs.”

Carol's Quest for Courage

About the Story

Santa has a lot of dogs that he loves dearly. He has 100 dogs! However, are they really his dogs or is he looking after them until they find their forever home? Carol is one of Santa’s dogs. She likes to sing but she has a bit of stage fright. Because of that, she usually just sings in her dog house. She longed for the courage to sing on stage. So therefore, she sets out to see if she can find courage.

She says goodbye and hops on a train. She travels far and by night she’s still had no luck. Carol starts to worry about where she will eat and sleep until she happens upon a sign that said, “Christmas Eve Big Show”. So she stopped by and sat in the front row. There she sees a little girl on the stage getting ready to sing “Silent Night”. She gets excited because that happens to be her favorite song!

But then she realizes the little girl was scared and wouldn’t sing. Even though Carol still didn’t have the courage, she knew she had to help. Can she help this little girl find courage while finding her own? Afterward, the little girl, Aly told her mom and dad she thought Carol was a stray. They decided to let her stay. But when she met up with Santa, she had a decision to make. Will she go back home with Santa, or will she stay with what would be her new family?

Carol's Quest for Courage

Story Format and Illustrations

Much like Santa’s Dog, Carol’s Quest for Courage is in a rhyming verse format. When it comes to children’s books, I love this format. The verse like story makes it easy to follow along with the story when the book is being read aloud. I also think it makes it easy for beginner readers who are learning to read as well. Lastly, in my opinion, rhyming verse format also captivates young readers or listeners really well.

I love the full page illustrations. The pictures are really adorable and brings the reader into the story really well. They are wonderful when it comes to imagining the story. My son loves that Carol’s dog house isn’t your typical dog house either. She has a real bed and even has her own Christmas tree! I really appreciate how the illustrations give the reader a clear indication of what is going on in the story. They almost tell the story on their own! Below is a little information about the illustrator.

About the Illustrator

Carol’s Quest for Courage is illustrated by Ed Koehler.

“Ed Koehler is an illustrator specializing in fun, lively art for children’s books and other products. His work has been published around the world and has received numerous awards. He is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and the St. Louis Artists Guild.

Carol's Quest for Courage

Final Thoughts…

We really loved Carol’s Quest for Courage. I thought it was a really cute story. My son loves these books. This story has a great message about facing fears, never giving up, always try, and to never be afraid to ask for help. It also encourages helping others and being kind. Everyone is afraid of something and that it’s okay to be afraid. You can overcome if you just try. Helping others might even be the way you can do it!

Buy It: As mentioned previously, Carol’s Quest for Courage will be available on hardcover at the end of this month. You can purchase this book and the other two books, Santa’s Dog and Second Chance Sam on the Dogs & Books website. I believe you can purchase them on amazon as well. Be sure to check out my book reviews of the other two books as well!

Another amazing thing about Dogs & Books is that they donate a portion of their book sales to charities that support animal rescue causes and shelter animals.

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Carol's Quest for Courage
Carol's Quest for Courage
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