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MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster Review – Power Your Imagination!

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster is a fabulous way to power your child’s imagination and creativity. We love them because they are really stimulating. They allow your child to use their minds and senses and the imaginative play is endless! I find them to be very innovative. It’s a great way for them to explore play while unplugging. No batteries, no screens, just plain fun. And the best part is? They grow with your child! And when I say that I mean that these toys can have a really long play life. Keep reading and you will see what I am talking about!

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster


There are a lot of different MOLUK toys. Most of them are silicone toys while some others are not. Such as the water toys that look like rain clouds. They can sprinkle water just by releasing a finger from the top of it. There are toys that can be used outside or inside. They can be played with in the water, bathtub, or without water. I love that all of them can be played with separately or together. Because there are so many different toys, creativity and imagination is limitless.

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster

In addition to the MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster that are featured in this post, there are cubes, balls, and different shaped toys that can all be played with together. Take a look a the image at the bottom of this post for a better idea. The toys that are featured in this post is the Oogi, Oogi Family, and the Nigi, Nagi & Nogi. The names are also really fun aren’t they?

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster

Nigi, Nagi, & Nogi

The Nigi, Nagi, & Nogi are tactile teething rings. They come in sets of three and you can get them in primary colors or in pastel. I think they are great because the different shapes allow for visual stimulation. They are food safe silicone but because of their different shapes, they also feel different. These are recommended from 0+. They are great for little ones that are teething. I love that they are dishwasher and freezer safe too. But they don’t have to be just teething rings. They can be used right along with the other MOLUK toys as your child grows!

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster


The MOLUK Oogi is a single figure toy. It looks like it’s humanized but has a suction cup for it’s head. It also has long arms. There are also suction cups for it’s hands and feet. All the suction cups are pretty strong too. We found that they do stick to most smooth surfaces which is really cool. So what do you do with it? Well, alone it’s a really great fidget toy. You can stick it to a table top spring it back and forth. You can stick it upside down on it’s head. The Oogi is also stretchy, so stick him to the table and stretch it’s arms! Because they have plenty of suction cups, it can be posed in so many different ways.

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster

Oogi Family

What’s better than one Oogi? An Oogi Family! The Oogi Family comes with two big Oogis and two small ones. They measure approximately 5 inches tall and 3 inches tall. They can stick to each other in so many ways. I think they are great for hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills because they are all stretchy and can be moved, stretched, and stuck in so many different ways.

And remember what I said about how they grow with your child? The teething rings don’t have to just be used as teething rings. My son added them to his MOLUK play arsenal. He loves the blue one because it also has suction cups too.

My youngest LOVES these toys and he’s 10. He could play with them for hours. He added the other MOLUK toys to his own holiday wish list after I showed him the other toys. Because I think they are an amazing way to play, I am happy to to get him some of the different ones to put under the tree this year. Even my 14 year old will play with them.

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster


Of course my kids love building sets and toys. I love that we can take a break from block, bricks, and even robot parts. While those kind of building toys never get old, it’s refreshing to take a break from them and play creatively and imaginatively with something different.

MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster

He also likes to use his imagination and pose them or make scenes like the one in the above photo. You know what else he likes to do? He likes to take his Oogis and throw them against the wall or a mirror and let them stick. I walked into the bathroom one morning and found all five of his Oogis stuck to the bathroom mirror and just shook my head and laughed to myself when I saw them.

Final Thoughts…

I don’t know if I can say enough great things about MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster. Honestly. I think they are very innovative. A great way to develop creative and imaginative play. I also think since they are so tactile, they would be wonderful for sensory play as well. The image above gives you an idea of all the different kinds of MOLUK toys that are available. With more of the different toys, the possibilities are endless.

We love how they grow with our child. From a teething ring to toddler hood learning hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. And on to older kids experimenting with them and expanding their minds and creativity. Absolutely amazing! I give them two thumbs up and I highly recommend them!

Buy Them:

All MOLUK toys are available on Amazon. The Oogi Family Pack has a list price of $29.99. The single Oogis range from $8 to $10. They even have glow in the dark one and a Pilla. That one resembles a caterpillar. I am going to have so much fun shopping for more of these MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster! In addition, the Nigi, Nagi, & Nogi teething rings have a list price of $14.99.

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MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster
MOLUK Toys from PlayMonster
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