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Magic Faceless Menace Deck – MTG Review

Magic Faceless Menace Deck

The Magic Faceless Menace Deck is a ready to play deck. Well, kind of. A playable deck is 60 cards but you get 100 cards with this deck. These decks are great if you are new to Magic The Gathering or even if you are not new to MTG. This 100 card deck also comes complete with a deck box. Which is nice because you can keep the deck together much easier. If you have other Magic cards, you can also personalize this deck by swapping out cards to make it stronger if you so choose.

I am personally not an expert on Magic so I won’t go into much detail about game-play. This review is more about the deck itself. My daughter on the other hand is our MTG player in our house. She’s currently trying to teach her brother how to play.

Types of Cards

In MTG, there are different types of cards in general. Creature cards are permanent cards that attack and block. Artifacts are magical objects that are cast like spells and are permanent as well. Enchantments represent magical resources and they are also permanent and cast as a spell. Lands can sometimes be permanent while some are not. But they are like mana for your spells. Land cards basically pay for your spells and may also have abilities as well. Instant spells and Sorcery spells do not stay in play unlike the previous cards. They are discarded once the spells resolve.

Magic Faceless Menace Deck

In The Faceless Menace Deck

As mentioned previously, there are 100 cards (17 new ones) that are included in the Magic Faceless Menace Deck. There is 1 Planeswalker, Vraska the Unseen. 32 Creature cards are included. I won’t list them all but I will list the three Commanders that come in this deck. Kadena – Slinking Sorcerer, Rayami – First of the Fallen, and Volrath – the Shapestealer.

Magic Faceless Menace Deck

I feel I should mention these because when you put together a 60 card deck, you will have to choose one Commander and build your deck around him or her. There are 40 Land cards, 11 Sorcery cards, 7 Instants, 5 Artifacts, and 4 Enchantments.

In addition, there are 10 double sided Token Cards. The Token Cards include plenty of Morph cards which are needed if you are using Kadena as your commander. My daughter says it’s actually easier to build cards around her and Volrath. She says building around Rayami is a little more difficult. With these 100 cards, a good deck can be built around all three commanders though.

Magic Faceless Menace Deck

Kadena – Slinking Sorcerer

This is my daughter’s favorite. Kedena has a discount and draw ability which makes Morph really appealing. There are plenty of morph cards and almost all the Creatures are morph creatures. Which ends up leading to some powerful attacks and combos. You can even add stronger morph creatures that you already have outside of this deck to give it a boost. 

Magic Faceless Menace Deck

Volrath – the Shapestealer

Volrath is my daughter’s second choice. She uses this guy when she wants to play a bit more creatively. Instead of using Morph, Volrath copies opponents creatures. Plus you can put some of your own stronger creatures around him. There are also some good cards to give him some support.

Magic Faceless Menace Deck

Rayami – First of the Fallen

My daughter doesn’t particularly like using Rayami as her commander. For her, he’s a little more difficult. He gets stronger with keyword abilities from creatures he exiles. With those abilities, he becomes stronger. And the buffs he acquires will remain throughout the game. So if you know how to use him, he can be a pretty good commander for you.

My daughter isn’t an extreme or advanced player. I think that’s why the first two work best for her.

Final Thoughts…

My daughter thinks the Magic Faceless Menace Deck is pretty awesome! She loves that she has the ability to build three different decks with just this one. I actually think it’s pretty cool myself. Having the ability to change things up every once in a while is a big plus for her. She’s not the greatest at building a 60 card deck from scratch. By having this 100 deck, she can easily make three different ones. It’s pretty awesome how it changes the way you play too. Three different strategies and many ways of getting creative with your cards!

There were a lot of reprints in this deck but she did find quite a bit of rares in addition to the three foil commanders that came with it. With all the rares she ended up with, I think it’s a good value for the price. Plus, she really likes the morph mechanics to it!

While she’s in the process of teaching her brother (our middle kiddo, 14), our youngest and I will stick to Pokemon TCG. At least for now.

Magic Faceless Menace Deck

Buy It

The Magic Faceless Menace Deck has a list price of $40. You can get it at stores like Target, Walmart, game stores, hobby stores, etc. You can also get it on Amazon for only $33 right now. That price may not last long though since prices on Amazon change often. These Commander decks are pretty great. I do have a tip for you. I would highly suggest getting some deck sleeves for your cards. That way, your cards are protected during game play. 



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Magic Faceless Menace Deck
Magic Faceless Menace Deck
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