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Pokemon Tag Team Tins with GX Promo Cards Review

Pokemon Tag Team Tins

These Pokemon Tag Team Tins are pretty cool. My son loves them because he is at least guaranteed one Tag Team GX card. But these GX cards are a little special. From my understanding, the only way you can get these specific Tag Team GX cards is with the purchase of these tins. They are considered promo cards because these GX cards has special art. There are three different tins you can purchase. One features Mewtwo & Mew, another features Lucario & Melmetal and the third one features Garchomp & Giratina.

Pokemon Tag Team Tins

The Tins

The tins are a nice collector’s tin. All three tins look exactly the same however, each lid is different. That’s the only difference. The art on the tin lid features the same Pokemon in the GX promo card included in the tin. You can even see the card through the tin. Which is pretty nice because if you are making a choice to which one you want, you can see the abilities, stats, etc. before you finally decide. We really want to get the Mewtwo & Mew tin. First of all, the artwork on the card is really cool. Secondly, Mewtwo is one of my son’s favorites.

Pokemon Tag Team Tins

He currently just has the Garchomp & Giratina GX tin that he’s pretty happy with. That Mewtwo Tin has been difficult to find in the store. I will probably have to check Amazon maybe and see if I can find it there.

Pokemon Tag Team Tins

Inside Each Tin

As previously mentioned, you get the featured Tag Team GX card in each Pokemon Tag Team Tin. You also get a metal GX Tag Team Marker. These markers are pretty hefty too and have quite a bit of weight to them. You also get 4 booster packs. One of them is an Evolutions pack, another is a Lost Thunder pack, and the other two are Unified Minds.

Pokemon Tag Team Tins

When you open up the tin, you will it everything packaged like the above photo. The GX card was really easy to remove. I like the way they packed the tin because it always makes me nervous when they have promo cards like this. We are always worried about tearing or bending the card while removing it. But it was really easy to remove without any difficulty.

My son was pretty happy with his Garchomp & Giratina Tag Team card but he was also really excited when he pulled another! It was one that he had been hoping he would eventually get. It’s Raichu & Alolan Raichu!

The Evolutions Booster Pack

He didn’t really pull anything great from the Evolutions pack. However, he doesn’t have very many Evolutions cards since he didn’t start really collecting until about a year ago. He did pull one rare card – Clefairy and it happened to be one of the foil cards.

The Lost Thunder Booster Pack

The Lost Thunder pack didn’t yield much either. Although he did get a rare stage 1 Espeon and a rare foil stage 1 Zebstrika that he didn’t have. He seemed to be pretty excited about the Zebstrika. He loves his lightning Pokemon.

The Unified Minds Booster Packs

Now we get to the more exciting booster packs. Unified Minds! I could be wrong but I do believe Unified Minds is the newest series. I wish they would slow down because it feels like we just started getting into Unbroken Bonds not too long ago. Out of both packs, the cards that stood out the most was the rare Haxorus stage 2. My son has quite a few Pikachu but doesn’t have any of the foil ones so he was pretty happy to get one.

The major pull was the Raichu & Alolan Raichu Tag Team GX. When he pulled this one, he about fell out of his chair. It’s Tandem Shock and Lightning Ride GX attacks look pretty cool. Now I am not an expert but from what I have seen, supposedly this Raichu & Raichu is worth $20 to $30!

Final Thoughts…

My son really likes these Pokemon Tag Team Tins. I do wish instead of the Evolutions pack, there was a third Unified Minds pack. I didn’t mind the Lost Thunder pack as much. But with the Tag Team GX promo card and the fact my son pulled that Raichu Tag team, this tin was totally worth it. My son loves collecting them and he also plays the card game as well. I have always appreciated the artwork of Pokemon cards and the special art work of Garchomp & Giratina doesn’t disappoint! We are still on the hunt for that Mewtwo & Mew Tin.

Buy It: You can buy all three of the Pokemon Tag Team Tins with Tag Team GX Promo cards for approximately $24.99 at stores like Target, Best Buy, Meijer, game stores, hobby stores, Amazon – pretty much any place that sells Pokemon cards.



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Pokemon Tag Team Tins
Pokemon Tag Team Tins
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