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Boxy Girls Dolls from [email protected] Review

Boxy Girls Dolls

Boxy Girls Dolls are super cute! My daughter loves these Boxy Girls Dolls. First of all, I happen to think they are adorable. Second of all, they come with some fun surprises! I love the concept of these dolls. Since my kids love surprise toys, these are perfect. The dolls are online shopping girls. Each doll comes with shipping boxes filled with the items they “bought” online. Each box is a surprise. You have no idea what is inside them!

Some dolls may come with 4 or more shipping boxes while others only come with 1 or 2. It depends on the doll you buy. There are some dolls called UnboxMe Dolls. Those ones don’t come with shipping boxes because the doll itself is a complete surprise.

Boxy Girls Dolls


Brooklyn comes with 4 shipping boxes.Each box has a couple surprises inside. In Brooklyn’s boxes, we found a pair of boots, a pair of hoop earrings, a lime shaped hand bag, a purple seashell handbag, and there were also some little stickers and things.

Her dress with watermelons is super cute! My daughter loves the big yellow bow in her hair.

Boxy Girls Dolls


We stopped at Walmart to look at their selection of Boxy Girls Dolls and my daughter picked one out to take home. She picked Willow because she kind of matches her own style. She wears a sweatshirt dress, high socks and some funky boots. This doll came in the smaller package version because she only came with one shipping box unlike Brooklyn. Willow apparently bought herself a pair of hoop earrings too because she had some pink/purple ones in her box.

I just love her purple hair.

Boxy Girls Dolls

Shipping Boxes

I have to say a few things about the shipping boxes. My daughter thinks they are pretty cool. They resemble shipping boxes too. I mean, they even have shipping labels on them! They also say things like “fragile” and “this side up”. Really cute. When you open them up, they even have little packing paper inside them with the goodies. Some of the packing paper is shredded while other look like a small piece of tissue paper.

Time to Accessorize!

After you get all your shipping boxes open, there is only one thing left to do. Accessorize of course! The earrings are really easy to put on the doll. Boxy Girls Dolls have little holes in their ears. The earring have posts on them and all you have to do is push them into the little holes. My daughter appreciates how well they stay in the doll’s ears. She’s never had a problem with them falling out or anything like that.

The handbags easily hang on their arms or shoulders. And of course shoes can be easily changed too. Other accessories can also include makeup, clothing and other things too! What I think is really cool is that you can also buy additional packages of just the shipping boxes. I love that idea because even though my daughter loves collecting the dolls, sometimes it’s nice just to get some new surprise accessories for the ones you already have!

Boxy Girls Dolls

Fully Articulated

Yes! Boxy Girls Dolls are fully articulated. I think this is one of my daughter’s favorite features about them. You can manipulate their legs (at the hips and knees), their arms (at the shoulders and elbows), their heads move back and forth and so does their wrists! She likes to be able to pose them.

Oh you know, just hanging out with Brooklyn, Willow and Emerson!

On another note, if you are wondering which doll the one is with the dark pigtails, that’s Emerson. She is one of the UnboxMe Boxy Girls Dolls that my daughter previously had. Be sure to check out my full review on Emerson and the UnboxMe Dolls I previously wrote.

Boxy Girls Dolls

Final Thoughts…

Boxy Girls Dolls are really fun. I honestly can’t get over how cute these dolls are. I personally love the concept. My daughter absolutely loves these dolls. And of course the shipping boxes are fun to open up! As a parent, I love that they are pretty affordable too.

Buy It: Boxy Girls Dolls used to be only available at Target. They are now available at Walmart as well. However, the UnboxMe Dolls are exclusive at Target. The dolls with 4 shipping boxes are just under $13 and the dolls with one shipping box is under $10. The UbboxMe Dolls at Target is also around $10 as well.

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Boxy Girls Dolls
Boxy Girls Dolls
Boxy Girls Dolls
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