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Goo on my Shoe Board Game Review

Goo on my Shoe board game

The Goo on my Shoe Board Game is a lot of fun to play. My kids really enjoy it. I think it’s unique and fun to play myself. And guess what? A 10 year old invented it! Hats off to the young kiddo that came up with this game. Edie Piacenza, you have became an inspiration to my own 10 year old! He was so excited to see that this game was invented by someone his own age.

Goo on my Shoe board game

Edie invented this game for the Young Inventor’s Challenge. Her idea came after accidentally stepping in her dog’s poo. PlayMonster worked with her to further develop her game. In addition, Edie has also been nominated for a TAGIE for Young Inventor! You can even stop by and cast your own vote!

Goo on my Shoe board game

Game Contents

The game comes with a fold out game board. The game board is pretty cute. Because the game board is designed like a park, the spinner happens to be a merry-go-round. On the board there are trees, swing sets, slides and in the middle, sits the spinner. I love that it is a merry-go-round. It’s such a nice touch. Plus it makes it even cuter in my opinion. In addition to the spinner and game board, there are 4 pair of shoes (game pieces) that are moved along the path on the board. Thirdly, there are three colors of goo. Yes, there really is goo!


Don’t worry. The only thing you have to put together is the merry-go-round spinner. And there is nothing to it really. All I had to do was snap the “handle bars” in place. You can also remove them after playing if it’s easier to store in the box. I however, just left them on because we didn’t have any issues getting it back in the box that way. When you are ready to play, you attach it to the center of the board and secure it place. I found that the spinner is easy to remove from the board we put the game back in the box.

The Goo

I promise you, the goo is not sticky. Not one bit. Yay! Could you imagine if it was though? It doesn’t stick to hands and it doesn’t stick to the game board. If a game piece is pressed down on the goo, it will stick to the shoe. But that’s only because it’s pressed on. However, it may fall off during play. If that happens, all you have to do is press it back on. The goo comes in three different colors. There is pink, green, and brown. Lastly, there is a goo container that comes with the game. I appreciate this so much because that meant I didn’t have to find my own container to store it.

Goo on my Shoe board game

Playing the Game

The game can be played with 2 to 4 players. Age recommendation is 4 years and older. Because of the goo, I can totally agree with this recommendation. Each player chooses their color of shoes. There is purple, blue, red, and yellow. Then each player takes a small piece of goo and places it somewhere on the game board path. It can be on any space. It doesn’t matter which color goo each player uses either. The colors of the goo doesn’t mean anything.

My son decided that the pink must be bubblegum, the green must be vomit and the brown must be dog poo though. It is the park after all.

How to Win

What I think is neat about this Goo on my Shoe game, is that it doesn’t necessarily mean the first player that gets to the pond at the finish automatically wins. Yes, once a player reaches the finish, the game does end. But the player with the less goo on their shoes after someone reaches the pond is the winner. So if you can avoid the goo all the way through the park, you should be just fine. There is an advantage for the first one to reach the pond though. That player gets to remove one goo off their shoe if they get there first.

The Rules

Once each player has placed their one piece of goo somewhere on the path, you are ready to play. You place all the game pieces at the start. Then decide who goes first. Each player takes turns spinning the merry-go-round. There is a wedge that says 1 Goo and 2 Goo. The rest are just numbers that tell you how many spaces to move. If a player lands on a goo wedge, they place that many pieces of goo anywhere on the path. Then they get to spin again.

I thought this was really fun because as you move along the path, you pick up goo on the bottom of your shoes if you land on a space with goo on it! Oh, and there can be more than one goo occupying one space. If you land on a space with multiple goo, you have to pick all of it up on your shoes!

Game Spaces

There are different types of spaces on the game board too. Some spaces may say you lose a turn or get another spin. You may also land on a space that says “go ahead” which means you can slide further along the path where the arrow points. There are also spaces with puddles on them. If you land on one of these spaces, you can remove one goo from your shoe. In addition, there are also colored spaces as well.

I thought this was cool too because if you land on a color that matches your shoes, you can remove a goo there as well. BUT if you land on a color that is not your color, you have to add a goo to your shoe from the “goo bank”. Then as previously mentioned, once someone gets to the pond at the finish, the game ends and that player gets to remove one goo. The player with the less goo on their shoes wins.

Goo on my Shoe board game

Final Thoughts…

We really enjoyed this game! My kids absolutely love it. I thought it was different and unique and a lot of fun to play with the kids. The first time we played, I won. But the three other times I played with the kids, my youngest beat us every time. His goo placing strategy got a little better each time! We have a lot of laughs with this one.

On another note, I was pretty happy with the goo. Like I said, it’s not sticky at all. It doesn’t stick to hands, game board or table top. I do recommend playing on a table top though. Even though it’s not sticky, I imagine it could get smashed into carpet. We have dropped a small rolled up piece that was used for the game onto to floor a couple times. It didn’t stick to carpet and if there was any dirt or hair on it, it wiped off the goo.

I know it may be hard to believe. I couldn’t believe it myself. The texture is smooth and it’s a lot like putty. Not slime or anything like that. As long as it’s not being mushed into carpet or dirt or anything else being mushed into it, it’s not a mess.

Overall, Goo on my Shoe is a really fun game to play!

Buy It

You can buy the Goo on my Shoe board game on Amazon and specialty stores. It retails for $19.99. You can also purchase the game on the PlayMonster website.

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Goo on my Shoe board game
Goo on my Shoe board game
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