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Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards Review

Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards

The Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards are now available. Which means that my sons have more cards they must collect. These boys and their baseball cards. Before I go much further, I want to mention that I am not an expert when it comes to MLB cards. I know what my kids tell me. So if you are a major collector and I mention something that is not quite right, I apologize in advance. With the Topps Fire 2019 Baseball cards, there are 200 base cards and a lot of different parallels and inserts.

Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards

Jumbo Pack

The Jumbo Pack which is a single pack contains 12 cards. Each pack includes at least 1 exclusive Blue Chip parallel card. If you don’t know what parallel cards are, they are basically the same as it’s base version with something special on it, in a different color, etc. Sometimes parallel cards could look exactly like it’s base card but have advanced stats unlike it’s base.


The Inserts that are included with the Topps Fire 2019 Baseball cards are En Fuego, Lasting Legacies, Maximum Velocity, Smoke and Mirrors, Flame Throwers, and Fired Up. Not only that, there are the Relics and Autograph cards as well. And of course there are parallels with the inserts, relics and autographs just like there are with the base cards. If you happen to get a Blaster Box, you are guaranteed 4 exclusive base Gold Minted parallels. If you get the Collector Box, you are guaranteed 2 hits including at least one Autograph card.

Types of cards

Since there are so many different types of cards, I am just going to talk about the cards my son got in his current Fat Packs. I will list the other types of cards at the bottom of my review.I don’t know why baseball cards have to be so confusing. I remember it being easier when my brothers used to collect them when they were kids.

Base Cards

Again, there are 200 base cards and yes, there are parallels to the the base cards. My son got one Blue Chip Base parallel. These cards are a little different than other baseball cards my boys have. These feature the player with colorful artwork in the background. And of course the back of the card gives you a description of the player. Now you may be wondering what the difference is between the base cards and the Blue Chip Base parallels.

The above image is what a base card looks like.

Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards

And the picture above is of the Blue Chip parallel my son got.

He has a Nick Markakis from the Atlanta Braves.

Flame Throwers

There are only 15 Flame Throwers cards. And of course there are parallels. There are only two types of parallels for these cards though unlike the base cards. There are quite a few different parallels with the base cards. However, the Blue Chip and the Gold Minted are the only two with the Flame Throwers.

The above image is what a regular Flame Thrower card looks like.

Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards

Above is the Flame Thrower Blue Chip parallel my son got. He was just happy to get a Flame Thrower card since there is only 15 of them. And on top of that, he got a Blue Chip version. The back of the card talks about Nathan Eovaldi’s fastball velocity. 

Lasting Legacies

Like the Flame Thrower cards, there are only 15 Lasting Legacies as well. Like the Flame Throwers, there are only two parallels when it comes to the Lasting Legacies as well. You can hit on the Blue Chip and the Gold Minted parallels.

The above image is what a regular Lasting Legacies card looks like.

Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards

Above is the Lasting Legacies Blue Chip parallel card my son got. Again, he was happy to get one because there are only 15 of these as well. So of course he was happy to get the Blue Chip parallel. This one is Ronald Acuna Jr. and Mike Trout.

Topps Fire 2019 Baseball Cards

Other Types of Cards

The other types of cards and inserts are below. I also included the card count for each set but I have no idea how many different parallels there are for each of them.

Autograph Cards

  • Fire Autograph Set 48 cards
  • Dual Autograph Set 9 cards
  • Triple Autograph Set 5 cards
  • Flame Throwers Artist Autographs Set 15 cards
  • Fired Up Artist Autographs Set 15 cards

Relic and Autograph Relic Cards

  • Fire Autograph Patch Set 38 cards
  • Fire Autograph Laundry Tag Set 32 cards
  • Relics Fire Set 50 cards

Insert Cards

  • En Fuego Set 25 cards
  • Fired Up Set 15 cards
  • Flame Throwers Set 15 cards
  • Lasting Legacies Set 15 cards
  • Maximum Velocity Set 15 cards
  • Smoke and Mirrors Set 15 cards

Final Thoughts…

I thought these cards looked great. My son loves them. He was pretty excited that he got not one, but three Blue Chip parallels in just one Fat Pack. Two of which were parallels of a 15 card insert set. He’s got some money saved up to at least buy himself one of the Blaster Boxes.

Buy It: You can buy the Topps Fire 2019 Baseball cards at stores like Target, Walmart, Meijer and hobby stores. The Fat Packs are around $4.00 – $5.00 each. The Blaster Box (7 packs plus 1 bonus pack) is $19.99, and the collector Box (20 packs with one autograph card) $69.99.



Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. However, I received free product mentioned in this post from Excell Brands for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own. If you would like to be a sponsor in a giveaway or collaboration with DustinNikki Mommy of Three, please email Nicole Anderson at danderson35 (at) columbus (dot) rr (dot) com.

Topps Fire 2019 Baseball
Topps Fire 2019 Baseball
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